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The Day After: Raw 7/14/14


There’s a lot to love about this picture.

Last night’s Raw was largely uneventful when it comes to story development, just days away from WWE Battleground that’s to be expected with the card pretty much being locked for the last few weeks, but it wasn’t without its moments.

“Is that all you got?!”

The show opened with a in-ring confrontation between Champion John Cena and Roman Reigns hyping the fatal four way title match at Battleground and tonight’s six-man main event match. Dean Ambrose soon interrupted their “prettiest girl at the dance” argument to try to defuse tensions and put their focus on fighting the Authority rather than each other. Crazy man Dean Ambrose diffusing tensions, you got that right. Unfortunately for Dean shortly after he was surrounded by the Authority backstage and beat the lunatic fringe down, sending him to a local medical facility. All while Reigns and Cena stood around like a couple of goons not helping. Thanks guys.

Dean asking the Authority, “Is that all you got?” had me legit popping in my living room, like the Richmond crowd. With Bryan on the shelf, Ambrose is filling the every-man hero slot with flying colors. While Roman is being pushed the most, Ambrose continues to make a great accounting for himself. While I thought it was lame initially, I understand why they didn’t have him show up again during the main event in retrospect. The roof might have blown off the Richmond Coliseum if Ambrose commandeered an Ambulance and returned to the arena to attack the Authority. It sounds amazing but it overshadows your PPV main event.

With Ambrose out of the picture the main event became a 3 on 2 handicap match that ultimately turned into an extended preview of Sunday’s title match. After dispatching and seemingly injuring Seth Rollins’ knee (more on this in a bit), Reigns was set to end Orton and claim victory before Kane broke things up and things degenerated into a disqualification and partners attacking partners– Reigns spearing Cena & Orton RKOing Kane. By the time the copyright hit, Roman Reigns was standing tall once again as his big push continues leading you to wonder could Plan C end up with Reigns as champion?

Plan B of course is Seth Rollins’ Money In The Bank cash-in, but Seth Rollins appeared to injure his knee. Luckily news is coming out this morning that Rollins is fine and the injury, served to keep Rollins out of the picture at the end of Raw as the Fatal Four traded finishers to hype their match. I’m hoping it will also play into Sunday’s Battleground show. Not only could Rollins feigning injury to get out of facing Ambrose have some mileage, but it also throws a wrench into Triple H’s plans necessitating…Plan C.

Paul Heyman dropped the bombshell during a backstage segment with the Authority that if Plan A and B don’t work, come talk to him about Plan C. Plan C? Presumably…Brock Lesnar. Rollins’ “injury” real or worked gives Hunter justification to work with a former enemy again. The Pain could be returning Sunday. Put your pants on high alert.

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The Day After: Raw 6/30/14

Damien McMahondow Image

Damien McMahondow

Did you skip Raw last night out of some misguided protest of John Cena winning his 15th world title?  If so, you missed one hell of a show.  The WWE writers took their Limitless pills sometime on Monday morning.

First of all – Dean Ambrose.  Holy hell, here’s a guy on the cusp of being something special.  He elicits such a genuine response from the crowd whenever he appears on-screen.  The former United States Champion appeared on the Titantron early in the show to let Seth Rollins know that his MITB briefcase contained not a contract, but TNT; whenever the Authority’s… “Chosen One” would attempt to cash it in, Ambrose would be there to thwart the effort.  Foreshadowing.

Rewind to the show’s beginning, which kicked off with the Champ telling the Authority that he preferred the “hard way” rather than being “in their pocket” like Orton, Kane, and Rollins.  Trips then announced that Cena would defend his title at Battleground in a Fatal Fourway against Orton, Kane, and Roman Reigns.  The faces would team against the heels in tonight’s main event.

The show’s grand finale was a great match, with the wrestlers seemingly fired-up by a crowd that had been hot all night.  One of the main purposes of the match served to continue Reigns’ elevation to main-event status.   Battleground will be his second consecutive show-closing match as a pay-per-view star.   At Money In The Bank, it was in an eight-man match.  Now, it will be a four-man match.  He may not be ready to carry the show in a one-on-one capacity quite yet, but the end of Raw last night (keep reading…) showed that day is in the not-too-distant future.

The match’s ending was a means to an end.  Kane hit Cena with a chair to cause a DQ as Orton and Reigns brawled to the back.  The Demon tombstoned the Champ, at which point Hunter waved out Rollins to cash-in.  The crowd popped, eager to see the special moment.  However, the BIG pop came when Ambrose hit the ring and attacked Rollins, fulfilling his promise to blow-up the Architect’s spot.  Crescendo… Kane raises a chair to hit Cena again, but was met with a Spear by Reigns.  Roman let out his battle cry, and stared down Triple H from only a few feet away.  For the first time that I can remember, the crowd chanted “This is Awesome!” as Raw faded to black.

Subtle note: Reigns sprinted back towards the ring.  Orton did not.  Do the math on who won the brawl.

Further – For those keeping score at home, the true stars of last night’s main event were Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins.  Cena may have the belts, but he does not own the spotlight.

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Who will take the final spots in the Money in the Bank Championship Match?


Money. Money, Money, Money, Money! It’s all about the MON-AY!

With the “blockbuster” announcement of the vacating of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Monday on Raw, the Money in the Bank ladder match has taken on an increased importance this year and the field of contenders for the championship is taking shape.

Already qualified for June 29th’s Money in the Bank match for the Vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship in Boston:  Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton, United States Champion Sheamus, & Cesaro. This Friday on Smackdown Bray Wyatt & Dean Ambrose will tussle for the 5th spot in the bout leaving only two spots in the match left, if WWE’s own match graphic shown on Raw is to be believed.

While, it doesn’t take a genius to surmise that with a match of this profile John Cena won’t be far behind, but forecasting who will fill the final spot this Monday on Raw from Cleveland is a bit trickier. Let’s examine the candidates.

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Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery Review

Courtesy of @SamoaBeau

Courtesy of @SamoaBeau

At long last I had the above in my grubby little hands, the first collaboration between WWE Studios and Warner Brothers Animation, Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery. Starring the titular Scooby-Doo and the rest of the mystery solving gang, Fred, Daphne, Wilma and Shaggy, it also features voice work from WWE Superstars; Kane, The Miz, John Cena, Triple H, Brodus Clay, Santino, AJ Lee, Michael Cole and Vince McMahon. Also featured in non-speaking roles are, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, Sgt. Slaughter, Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Hart. Somewhat miffed Sarge didn’t get to say anything considering he was a major cartoon star in GI Joe: A Real American Hero. I am reviewing the Blu-Ray version which includes the full 84 minute feature, making-of featurette and a bonus episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. The following review will contain a synopsis of the film, so naturally, there are spoilers ahead.

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WWE Main Event Preview 4/1/14

Still on a high from the close of last night’s Raw? Keep it going with a hot new edition of WWE Main Event!

The second to last segment last night featured a schmozz between all 30 participants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal; two of those combatants — Sheamus and the Miz — go toe-to-toe as tonight’s featured match. As is now the custom, check out WWE Main Event on WWE Network tonight and the replay tomorrow night on Ion Television.

Main Event:
Sheamus vs. the Miz

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