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WWE Main Event Preview 4/1/14

Still on a high from the close of last night’s Raw? Keep it going with a hot new edition of WWE Main Event!

The second to last segment last night featured a schmozz between all 30 participants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal; two of those combatants — Sheamus and the Miz — go toe-to-toe as tonight’s featured match. As is now the custom, check out WWE Main Event on WWE Network tonight and the replay tomorrow night on Ion Television.

Main Event:
Sheamus vs. the Miz

WWE Main Event Preview 2/5/14

Wednesday night means it’s time for fights! WWE Main Event has got just what you’re looking for in the form of three big-time bouts. The card:

1. Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel (non-title match)

It’s really great how there’s no period after the E in Big E Langston. Apparently his full name is just E. I knew someone like that once. Also, I’m blaming Curtis Axel for the Prime Time Players splitting up. Darren Young’s blood is on your hands, Axel.

2. Alberto del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

Back-to-back TV appearances for the Long Island Iced Z! That’s good news, but the even better news is that ADR’s character has been given new depth now that his dissatisfaction with Batista has been given some context. It’s interesting how ADR/Batista is shaping up to reprise the same themes as John Cena/Rock the past two years, except Alberto is a heel playing the role of Cena and Batista is the returning superstar, but still trending as a babyface. Definitely something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

3. Fandango vs. The Miz

Everyone seems confused as heck by Miz’s brief tirade during Monday Night Raw. Perhaps Miz can let out some of that frustration tonight against the ever-so-nimble Fandango, who will no doubt be accompanied to the ring by the lovely Summer Rae.

140 Characters of Less: Bryan Joins The Wyatt Family

140 Characters

Clearly the hottest topic of conversation from Twitter in regards to last night’s Raw was the Dazzler, Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family. So where better to begin this edition of 140 Charaters with the man himself:


Lotta people divided on the Bryan/Wyatt situation, many infuriated that Daniel joined the family but Dolph Ziggler gets it:


Many members of the WWE Universe were simply stunned:

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WWE Main Event Preview 12/18/13

It’s Wednesday night aka time for WWE Main Event! Tonight’s episode features three crisp matches and an appearance from a WWE Hall of Famer! The card:

1. Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn (non-title match)

The Chickbusters at odds once again! It’s great to see Kaitlyn back on TV (outside of 10+ person matches); now all she needs is a last name. I had the privilege of seeing tonight’s episode live, and this match is definitely one worth tuning in for.

2. Curtis Axel vs. The Miz

Things get buck wild when these two face off! It’s no secret that Ryback is in Axel’s corner for this bout, but *SPOILER ALERT* Santa Foley makes an appearance in support of the Miz.

3. Xavier Woods & R-Truth vs. Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre

WWE’s newest tag team takes on two members of the hated 3MB. Heather Slater is nowhere to be found, but his bandmates are sure to look to welcome rookie Xavier Woods to WWE’s main roster…with a beating!

The Night’s Watch at Halftime

 Photo Credit:

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Miz’s Heel Turn Inevitable? – Mike Mizanin has been a face for the better part of the last year.  It’s resulted in him adopting the Figure Four as his finisher, some time on the I-C Title scene, and a lot of MizTV.  Word is spreading around the Internets about a video of the Miz during a recent live event in Belfast, prior to a match with “and more!” Kofi Kingston.  The former WWE champion discussed that he keeps getting beaten down by the likes of the Wyatts and Kane, and the WWE Universe cheers on the assaults.  This may be a trial run of what’s to come on WWE TV, so the Awesome One may be returning to his comfort zone sooner rather than later.  The fun starts about 1:50 in.


Where’s AJ Styles? - Wrestlezone – According to the Wrestling Observer, AJ Styles will be kept off TV for the next couple of months.  He’ll continue to “defend” the TNA World Title (which was vacated by Dixie Carter) at other promotions.  The Observer also notes that it’s unknown whether AJ Styles has signed a contract that extends past December.

This also may be a sign of how the WWE views the #2 wrestling promotion in America.  The WWE reportedly offered Styles a contract which was a fraction of his TNA deal.  If the WWE viewed Impact Wrestling as a threat, they’d surely feel a need to get its unbeaten World Champion on Raw or Smackdown as soon as possible.

Matches for the next ROH Cards - Ring of Honor has announced matches for the upcoming Pursuit Nights 1 & 2 shows, 11/15 and 11/16 in Dearborn, MI.  Night 1 will be main evented by World Champion Adam Cole defending against Dearborn native Jimmy Jacobs.  Matt Taven will continue his march to be the longest reigning TV champion ever, as he makes his record 11th title defense against former WWE wrestler Zach Gowan.  Other matches for Night 1 can be found here.

Night 2 will be headlined by Tag Champs reDRagon defending their straps against C&C Wrestle Factory.  Also, ACH has a chance to make the world title picture even more crowded as he takes on Adam Cole in a Proving Ground match (ACH will receive a future world title match if he wins).

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