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The Day After: TLC (and Stairs) 2014


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This year’s Tables Ladders & Chairs (& Stairs) was a very divisive show bookended by two outstanding matches, the show opening Ladder Match and the show closing TLC Match.  While I agree with many saying Thursday’s NXT Takeover special was better, this wasn’t a show that made me feel ripped off or overly disappointed.  Sorry, I’m not an internet outrage kind of guy.  There were 3-4 matches I enjoyed and hey, it’s entertainment.  There are worse ways to spend 3 hours.

What many are talking about, for the second time in 3 months, is a controversial gimmicky ending in the main event.  Much like the vision from the lantern at Hell in a Cell, many aren’t happy with the sparking television signaling the downfall for young Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt.  Silly?  Perhaps.  Guess what, wrestling is silly which is part of what I love about it.  One of the biggest stars in the industry is an undead zombie whose brother was burned alive by a fire that who the hell even remembers started but then wasn’t burnt anymore and now wears slacks to the ring.

Some will call Ambrose’s character “stupid” for not knowing to unplug the monitor that blew up in his face.  I counter that the character of Dean Ambrose is insane.  Insane to the point where he is a danger to himself.  With the ladder sizes getting bigger each time as he delivered elbow after elbow onto Bray Wyatt through a table, the damage to his opponent and himself became greater and greater.  Ambrose was consumed with destroying Wyatt and not considering the ramifications of his actions.  Is someone blind with rage going to stop and think, “Hey, better unplug this TV?”  More likely the thought is, “I’m gonna put his head through this powered on TV and electrocute him!”

Look at this major positive: the past three pay-per-views have ended with someone other than Cena in the spotlight. We as fans want the WWE to not be so predictable, so perhaps when they try to step out of that pro wrestling box and do something different, we not be so fast to crucify them.

TLC Match: Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose with Sister Abigail after Ambrose was temporarily blinded by an electrical explosion in a monitor he was going to use as a weapon.

Now that I’ve made my case for the finish, let’s discuss the actual match.  I loved it, brutal Attitude era style brawl which saw Wyatt go through 3 tables.  Ambrose started the proceedings by launching a ladder at Wyatt in the entrance way.  The spot of the match was Ambrose’s third dive onto Wyatt through at table, after which lying next to Wyatt, Ambrose kissed him on the forehead only to be met with a Wyatt headbutt.  Great moment.  If anything this match was hurt by following an evening of ladder and table spots, so much that the crowd wasn’t as shocked at that point in the night.

Would I have liked a clean finish?  Sure.  But this also means we get more Dean Ambrose versus Bray Wyatt.  Sign me up, may they feud for years.

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The Day After Raw: 12/8/14 Slammy Editon

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With a lot of minor happenings on last night’s Slammys/go-home Raw and no one storyline dominating the show last night to talk about we’re going old school with today’s Day After and giving it to you in the style of Dukes’ old 10 Thoughts on Raw column.

1. Because the Big Show killed it at WWE Fairfax, I’ll give them a pass and won’t openly complain too long about another Show-Cena match.  It was a risky gamble though, I wonder how many fans tuned out and missed another fun brawl between the remnants of Team Authority & Team Cena to promote Sunday’s show.

2. Seth Green was a better choice for this Slammy-hosting gig than Dennis Miller a few years back.  At least, Green looks like he wants to be there and, as some pointed out on Twitter his size makes the Superstars look impressive.

3. Sting won the Slammy for Amazing Moment, problem is you can’t give Sting an award at a wrestling arena; he’s probably hanging in the rafters.

4. Really enjoyed the Paul Heyman-Seth Rollins segment with Heyman talking Rollins into taking out Cena for good for his client.  Once again, Paul Heyman sells a match better than the two participants involved in said match.

5. Charlotte on RAW!  Whooo!  Not sure why you have her lose to hype Takeover: R Evolution, though.  If you want to see an even better Charlotte-Natalya match check out their match from the first NXT Takeover match.

6. Tyson Kidd continues to make the most of the little bits he is given and that cat hoodie.  Dude is slaying right now, get on the bandwagon.

7. The tease of Bray Wyatt interrupting Paul Heyman may or may not of made my pants spontaneously combust.  What I would give for a promo segment between those two.  I really enjoyed Bray’s promo tonight.  It was one of the only Wyatt promos I can remember that was straightforward about his intentions: finishing the job at TLC.  We also learned that the rocking chair Ambrose destroyed was Sister Abigail’s. Back story!

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WWE Main Event Preview 12/2/14

It’s the first WWE Main Event of December, and what a show WWE has lined up! Coming to you LIVE from OKC, one half of the tag team champions, The Miz takes on Jimmy Uso in singles competition.

After winning a tag team turmoil match last night on Raw, the Usos became the number one contenders for the tag team championship, held by the Miz and stunt double Damien Mizdow. Things got personal later, when Miz approached Naomi (Jimmy Uso’s wife) about putting her in touch with some of his Hollywood people, off the strength of her latest music video.

Jimmy Uso did not take too kindly to Miz’s gesture and socked Miz in the face, as he was doing commentary for a Mizdow singles match. That confrontation sets up tonight’s bout.

Official Notes:
Tag Team Champion the Miz vs. Jimmy Uso
Chesapeake Energy Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
LIVE on WWE Network, 8pm (7 Central)

The Day After: Raw 10/7/14


The Rock Returns

Well, I guess we know why they cancelled the Rusev vs. Show match.

In a surprise appearance, the Rock showed up at last night’s Raw to a huge pop from the Brooklyn crowd to confront Rusev & Lana. The Russian duo had just called out the Big Show after berating him and the American people for racism for his “hate crime” against the Russian flag when the Great One’s music hit and we were treated to a classic Rocky promo before nailing Rusev with a few right hands to clear the ring.

I said something to this effect last night but it bears repeating: I don’t care if there’s no real pay off to a Rock/Rusev confrontation, if The Rock says he’ll show up to Raw  10 times out of 10 you put him on TV and let him do whatever. He’s simply too famous not to and Hollywood movie star versus evil foreign menace is an easy narrative to understand for casual fans flipping over from Monday Night Football. It was a true surprise in an era where shocking moments are few and far between and Rusev looks better for the interaction in my eyes.

No, he didn’t get any offense in, but in between Rock’s jabs about Moscow Mooseknuckles and Soviet Streetwalkers was the fact that the Rock recognized Rusev’s push. A huge WWE star like Rocky pointing out that nobody has been able to beat Rusev because he’s bigger, stronger, more dangerous than the rest is a good thing for building up Rusev. I thought Lana shone in the segment as well, never letting the Rock’s jabs get to her that much. I’m not going to address the misogyny discussion that always rears its head when Rock does a promo other than to wonder if the people who constantly bring this up have been watching wrestling for very long. Moving on…

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The Day After: Raw 9/22/14


Dean in a Box

On a night where Raw was missing Roman Reigns, The Wyatt Family, Paul Heyman & WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, the undisputed star of last night’s show was Dean Ambrose. Just returned from filming his WWE Studios film/face into cinderblock injury, Ambrose stepped into the vacant #2 hero role in spectacular fashion.

First by opening the show, Ambrose talked about his cinder block induced hiatus making him “a little loopy in the head,” as if he could get loopier, and stated his intentions to keep the war against Seth Rollins going because he never gets tired of punching him in the face. As he staged his sit-in, John Cena joined the fray wanting to get his hands on Rollins as well.

Cue the Authority in full force at the top of the stage. The 5 on 2 advantage don’t mean sh*t to Dean Ambrose and Mr. Never Give Up however as they brought the fight to the Authority to get their hands on Seth Rollins. One stage and backstage fracas later, Seth Rollins is stealing some jabrone’s car and Dean Ambrose is tumbling out of the trunk like a madman.

Triple H proceeds to make Kane vs. Ambrose and Orton vs. Cena later in the night, which makes Orton none too happy, teasing some dissension between Orton and the new golden boy Rollins for creating messes he has to clean up. Something to monitor perhaps?

Rollins would return later to attack Ambrose during his match with Kane and the two would brawl backstage again leading to Dean Ambrose being locked in a janitor’s closet by The Authority. This way they know he’ll be contained…or so they thought. The Authority forgot one thing: was there an exit in that closet?

Either by air vent, digging his way out, a drop ceiling, or Undertaker Magic, Ambrose’s confinement was short lived crashing the Authority’s plan to “Ambrose” John Cena and Raw ends with he and Cena standing tall.

Ok with the recap of events out of the way: Dean Ambrose is killing it. Tapping into an anti-authority mix of Stone Cold, CM Punk, and Roddy Piper, Ambrose was the most exciting aspect of a somewhat downbeat post-PPV Raw. From his disregard for his body by jumping into a moving car’s trunk to the overall presentation of the “character” (if you can call it that) he portrays, Ambrose is making the most of his return and his increased spotlight with the injury to Roman Reigns and he’s getting WAY over.

It’s a lofty comparison but much like the early days of Stone Cold Steve Austin on lackluster Raws, everything Dean Ambrose was involved in last night were the most interesting parts of the broadcast. I hope WWE sees they have something special brewing.

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