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The Night’s Watch at Halftime

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Miz’s Heel Turn Inevitable? – Mike Mizanin has been a face for the better part of the last year.  It’s resulted in him adopting the Figure Four as his finisher, some time on the I-C Title scene, and a lot of MizTV.  Word is spreading around the Internets about a video of the Miz during a recent live event in Belfast, prior to a match with “and more!” Kofi Kingston.  The former WWE champion discussed that he keeps getting beaten down by the likes of the Wyatts and Kane, and the WWE Universe cheers on the assaults.  This may be a trial run of what’s to come on WWE TV, so the Awesome One may be returning to his comfort zone sooner rather than later.  The fun starts about 1:50 in.


Where’s AJ Styles? - Wrestlezone – According to the Wrestling Observer, AJ Styles will be kept off TV for the next couple of months.  He’ll continue to “defend” the TNA World Title (which was vacated by Dixie Carter) at other promotions.  The Observer also notes that it’s unknown whether AJ Styles has signed a contract that extends past December.

This also may be a sign of how the WWE views the #2 wrestling promotion in America.  The WWE reportedly offered Styles a contract which was a fraction of his TNA deal.  If the WWE viewed Impact Wrestling as a threat, they’d surely feel a need to get its unbeaten World Champion on Raw or Smackdown as soon as possible.

Matches for the next ROH Cards - Ring of Honor has announced matches for the upcoming Pursuit Nights 1 & 2 shows, 11/15 and 11/16 in Dearborn, MI.  Night 1 will be main evented by World Champion Adam Cole defending against Dearborn native Jimmy Jacobs.  Matt Taven will continue his march to be the longest reigning TV champion ever, as he makes his record 11th title defense against former WWE wrestler Zach Gowan.  Other matches for Night 1 can be found here.

Night 2 will be headlined by Tag Champs reDRagon defending their straps against C&C Wrestle Factory.  Also, ACH has a chance to make the world title picture even more crowded as he takes on Adam Cole in a Proving Ground match (ACH will receive a future world title match if he wins).

Wrestlers Don’t Respect Tony Romo


We’re clearly not a football blog, so I won’t get too deep into the stat line of Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo for the 2013 season.  However, he’s coming off a game where he threw for over 500 yards, 5 touchdowns… and another game-changing interception late in the game.  Perhaps that was the catalyst for these words from returning WWE superstar John Cena when he was on ESPN’s SportsNation earlier this week.  When asked if he would want Romo as the quarterback of his team, Cena had the following to say:

“Age-old question, star vs. champion. I want a champion. Tony Romo hasn’t been able to prove himself in the big ring. If I am an owner I want championships. Tony Romo has yet to produce. If it was my pick, I would pass.”

That makes John Cena the third wrestler to come down against Romo in the last six months.  WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin provided the following insight in June 2013:

“My problem with Dallas is I think Tony Romo is a damn good quarterback, but he [expletive] the bed at the most inopportune times so when I look for leadership, I can’t say that Tony Romo is the clear cut leader.”

Even noted Cleveland Browns fan The Miz jumped on the pile back in April 2013…

“I don’t think [Romo's] in the elite . . . Tony Romo will definitely get you some (fantasy) points.  Granted, he’s not going to win you games for the Dallas Cowboys.”

Almost makes up for this disaster, but not quite.

SmackDown Preview 9/6/13


It’s time for the airing of the grievances on an all new Smackdown emanating from Minneapolis, Minnesota tonight. The feats of strength come afterwards.

It is a period of civil war. Last week on Smackdown, The Miz, The Big Show, Dolph Ziggler were pulled into the fray on an edition of Miz TV.  However, Daniel Bryan had seemingly started to turn the tide against the new Corporation on last week’s Smackdown by finally locking WWE Champion Randy Orton in the Yes Lock. The victory was short-lived as the Shield saved the Viper and left Bryan laying to end the show.

After the firing of Cody Rhodes and the continued assaults on Daniel Bryan, the locker room is seemingly terrified for their jobs. Will the onslaught of “what’s best for business” continue or will heroes rise against the corporate machine?

Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Triple H has called for a town meeting to kick off the festivities on Smackdown. I’m sure it will be an honest and open debate, with no ass kissing,  no sarcasm, and no one will be booked in unfavorable matches tonight. Completely civil.
  • Speaking of grievances, AJ Lee has them with the cast of Total Divas. Brie Bella and Naomi, two of the trio of reality stars that will face AJ for the Divas championship at Night of Champions, will square off in singles action tonight. Could another pipebomb be on tap?
  • The Usos and the Real Americans continue their feud with what should be another entertaining tag team war.
  • With the no other matches made official you can be sure a bevy of contests will be booked coming out of tonight’s Town Hall Meeting.

Tune in to Smackdown at 8PM ET on SyFy!

SmackDown Preview 8/30/13


Spray paint YES! on an escalade because it’s FRIDAY! Smackdown comes to us tonight from Sin City, Las Vegas, NV

The BIG NEWS tonight is the rumblings of a Superstar Rebellion against the new Triple H/Randy Orton alliance is starting to brew. Miz TV will play host to the three men who were interviewed about Daniel Bryan’s punishment on the stage Monday Night but chose to stay silent. The Miz, the Big Show, and Dolph Ziggler will discuss the new regime.

Keeping things spoiler free, multiple matches will fill out the card as a result of Miz TV, with Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler all seeing action this evening.

Here’s a glance at what else is on tap for tonight’s SmackDown.

  • Rob Van Dam meets Damien Sandow
  • The Wyatt Family  faces Tons of Funk in tag team action


The Day After: Raw 8/12/2013


Nothing of importance happened on Raw last night. No major implications for SummerSlam, no former world champions returned. Nothing to see here.

Nm, jk.

The Cena-Bryan Saga Continues

The night began with Wade Barrett scoring a rare Raw victory over Daniel Bryan. Barrett rolled up the Dazzler, and special ref Brad Maddox made a fast three count. Bryan narrowly missed getting his hands on Shmedium, and then chanted “NO!” along with the crowd.

In the second hour of the show, Brad Maddox pitched Vince McMahon on becoming the official referee for SummerSlam’s main event between Bryan and Cena. However, Raw’s COO would overrule him. Triple H declared himself to be the SGR, hitting Maddox with a Pedigree. Vinnie Mac threw down the microphone and stormed off in a huff.

Later, Mizfits worldwide were delighted by the Awesome One interviewing Daniel Bryan and John Cena. This actually turned out to be a pretty good segment. The CeNation Leader went into an emotional tirade that included the usual “you’re not the first or the last” sentiment. However, Bryan finally goaded Cena into admitted that he doesn’t see D-Bry as being in his class. The Dazzler cited a Japanese pre-match ritual of opponents slapping each other, but said that didn’t apply here because Cena is “not a wrestler.” Cena shoved Bryan, and HHH came out to try to keep the peace.

The segment ended with Randy Orton coming out on stage to hold his briefcase high, reminding the WWE Universe that SummerSlam could end with neither Cena nor Bryan possessing the strap.

We’ve made it this far without girlfriends being involved. We may be in the clear. Continue reading →

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