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JBL & Cole Show #74- Bad News in the Cards

Two weeks removed from the end of the trial of Cody Rhodes and the #FreeCody movement reigns supreme on @CodyRhodesWWE Telethon aka the JBL & Cole Show Featuring Renee Young, as evidenced by his sweet celebratory dance moves. However, it looks like bad news is afoot for the duo of Cody Rhodes and Bad News Barrett.

To catch you up briefly, Rhodes was on trial for his life in Wrestler’s Court with JBL trying the Prince for “burglary and slander” as the search for Big Clem Layfield took over the show. Cody’s fate laid in the hands of the WWE Universe and when the vote was put to the people #FreeCody prevailed. Naturally, JBL wasn’t happy with the results and was caught badmouthing the Authority by Stephanie McMahon who suggested JBL employe his nephew Clem as his assistant going forward.

This week in an effort to have Bad News Barrett on the receiving end of some bad news of his own, Cody took Barrett to a fortune teller who revealed a plot may be conspiring against these unlikely allies.

I’ve said it before, but i’ll say it again, if you haven’t been following Cody’s performing and directoral efforts on the Slammy Award winning YouTube series, you’ve been missing out.  The show is a consistently entertaining part of each week. Here’s hoping a WWE Network spin off is in the works.

Check out the show, let Cody, Wade, & JBL know you’ve been enjoying it, and most importantly spread the word!

We The People’s Court Part 1: The Trial of Cody Rhodes

Not only is Cody Rhodes supremely talented inside the squared circle, a great interview, and dashingly handsome; one half of the Brotherhood has also picked up another trade, directing WWE video content.

In the Season Finale of the Clem Layfield Saga on the JBL & Cole Show featuring Renee Young, Cody Rhodes is on trial for his life in Wrestler’s Court. This episode, directed by Cody Rhodes, features Rhodes under fire from JBL and his star studded list of subpoenaed superstars, for “burglary and slander” as JBL tries to get his show back from the Dashing One. From Clem Layfield, to the Wrestling Bear, Nikki or Brie Bella, and Rhodes’ surprise court appointed attorney, this trial has everything.

If you haven’t been following Cody’s exploits on the Slammy Award winning YouTube series, you’ve been missing out on some fantastic, sometimes absurdist, sometimes surreal, but always hilarious shows. Much like how Bad News Barrett blossomed from an appearance on the JBL & Cole Show, I hope this side of Cody gets more spotlight in the future on Raw and Smackdown, and more opportunities like this directing gig come his way, he’s been fantastic.

For the uninitiated let me catch you up to speed. Months ago, Cody Rhodes ventured to WWE headquarters to find JBL’s nephew Big Clem Layfield after Rhodes’ World Bowling Championship victory and the Golden Boot that goes with it was held in abeyance. After Clem was delivered to Rhodes by Bad News Barrett for some meatloaf, Rhodes grilled Clem on the whereabouts of his golden boot and proposed best friendship to Bad News Barrett. But ultimately Rhodes is still in search of his bowling prize and a new BFF after Barrett handed Rhodes a subpoena to Wrestler’s Court.

So Dennis, be sure to check out part 1 of We The People’s Court, directed by Cody Rhodes. All Rhodes’ lead to next weeks conclusion featuring testimony from Cody’s brother Goldust. If you’re anything like me, after rewatching the entire saga you’ll be demanding the green-lighting of a WWE Network show featuring Cody Rhodes, El Torito, Clem Layfield, and Bad News Barrett, directed by Cody Rhodes, of course.

Yahoo, YouTube, & The WWE Network


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Monday at Yahoo’s Digital Content NewsFront conference, WWE & Yahoo announced a partnership that will result in the creation of a WWE “hub” on Yahoo and new programming, some exclusive to Yahoo.

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  • Monday Night Raw pre-show: A 30-minute, pre-show to each new Monday Night Raw will be exclusive to Yahoo!.
  • Original programming: Two, weekly series of 50 episodes per year will be produced exclusively for distribution on Yahoo!.
  • Premium archive: Yahoo! will have exclusive access to WWE archives of historical full matches, shows, highlights and other events.
  • Additional live events: Yahoo! will air live, pre-show content for every pay-per-view event.
  • Clips from current TV programming: Clips from all WWE television programs will now be available on Yahoo!.  Continue reading →

WWE Superstar Toyz: Alex Riley

Friend of the CDWS and DC native Alex Riley is the focus of this edition of WWE’s You Tube Show, Superstar Toyz.

For the uninitiated, Superstar Toyz highlights WWE Superstars’ interests and prized possessions. This time Toyz showcases Alex Riley’s obsessions, his NBA Jersey collection and his massive basketball shoe collection.

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Chris Jericho Rants About His Exit From The Elimination Chamber

After his controversial exit from last night’s WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, someone in the WWE with an iPhone caught up with Jericho to get his thoughts on the match. As you can see, Chris Jericho is not amused that CM Punk his still WWE Champion and doesn’t regard his removal from the match as an official elimination. This is exactly what I was hoping for in my predictions for the pay per view, a controversial exit for Y2J that would allow him to feud with CM Punk. Frankly it was also the best move they could make for Wrestlemania’s WWE title match.

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