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WWE Main Event Preview 12/16/14

It’s WWE Main Event at a special start time of 7pm EST (6 Central)! Since SmackDown Supershow is airing live on the USA network tonight, WWE Main Event gets push up by an hour. To mark the occasion, there are TWO features of the show that have already been announced:

1. Erick Rowan vs. Kane

The post-Survivor Series scramble continues as “Big Red” Rowan matches up with “Big Red Monster” Kane. Even with the Authority disposed of, Kane continues to wrestle in slacks.

2. MizTV with special guest Naomi

The Miz/Jimmy Uso beef has become one of the most intriguing in all of WWE. Jimmy has to be turning heel, right? Not only did he cheat to beat the Miz last night on Raw, but there is still no evidence that Miz is conning Naomi. Tonight Naomi gets a chance to clear the air and discuss her future with the Miz and Jimmy Uso on MizTV. Oh, and Damien Mizdow will be there as well.

Official Notes:
Erick Rowan vs. Kane
MizTV w/ special guest Naomi
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
SPECIAL START TIME: 7pm EST, live on WWE Network

WWE Main Event Preview 12/2/14

It’s the first WWE Main Event of December, and what a show WWE has lined up! Coming to you LIVE from OKC, one half of the tag team champions, The Miz takes on Jimmy Uso in singles competition.

After winning a tag team turmoil match last night on Raw, the Usos became the number one contenders for the tag team championship, held by the Miz and stunt double Damien Mizdow. Things got personal later, when Miz approached Naomi (Jimmy Uso’s wife) about putting her in touch with some of his Hollywood people, off the strength of her latest music video.

Jimmy Uso did not take too kindly to Miz’s gesture and socked Miz in the face, as he was doing commentary for a Mizdow singles match. That confrontation sets up tonight’s bout.

Official Notes:
Tag Team Champion the Miz vs. Jimmy Uso
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
LIVE on WWE Network, 8pm (7 Central)

WWE Main Event Preview 11/11/14

We’re going old-school for this WWE Main Event preview! Tonight’s episode of WWE Main Event is live on tape from Liverpool, England, so we’ve got access to the whole card. Check it out:

1. Dean Ambrose vs. Justin Gabriel

It wouldn’t be an old-school taped WWE Main Event without an appearance from favorite son Justin Gabriel! Dean Ambrose was missed on Raw, since the roster got split during the UK tour, so it’s nice to have him back for an extra match before his SmackDown appearance.

2. Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kiss

If you dig NXT, you already know that these two can put on a whale of a match. If you haven’t been watching NXT(!), be sure to tune in to see what you’re missing. Zayn inches closer to the main roster, and Kidd is establishing himself as a proper villain across three different platforms, FACT.

3. Adam Rose vs. Stardust

Adam Rose has suddenly become a compelling character, with the dark side of his party boy persona slowly bubbling up to the surface. If this leads to a Leo Kruger split personality, I will personally mark out. Expect the Bunny to get involved.

4. Alicia Fox vs. Cameron

Is Fox still crazy? Is Cameron still bratty? Gotta tune in to find out!

WWE Main Event Preview 10/28/14

It’s Tuesday night and WWE Main Event is coming to you live from the one, the only, beautiful Houston, Texas!

In addition to some fine wresting matches, tonight’s episode features a new edition of Miz(dow) TV! Once one of the most hated segments in all of sports entertainment today, the ascension of stunt double Damien Mizdow has made Miz(dow) TV a must-watch. Moreover, it’s important for Miz to have his stunt double in the ring for these bits, as they usually end with Miz getting beaten down.

Tonight’s featured guest is none other than World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Fresh off whooping the Big Show on Monday Night Raw, proud Texan Mark Henry will presumably offer an explanation for turning on his former friend. Probability of Miz and/or Mizdow eating a World’s Strongest Slam: very high.

Official Notes:
Miz(dow) TV featuring Mark Henry
Toyota Center; Houston TX
Airs LIVE on WWE Network, 8pm (7 Central)

WWE Main Event Preview 10/7/14

Title match alert!

Dolph Ziggler puts the Intercontinental Title on the line tonight against Bo Dallas!

After beating Mark Henry THREE times, Bo Dallas has earned himself a title shot! This is Bo’s first one-on-one opportunity to win a title in the WWE. IC champion Dolph Ziggler has been embroiled in a feud with Cesaro over the IC strap, though that program has seen Ziggler retain each time to the two lock up. One has to wonder if Cesaro will make his presence felt tonight, perhaps setting up a triple threat for Hell in a Cell?

Official Notes:
Intercontinental Championship Match
Champion: Dolph Ziggler
Challenger: Bo Dallas
Wells Fargo Center; Philadelphia, PA
Airs live on WWE Network at 8pm EST, 7pm Central

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