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WrestleMania 33 Match by Match Preview


Brace yourselves, the amount of times you’ll have to hear about tonight’s show being “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” is about to skyrocket because it’s WrestleMania Sunday! A mammoth 13-match, 5+ hour evening awaits you from Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL, LIVE on the WWE Network!  In addition to this preview, be sure to listen to Big Shooter, Goat & Brock give their thoughts on WrestleMania from this week’s show. Let’s run down the card for the Showcase of the Immortals.


WWE World Championship: Bray Wyatt (C) vs. Randy Orton

For nearly a quarter of 2016, The Eater of Worlds has been embroiled in conflict and partnership with The Viper, Randy Orton. After battling each other at No Mercy, Orton bent the knee to Wyatt, joining Harper & Wyatt’s Family in October. At first, it was a match made in heaven hell: sole survivors of the Raw vs. SmackDown singles match at Survivor Series, a tag team championship victory, a Royal Rumble win by Orton, and a WWE Championship win by Wyatt.

However, The Viper was merely laying in wait. First, causing a rift between Harper and Wyatt, then betraying Wyatt by burning Sister Abigail’s remains and the Wyatt Compound to the ground. A series of supernatural back and forth exchanges have consumed the pair since, with Wyatt bathing in Abigail’s ashes and proclaiming himself all-powerful, and Orton returning to the compound driving Wyatt’s Crusix into Abigail’s charred remains in an attempt to end her powers.

Now the duo square off in the main event at WrestleMania to presumably end the story.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt. The introduction of the Crusix and the army of masked acolytes two weeks ago on SmackDown has my spider sense tingling for a return or new members being introduced to Wyatt’s flock, aiding the champion in retaining his championship.

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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Results


Royal Rumble Match: Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble eliminating Roman Reigns

The Viper is back in the main event picture after winning a fun Royal Rumble with a number of amazing moments.  From Jack Gallagher jumping off the top with an open umbrella, Baron Corbin shockingly eliminating Braun Strowman, Luke Harper turning on Bray Wyatt, Lesnar getting eliminated by Goldberg in quick fashion, to the Goldberg/Undertaker confrontation, what the match lacked in surprise entrants was made up for in theatrics.  Once the match got down to the final four of Orton, Wyatt, Jericho, & Reigns, Jericho was the first to go via Reigns’ Superman Punch, followed by Wyatt being eliminated by Reigns.  But, just when you thought we were on the verge of an Alamodome revolt, with Reigns winning for the second time in three years, Randy Orton hit an RKO and threw Reigns over the top.

The match was hurt slightly by the lack real surprise entrants and overall befuddlement at the inclusion of Roman Reigns at #30.  As you know we’re not generally part of the crowd who consistently dumps all over Reigns’ in-ring ability here at CDW, but his entrance as the 30th competitor was an odd choice after the last two years of backlash directed at “The Big Dog” following his 2015 Royal Rumble win.  If it were a troll job to set up Reigns turning into a black hat, I’d be more on board, but the refusal to move Cena from his “Never Give Up”/superhero persona has me skeptical if they’d ever pull the trigger on Reigns either.

Looking ahead, Randy Orton will now challenge whoever emerges from the Elimination Chamber as WWE World Champion.  Leaders in the clubhouse are either John Cena (the new champion), AJ Styles (the former champion), or Bray Wyatt (the logical choice based on storylines).  There were several other potential WrestleMania matches hinted at during the Rumble including, The Undertaker versus Roman Reigns, The Undertaker versus Goldberg, and Goldberg versus Brock Lesnar.  We will surely find out what direction they are heading in the coming weeks.

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The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show: Survivor Series Recap


Happy Thanksgiving! In lieu of the holiday Dukes and Goat jump into the studio early this week to bring you an episode focusing on last night’s Survivor Series. What did they think of Lesnar/Goldberg? What about the final traditional Survivor Series match?

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Hell In A Cell 2016 Results


Image Credit: WWE

Hell in a Cell Match for the RAW Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks (C) to win the title

Charlotte regained the RAW Women’s Championship for the third time after rag dolling Sasha Banks onto a table (it didn’t break) before hitting Natural Selection. Because there was no big stunt before the pin, it came off as an abrupt and flat ending to an otherwise good Hell in a Cell match. The match started out with an homage to the Undertaker/Mankind Hell in a Cell match with Banks getting seemingly removed and stretchered out of the match after Flair attacked her before the bell, ultimately driving her through an announce table with a power bomb. Like Foley, Sasha rolled off the stretcher and the match was on. While the action was good, several big moments didn’t go as planned. In one spot, Charlotte fell from the apron onto a table that collapsed but didn’t break and near the finish Sasha was thrown onto the table twice with the table staying intact both times. The ending didn’t feel like a blow-off but my hope is they let these two move on to other rivalries for the near future.

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The Morning Roundup 10/10/16: No Mercy


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No Mercy Results – WWE

Luke Harper returned to distract Randy Orton long enough for Bray Wyatt to nail him with Sister Abigail and score a victory over the Viper in the show-closing match of No Mercy.  Why didn’t I call it the main event you ask? Because WWE opened last night’s event with the match labeled “The Main Event”, as AJ Styles defeated John Cena & Dean Ambrose by pinning Cena after a chair shot. Earlier in the match, Styles tapped to a double submission by Ambrose and Cena, causing the referee to restart the match. And in the other standout match of the evening, Dolph Ziggler captured his 5th Intercontinental Championship, keeping his career going in the process, against The Miz. Another solid show all around for the blue brand.

Lynch Pulled from No Mercy – Cageside Seats

Becky Lynch did not defend her Women’s Championship as scheduled due to an undisclosed medical reason that is not in-ring related and not serious. Her match with Alexa Bliss has been rescheduled for the November 8th Smackdown Live in Glasgow, Scotland.

Hell In A Cell Matches – Wrestling INC

Just like that, we’re on to the next one. In three weeks, Hell In A Cell takes place on the WWE Network from Boston, MA, and two new matches were made official during the No Mercy broadcast.  Joining Rusev vs. Reigns in a Hell In A Cell match will be two championship rematches: Charlotte vs. Sasha for the Women’s Championship and Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins.

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