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The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show Interview with Seth Rollins


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Fresh off his two-match night at Sunday’s Night of Champions, WWE World Champion Seth Rollins joined the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show this week to discuss “Night of Champions,” facing both Sting and John Cena in one night, his CrossFit regimen, winning the WWE Championship, reconnecting with The Shield and more.

Thank you to Seth for his time and also as always to Joe V with WWE.  Follow Seth Rollins on Twitter @WWERollins!

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WWE Night of Champions Results



Three championships changed hands, returns were made, trombones were played, and the internet ran Xavier Woods/Hook references into the ground in record time.  All in all it was a successful Night of Champions, let’s run down the results!

World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins defeated Sting

United States Championship: John Cena defeated Seth Rollins 

I’m going to treat these two matches as one giant segment.  First up, Cena regained the US title with an Attitude Adjustment.  Very enjoyable match with Seth Rollins continuing to impress, from the rolling superplex into the second suplex to a smooth frog splash/High Fly Flow.  Cena had a great huracanrana counter to Rollins’ running powerbomb as well.  After the match Rollins decided he was too injured for his second match and tried to walk out.  Cena gave him an AA on the floor for his troubles and set the table for the Stinger.

Sting looked to be in the best shape he’s been in for some time and good thing because he endured a war with the Architect.  While not a flashy as Cena-Rollins, I may have enjoyed Sting-Rollins more.  Call it nostalgia, but even in defeat Sting put in a great performance in his first-ever WWE PPV main event.   Rollins was able to turn the tide in the match after shoving Sting through the Spanish announce table and possibly concussing the WCW legend by bouncing his head off a monitor.  Another highlight for Sting was a top-rope dive onto the champion to the outside.  After a brief referee stoppage following a corner powerbomb in which Sting collapsed, he was able to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock to a huge pop.  Rollins retained his championship after a nifty pretzling roll-up as the Icon went for the Scorpion a second time.

I’ve already seen a lot of chatter about Sting losing his two pay-per-view matches, so may be in the minority when I say I have no issues with how he went down here: fighting.  Rollins is the younger model, didn’t hit his finish, and won with a fluke roll-up.  Sting went toe to toe and back and forth with the top in-ring dog in the company.  Plus if the referee stoppage was a work, it played perfectly into the finish with Sting being a little out of it and unable to counter Rollins’ roll-up.  No shame in that in my view.

But wait, there’s more!  Sheamus then attempted to cash in his MITB briefcase nailing Rollins with a Brogue Kick.  However, before things became official, the Demon Kane returned from his ankle smashing to chokeslam both men.

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The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show 9/2/15


On this week’s show, Chad Dukes is joined by UFC President Dana White and discusses if Sting should win the belt at WWE’s “Night of Champions” with Loud Goat and Thom. The guys also take your phone calls live on 106.7 the Fan!

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The Day After: Raw 8/24/15


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After a Raw as momentous as last night’s, a return of the Day After is in order!

Last night’s Raw was clearly an act of necromancy.  The sacrifice of Bo Dallas at the hands of Brock Lesnar obviously pleased the gods and brought us a legendary tag team return and a new Wyatt.  Later, the liberal use of Seth Rollins’ latest moniker “The Man,” a take off on Ric Flair’s “To Be The Man” catchphrase, summoned another return, Flair’s greatest foe to challenge for his championship.

The Vigilante comes for The Architect

After speculation for months of a return at SummerSlam, Sting made his return to WWE television continuing his vendetta against the Authority and Seth Rollins, started at last year’s Survivor Series.  Rather than receiving his statue as promised, Rollins was ambushed by the Icon of WCW, who then made his intentions clear: Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Following Raw, exclusively on the WWE Network, an angry Triple H promised if Sting wanted Seth Rollins he would get him at Night of Champions.

I don’t care if he’s old, I don’t care he’s had one WWE match, and I don’t care that he lost to Triple H.  If you can’t just be a Fat Mark and appreciate the historical significance of Sting finally competing for the WWE Championship, fire up the network and do some research on Sting’s body of work.

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Could Sting be a Future WWE Champion?


Sting has held virtually every significant title that major United States wrestling organizations have to offer.  He won the NWA World title under the JCP and TNA banners, the WCW World Title (6x), and the TNA World Title (4x).  Add to that numerous runs with the WCW US Title and Tag Team straps.  He even held the WCW International Title a couple of times!

The Icon has had exactly one match in WWE, and that was a controversial loss to Triple H. Sting has said that he’s not sure if there will even be a second match, though left the door open by referencing Survivor Series 2015 and Wrestlemania 32.  This keeps alive the dream of Sting vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania in Dallas.

But what about my dream – seeing the Stinger hoist the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?  Sting hasn’t earned a World Title shot based on his WWE wins and losses alone.  But, much like how the Rock was declared the #1 Contender for the Royal Rumble prior to Wrestlemania 29, I think Sting has earned a title shot based on the merit of his historic career.  Additionally, he has unfinished business with current champion Seth Rollins, who presumably is still angry with Sting for contributing to Team Authority’s loss at Survivor Series 2014.  If Rollins manages to keep the title through November, I don’t see why Survivor Series couldn’t be main evented with Sting challenging for the title.

Here’s the big catch, though – what then?  Let’s say Sting wins the World Title at Survivor Series.  What’s the end game?  Mick Foley once referenced his initial WWE world title run as a sort of “lifetime achievement award.”  Perhaps that label could be applied to a theoretical Sting world title run.  He could then drop the title at the Royal Rumble, and then fulfill the Dream Match by facing Taker.

Or… Title vs. Career at Wrestlemania?

If this improbable scenario is carried out, pants bonfire in my backyard on April 3, 2016.  We’ll light the biggest fire the north has ever seen.

Let us know what you think.  Would you be in favor of seeing Sting carry the WWE World Title before he hangs it up?  Or, are you done with the era of part-time champions?

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