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The BIG CM Punk Rumor

5 punk

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If this comes to fruition, let me be the first to say: Chad Dukes was right.

According to the March 2nd Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required) with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer, CM Punk is expected to return to WWE. Meltzer is not saying this is a 100% done deal but rather heard from a source that is, “one of the biggest stars in the industry.”

Now, before you get behind your keyboard, declare victory, and praise Jebus that he’s back- keep in mind this is FAR from confirmed news. With a personality as volitle as Punk, much like the rumored details of his departure, anything can change between now and Monday at 9pm.

On to the speculation. I say “if this comes to fruition, Chad Dukes was right” because our namesake has maintained for weeks that this whole thing was a big ole work. If the Second City Saint coincidentally shows back up 5 weeks away from Mania, where a smark “dreaded” main event is set to take place, in his hometown to the approval of the unwashed masses, can we really believe that this “sabbatical” was anything but a device to pull an audible following fan reactions to Dave Bautista’s return?

With the heel turn by Batista on SmackDown, two heels in the Mania championship match is unprecedented in WWE, so inserting Punk into the championship match seems the most obvious plan of action. The seeds have already been planted for Triple H versus Daniel Bryan, Punk’s previous WrestleMania spot and blowing off his previous beef with Kane would be as simple as a match on Raw leading up to Mania.

If the Shield/Wyatts rematch and the expected crowd reactions weren’t enough to pique your interest in Monday’s Raw, intrigue over this rumor should just about do it for you.

The Day After: Raw 2/10/14


Oh no, there go my pants again. If you’re not pumped for Shield vs. Wyatts, I have absolutely nothing for you. Since I’m clearly not covering Billy Gunn’s fecal urgency, let’s start with these two trios shall we?

“You will fail and then it will be time for my next game to begin. “

The moment of the evening on Raw came after Dean Ambrose had escaped his US Title Match with Mark Henry and the Shield was poised to leave the arena, but then, “We’re Here” echoed throughout the arena. After trading wars of words for the past few weeks, the Wyatts were out to confront the Shield directly. First came a stare down. Then both teams jumped on the apron. After Roman Reigns decided to take this party into the ring, Bray Wyatt milked it for everything it was worth but ultimately decided to fight another dy.

From the stare down to the pops for simply climbing on the apron, this was BEAUTIFULLY crafted to make you need to see these two groups go at it. The confrontation was everything great about pro wrestling. No lame chants, no app shilling, no crowd hijacking- just an epic tease to put asses in the seats, or in this case, PPV buys and they didn’t lay a finger on each other. That’s good stuff.  It also shines the spotlight on the myth that WWE isn’t creating new stars. I can’t wait until Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are main eventing pay-per-views together.

Earlier in the evening the Wyatts were victorious in six-man tag team action in a match that will long be remembered for that Sister Abigail. I hope all you naysayers who keep saying the Wyatts aren’t good in the ring are paying attention because that was an outstanding performance by the Family last night. If we’re losing the Shield as the go to six-man tag unit, I hope Bray, Luke, Erick will fill that void.

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The Day After: Raw 2/4/14


Young Randall Must Run The Gauntlet

YOUR WWE World Heavyweight Champion & Frogman LeBlanc’s Lifemate, Randy Orton was out to open the show discussing the injustice the Face of WWE has had to endure these last few weeks: The Elimination Chamber, Brock Lesnar staring at him like a giant steak, being devilishly handsome, having washboard abs -wait where was I?  Oh right, Orton’s had a rough go of it.

This brought forth the Authority, Triple H & Steph, who if you’re scoring at home are faces this week.  You see, Orton’s kvetching has caused the power couple to possibly reconsider their faith in the Viper.  Maybe they need a new Face of WWE.  So over the next few weeks, Orton must run the gauntlet of his Elimination Chamber opponents starting tonight, with Daniel Bryan.  The segment ends with and I S you not, Triple H leading a YES Chant.

Orton did really well here on the stick.  I’m generally indifferent to the Viper, while I enjoy his matches, his character is usually not my thing.  However, his ability to power through the crowd’s attempts to hijack the segment with CM Punk chants and the content of his promo were very well done.

Flashing forward a second to that main event, what a match.  After about 2o+ minutes of action and the nearest of near falls after a Bryan diving headbutt, Corporate Kane hit the scene to interfere on Orton’s behalf.  Unfortunately for Slacks Kane it backfired with Bryan sending him into the steel steps.  With Kane out of the picture Daniel Bryan was able to nail Orton with the Flying Knee for the clean win. Orton and Kane would have the last laugh, laying out the Dazzler post-match.

The fabled IWC tends to crap all over Orton but there’s no disputing Bryan is one of the athletes, like Christian, that brings out the best in Orton.  There was great psychology from both men with Bryan attacking Orton’s leg and Orton working over Bryan’s shoulder.  What a sell by Bryan on that shoulder by the way.  I was shocked to find out this morning that he wasn’t legitimately injured.

Great match, great segment, but selfish crowd.  Omaha (and future WWE cities) you are not doing Daniel Bryan any favors by chanting for CM Punk.  You love Punk we get it.  So do I.  Most of you also probably love Bryan as well.  Want to help facilitate the change Punk fought for?  Transfer that energy towards supporting Bryan.  Transfer those dollars to Daniel Bryan merch.  Buy Elimination Chamber to prove he’s a draw.  And for gods sake don’t chant for Punk when you’re getting Daniel Bryan going over Orton in the main event of Raw.

The Punk chanting in general, while expected, still bothered me all night.  The WWE would be happy to give those chanting what they want  but let’s remember,  Punk walked out on them.  Something to consider: if it’s not a work, @IVPVideos on twitter pointed out, how would we all be reacting if it were Sheamus who walked out because he wasn’t in the main event at Mania?   Taking your anger over the situation out on the rest of the roster seems very disrespectful.  Why chant for Punk when Cody Rhodes is wrestling and risking his livelyhood diving off a cage?

More on an oncoming war and the rest of Raw after the jump

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140 Characters or Less: Raw

140 Characters

Another Raw in the books, your Day After Recap is coming later today, but for now let’s check out some of the Twitter chatter from last night’s broadcast.



Kurt Angle was checking out the Main Event last night.

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The Day After: Royal Rumble


I will get to the elephant in the room, or internet as the case may be- the online reactions to last night’s Royal Rumble match, show, crowd, and the subsequent meltdown of the Internet wrestling community.

But first, if you missed last night’s show let’s get you caught up with your full match results:

Kickoff Match: New Age Outlaws defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust for the WWE Tag Team Championship when Gunn surprised Cody with a blind tag Fameasser

Was quite shocked by this result, I’m wondering if this is a transition reign to get the belts on the Usos.

Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan with two Sister Abigails, one into the outside barrier

Match of the night. Masterful performance, really built Bray up as a buzzsaw, and Daniel Bryan looked fantastic in defeat. Helped both men IMO.

Brock Lesnar defeated the Big Show with the F5

Short, most likely due to Show suffering an injured hand over the weekend. More a segment than a match. Call me a rube but I don’t tire of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar decimated Show with a chair before the match but almost fell prey to a brutal looking KO punch from Show.  Lesnar continued to annihilate Show with the chair post match.

Randy Orton defeated John Cena to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship via RKO and Wyatt Family distraction

Crowd shat all over this one, unfairly in my opinion. Yes the match is overdone but the guys worked hard here, I felt, busting out some nice sequences and stealing of moves. The Wyatts attacked Cena after the match to the delight of the Pittsburgh crowd.

Batista eliminated Roman Reigns to win the 2014 Royal Rumble

For better or worse, this match will forever be remembered for the crowd reaction, post-entrant #30. The Shield (Rollins and Reigns in particular).  Kofi Kingston, Luke Harper, Rusev, Punk, Sheamus and Cesaro all had good showings here. The last man eliminated, Roman Reigns now holds the record for most eliminations with 13. It will be hard for me to crap on a Rumble match ever. They take an established formula and throw some different elements in every year.  Side note: if you’re losing your mind over El Torito being in the Rumble it might be time to reevaluate your priorities. Harmless. Fun.

Now… on to the controversy.

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