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The Day After: Payback


If only for a few minutes…Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. SHIELD.

The crew from the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show had the privilege of being live and in person for last night’s WWE Payback in Baltimore, Maryland.  Having not watched the pay-per-view broadcast yet, I can only speak to the live experience, but this was an excellent show.  Save for a lull following the Divas match and the re-airing of the Daniel Bryan promo from Raw (which took a bit of steam out of the crowd for Neville-Barrett), the crowd was lively all evening leading to a fast-paced exciting main event match which saw Seth Rollins retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Let’s hit the results and live notes:

Fatal Four Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins retained over Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, & Roman Reigns by pinning Orton after a Pedigree. 

It wasn’t the prettiest Pedigree, but I’m falling in love with this finish the more I think about it this morning. First, it plants the seeds of a Triple H-Rollins conflict down the line.  Rollins has been playing the ungrateful child card for months, how soon until he slips up and claims he is the master of the Pedigree?  Second, Seth needs a finisher, why not the Pedigree for the golden boy of the Authority?

On to the match.  Loved the pace, I’m having trouble recalling a slow moment in this match, highlighted by the brief Shield reunion.  If you were unlucky enough to miss it, midway through the match Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose triple power bombed Randy Orton throughout the English announce table.  The joy would be short-lived as Rollins would soon find himself on the receiving end of TWO power bombs of Kane onto himself and the Spanish announce table.

Kane and J&J interfered throughout making for a chaotic atmosphere.  Kane took out Reigns and Ambrose leading into the finish sequence of J&J RKOs and a draping DDT for Rollins.  But before Orton could hit the RKO on Rollins, Kane struck again sacrificing himself to the RKO so Rollins could hit the Pedigree for the win.

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The Morning Roundup 1/6/15

Morning News RoundUp 1

Royal Rumble Main Event Triple Threat –

Seth Rollins has been added to the Brock Lesnar-John Cena championship match making it a Triple Threat. Wonderful move on WWE’s part here.  The move adds a ton more intrigue to this match: Lesnar can drop the belt without being pinned or Rollins can cash in on the weakened winner of the match or who knows, a lot of options.

Fired Fallout – PWInsider

Ziggler, Ryback, & Rowan said their “goodbyes” on WWE’s YouTube Raw Fallout feature.  I don’t what will bring them back to television but I bet “buying in” would do the trick.  After all, it’s what’s best…for business.

TNA Making A Play for El Patron – WrestleZone

TNA has apparently made a “big money offer” to Alberto El Patron (formerly Del Rio) to appear on tomorrow’s live debut of Impact Wrestling on Destination America in hopes of making a splash.  Alberto is in big demand right now as he’s already working with Ring of Honor through March and also has offers from Lucha Underground and Bellator on the table.


10 Thoughts on Raw From Dukes 1/5/15

Raw is War!

Hey now! Happy New Year, friendos! Thanks for checking out Chad Dukes Wrestling! These are my ramblings about the most recent episode of the WWE’s flagship show.  I write them as the show proceeds, so if they are rambling and not entertaining, it’s because I don’t check my work. =)  – CD

1) John Cena being flanked by Darren Young & Sin Cara was an interesting start to the show.  It was also quite humorous that Goldust & Stardust were wearing their own masks while in the ring for the opening segment.  The WWE is better with the Authority back, but I was hoping for a slower burn.  Bringing them back to television this early seems a bit forced.  Where was the anarchy that was promised by Hunter?  Where was the disorder?  Things seemed to be running smoothly, did they not?

2) Seth Rollins getting thrown into the WWE World Heavyweight Title match at the Rumble is a stroke of genius.  We’ve seen Cena/Lesnar.  We know how that goes.  Who doesn’t want to see what The Money in the Bank winner can do against The Beast?  That match went from more of the same to spice and sizzle.  Rollins is the biggest heel going right now and it makes all the sense in the world  to involve him.  We are all operating under the assumption that Brock will retain the title and then defend it at Wrestlemania against Roman Reigns, yes?  The more interesting you can make THAT journey, the better.

3)  Bad News Barrett getting a crack at his old title against Dolph Ziggler is a wonderful first match.  Both of these guys are more than capable on the mic, so it would be lovely if the WWE committed to developing a real feud for the Intercontinental between them.  The entire roster would benefit greatly from making the IC title matches mean more, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.  If Ziggler isn’t already at Main Event status, he is knocking on the door.  Wade Barrett would have been there years ago if he could stay healthy.   A lasting mid card feud would benefit both of these talents.  The sky is the limit for them both.  Always happy to see the strap back on the only man capable of performing a move as dominant as “The Wasteland.”

4) Bray Wyatt’s program with Dean Ambrose has been miraculous, but very curious.  They are two wrestlers that could feud for months while only touching each other during pay per views.  They are THAT entertaining on the stick.  But that hasn’t happened.  These two have nearly murdered each other for months.  Countless elbow drops through countless tables.  Dozens of kendo sticks to the eyeball.  All of it has been brutal, violent and glorious.  We have all enjoyed every moment of it, but I wonder if the whole thing couldn’t have gone in a different direction without taking years of the combatants careers.  These are two men with no off switch and in my opinion they are the best in the business.  Hit the jump for more rhetoric or double-arm DDT yourself.  The choice is yours.  Continue reading →

The Day After: Raw 12/29/14

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A packed Raw with a couple of long matches, no celebrity guest host, and storyline developments?  Without cramming everyone on the roster into the broadcast?  Maybe they should think about a brand split again.  Perhaps it’s the live WWE experience talking but that was quite the development filled Raw to close the year out.  Let’s dissect.

Daniel Bryan is Back!

Let’s start with the biggest story coming out of Raw.  After teasing retirement on Twitter and during his promo, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan announced he would be making his in-ring return in 4 weeks at the Royal Rumble.

It wasn’t quite the level of deception when salmon suited Mark Henry announced his retirement, but until he broke into the “No!” portion of his speech, Bryan was convincing.  After losing his father and everything we’ve heard over the past 6 months about his health troubles, Bryan having to walk away seemed plausible.

Instead, he will make his long-awaited return in one of the most important matches of the year, certainly shaking things up when it comes to predicting a winner for the 30-man match.  Roman Reigns seems to be the company’s choice, but reports have come out speculating guys like Ziggler could be given the nod.   Now add Bryan into the mix, one year after his 2014 Royal Rumble snub, AND Rollins’ Money in the Bank briefcase looming over the Cena-Lesnar match, the field of combatants for the championship match for WrestleMania is wide open.

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The Day After: TLC (and Stairs) 2014


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This year’s Tables Ladders & Chairs (& Stairs) was a very divisive show bookended by two outstanding matches, the show opening Ladder Match and the show closing TLC Match.  While I agree with many saying Thursday’s NXT Takeover special was better, this wasn’t a show that made me feel ripped off or overly disappointed.  Sorry, I’m not an internet outrage kind of guy.  There were 3-4 matches I enjoyed and hey, it’s entertainment.  There are worse ways to spend 3 hours.

What many are talking about, for the second time in 3 months, is a controversial gimmicky ending in the main event.  Much like the vision from the lantern at Hell in a Cell, many aren’t happy with the sparking television signaling the downfall for young Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt.  Silly?  Perhaps.  Guess what, wrestling is silly which is part of what I love about it.  One of the biggest stars in the industry is an undead zombie whose brother was burned alive by a fire that who the hell even remembers started but then wasn’t burnt anymore and now wears slacks to the ring.

Some will call Ambrose’s character “stupid” for not knowing to unplug the monitor that blew up in his face.  I counter that the character of Dean Ambrose is insane.  Insane to the point where he is a danger to himself.  With the ladder sizes getting bigger each time as he delivered elbow after elbow onto Bray Wyatt through a table, the damage to his opponent and himself became greater and greater.  Ambrose was consumed with destroying Wyatt and not considering the ramifications of his actions.  Is someone blind with rage going to stop and think, “Hey, better unplug this TV?”  More likely the thought is, “I’m gonna put his head through this powered on TV and electrocute him!”

Look at this major positive: the past three pay-per-views have ended with someone other than Cena in the spotlight. We as fans want the WWE to not be so predictable, so perhaps when they try to step out of that pro wrestling box and do something different, we not be so fast to crucify them.

TLC Match: Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose with Sister Abigail after Ambrose was temporarily blinded by an electrical explosion in a monitor he was going to use as a weapon.

Now that I’ve made my case for the finish, let’s discuss the actual match.  I loved it, brutal Attitude era style brawl which saw Wyatt go through 3 tables.  Ambrose started the proceedings by launching a ladder at Wyatt in the entrance way.  The spot of the match was Ambrose’s third dive onto Wyatt through at table, after which lying next to Wyatt, Ambrose kissed him on the forehead only to be met with a Wyatt headbutt.  Great moment.  If anything this match was hurt by following an evening of ladder and table spots, so much that the crowd wasn’t as shocked at that point in the night.

Would I have liked a clean finish?  Sure.  But this also means we get more Dean Ambrose versus Bray Wyatt.  Sign me up, may they feud for years.

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