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Z! True Long Island Story: Ep #55

Is it me, or did Mr Belding gain 80lbs completely under his chin and then use it to insert himself into sub-par WWE story lines?

I am so damn sick of having to wait over 60 seconds for the segment that has absolutely stolen this internet show: #AskTheHeel! Great rib on the Miz and and few on himself. Ryder and Ziggler over a 4 month period elevated the US Title to a new height, making what used to be a simple place holder into a position with heat behind it. The fans liked them together, I say insert Curt Hawkins into the mix and you finally have an entertaining and engaging mid card again, sans the mafia.

The puns on the Kayfabe Tshirt may have fallen flat, but interesting move writing notes on his own sales pitch on his wrist.

Z! True Long Island Story Episode: 54

This week’s episode started off with the recap of Chiapetta and Big O accidentally hitting Zack’s dad witha car. Unlike last week, Zack Ryder was able to stand on his own power after being bed-ridden, but he still had his neck and back brace. After the usual usual #areyouserious bro tweet of the week segments we were treated to another video from Curt Hawkins. It was a cool clip of Hawkins working out in the ring with a couple of jobbers while wearing a Brood T-shirt. Then Zack gives a rather unsatisfactory conclusion to his Father being run over last week, merely explaining that he took a bump in the head and would be fine. After sign of the week we were treated to Broski of the week, which was temporarily named, “Hoeski of the Week.”

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Z! True Long Island Story: Ep #53 – 1 Year Anniversary Edition!

I got to give it to him, if Ryder is going to continue to sell the on air story line for his character; throwing ribs left and right while laying in bed is pretty good way to handle it.

  • @2:16 – You want an Elimination Chamber main event match? Stick Dolph Ziggler in the ring with five brooms. #BookIt.
  • @3:20 – The “15 minutes of fame” bit has been done, but it doesn’t make it any less hysterical when Curt Hawkins does it.
  • @6:12 – Another break in by the #ShowOff? More Dolph Ziggler? Someone has their finger on the pulse of what the people truly want!

Episode #53 has brought a return to sharply cut humor and wit, handsome guys showing their abs, and even the Prince of Parkour! This is a great direction to be going in. Well played by all.

Z! True Long Island Story: Ep #52

I don’t know why, but Ryder in all his merch plus a neck brace and harness doing the fist pump got me to chortle a bit. It’s a funny image, what can I say. The man’s a goofball, he may as well open his show in a goofy manner.

Let it be known week #52 is the triumphant return of over used puns and double entendre. Also Curt Hawkins is establishing his utter dominance in the realm of making fun of Zack Ryder. Well played.

There is a lot less material now that Z!TLIS has become Corporate. Some moderately enjoyable Star Wars bits with one small cameo, but a lot of shilling. Did George Lucas ruin something else once beloved?

Episode #51 of Z! True Long Island Story

This week marks the 51st episode of Zack Ryder’s Youtube show, Z! True Long Island Story. It also is the debut of Ryder’s show on WWE’s revamped Youtube Channel. This episode is basically a clip show highlighting the last 50 episodes since its debut in February 2011. It was a fun look back and should be a good introduction to WWE fans that may not have taken the time to follow along with his internet antics. It also includes career highlights from WWE television, including (at the 4:23 mark) when Zack Ryder pointlessly interrupted Nexus members David Otunga and Michael McGillicuty after a match. Wonder if we’ll ever find out what that was supposed to be about? Congrats on the first 50 Zack and here’s to at least 50 more, Woo Woo Woo, you know it.

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