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Impact Wrestling Preview 3/27/14


A few weeks back in Miami, Impact Wrestling was on LockDown. Tonight, they are “Unlocked.”

James Storm, and his new evil facial hair, and Gunner will be “Unlocked” specifically. What does Unlocked mean? No DQ-No Countout-Falls Count Anywhere-There Must Be a Winner. This all stems from Storm’s betrayal of former partner Gunner back in England when Gunner cashed in his Feast of Fired TNA Championship contract and ate a Last Call superkick for his troubles. Gunner gained a measure of revenge at Lockdown in a Last Man Standing match, but things escalated quickly last week when Storm handcuffed Gunner and gave Gunner’s father the ole beer bottle to the back of the head bit.

TNA’s website has hyped the fact that MVP is looking to punish the Monster Abyss for interfering in last week’s Magnus-Joe title match. But in my view, isn’t it MVP’s fault in the first place for unlocking the handcuffs?

EC3 and Rockstar Spud are on the #Hunt4Willow after a series of  attacks by Hardy’s deranged bad poetry composing alter ego. Two weeks ago, Willow destroyed Spud in singles action and last Thursday Willow struck during Carter’s match with Bobby Lashley. Judging from his twitter he’s out in the woods today looking for Hardy, but don’t worry he still has 4G service. These two are hilarious so if nothing else, this should be a must watch.

Also during tonight’s show-whoa-whoa, will be the Wolves in action, Madison Rain taking on Angelina Love, and a Tables Match between Bobby Roode & EC3 versus Bully Ray & Willow.

Check out Impact Wrestling tonight at 9pm ET on Spike TV!

Impact Wrestling Preview 3/20/2013

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Tonight is the second edition of Impact Wrestling in the MVP era, and it looks like it could be a doozie.  Two title matches, stipulations, returns, deception, scandal, etc.  Let’s get to it.

In the main event, Heavyweight Champion of the World Magnus will put his strap on the line against Samoa Joe, in a rematch from Lockdown.  Joe, of course, lost the initial encounter when Abyss did the pop-through-the-ring-in-a-cage-match bit (seriously, they think to put roofs on the cage, but not take care of the mat?).  In theory, the Corporate Monster will be neutralized tonight, as he’ll be handcuffed to Eric Young at ringside.  Not to be a negative-nelly, but this is definitely a TNA-stipulation.  Put this along side “Vel Vel in a Small Cage to Keep Her From Interfering” match.  Of course, Abyss will get involved.  Otherwise, it would be a “Abyss Locked in the Locker Room” match.  An interesting swerve could be Eric Young attacking Joe, siding with Abyss and Magnus.  That’s purely speculative, of course.

Impact Wrestling Dot Com is also advertising a World Tag Team Championship match that will see the Bromans face-off against two teams that recently bested the champs – The Wolves, and Sanada & Uno.  I know I’m alone on an island here, but I missed hypeman DJ Zema on the ones-and-twos during the UK tour.  He’ll be of little help against four of the better wrestlers that TNA has to offer.  The Bromans are no longer living under the shelter of #TeamDixie, so it’s probably a matter of time before they once against succumb the straps to Edwards and Richards.

Bobby Lashley’s jumping on the bandwagon of former-wrestlers-turned-MMA-fighters who are turning back to wrestling.  He’ll face off against EC3, who could really use a marquee victory to go along with his claim to putting Angle on the shelf.  I seriously doubt Lashley’s returning to TNA to put over Ethan Carter, though.  Even though Rockstar Spud was decimated by Willow last week, I’m really holding out hope to see the former Chief of Staff on screen with EC3.  Their chemistry is the best thing on Impact since Bad Influence… who will likely be absent again tonight.

Also on the show, Angelina Love will continue her campaign to get Velvet Sky to agree to reform the Beautiful People.  When pressed last week, Sky seemed contempt to be the sometimes-partner of KO Champ Madison Rayne, but also continue in singles competition.  I figured bringing Love back to team with Rayne and Sky against Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa and Alpha Female was a no-brainer.  However, Alpha Female has seemingly disappeared altogether while Kim and Tapa are on the train for splitsville.  While Kim vs. Tapa seems likely in the near future, so does Rayne defending her strap against Love, with the winner obtaining the heart of Sky.

Or, Velvet will return to her tiny anti-interference cage.

Impact Wrestling Preview 3/13/2013


The first TNA pay-per-view of 2014 is followed by the first LIVE edition of Impact Wrestling since before they crossed the Atlantic for the tour of the UK.  A lot transpired a few days ago at Lockdown.  Some good, some… interesting.  Here’s some of the fallout that can be expected tonight…

Magnus is still the world champion, thanks to a big assist from Abyss during the cage match with Samoa Joe at Lockdown.   We’ll likely hear the unmasked Monster give reasons as to why he has sided with Team Dixie, especially after telling EY that he needed to find someone who understood him.  Side note – Yes, the idea of a Monster wrestler joining with a corporate faction has been done before.  But with TNA coming under criticism for mirroring recent events of the WWE, the timing of this at least warrants note.

That said, Abyss may not even be able to get a word in before Joe tries to kill him.

I mentioned Team Dixie, but I wonder if such a faction even exists anymore.  The Bobby Roode-helmed team was unsuccessful against Team MVP, so TNA’s newest shareholder is now in total control of wrestling operations.  Dixie Carter will just not go away quietly, though.  Instead, Rockstar Spud has planned a “Thank You Dixie” celebration.  Madame Dixie has been “dark” on social media since the events of Lockdown, so who knows if she even posts.  More importantly, whose Twitter account is Mike Tenay going to plug for TNA news?

Speaking of important, that Willow character finally showed himself at Lockdown.  He seems to have the same tattoo artist as Jeff Hardy.  Which alter ego of the former World Champion will be on-hand tonight?

Two more potential big returns this evening…

  • Bobby Lashley appeared at Lockdown, flattening EC3 during an open challenge.  We’ll see if the (former?) professional mixed martial artist makes his return to the Impact Zone this evening.
  • TNA has been teasing all-day the potential return of a former KO champion this evening.  Considering Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky are entrenched in a feud featuring Gail Kim, Lei’d Tapa, and the Alpha Female, I’m willing to bet that one more Beautiful Person comes back to even the odds.


Impact Wrestling Preview 3/6/2014

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

We’re just a few days out from TNA Lockdown, the first pay-per-view of the year and first live show in months.  As of now, Team MVP is short-handed going up against Team Dixie, captained by Bobby Roode and consisting of The Bromans and Austin Aries.  We should find out who’ll be joining MVP and the Wolves for Lethal Lockdown.

Speaking of this Sunday’s co-main event, tonight’s card will feature a six-man tag between MVP, Richards, and Edwards versus Roode, Aries, and Robbie E.  The winning team will be awarded the first man advantage in Lethal Lockdown.  As Louis Tully recently pointed out, this is a clear violation of War Games protocol – unseen backstage coin flip with the heels getting the advantage.

Also on the show:

  • Heavyweight Champion of the World Magnus will have one final confrontation with challenger Samoa Joe prior to their cage match on Sunday.
  • Samuel Shaw finally returns to in-ring action against Eric Young.
  • The Beautiful People have recruited ODB into their war against Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa, and the Alpha Female.
  • The rest of the Lockdown card will be established.

Impact Wrestling Preview 2/27/2014


Welcome to the Thursday Night Wars!  Here’s a preview of TNA’s inaugural offering, which has been in the can for weeks.

The opening of the show was highlighted in the Morning Roundup, so be sure to check that out.

MVP will have a full dance card this evening.  First, he’ll oversee the official contract signing for the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World, between Samoa Joe and Magnus at Lockdown.  In the grand tradition of contract signings, we can probably expect someone to go through a table this evening.

Afterwards, MVP will ready himself for singles competition in tonight’s main event, as he will face off against the opposing team captain of Lethal Lockdown, Bobby Roode.

Speaking of Lethal Lockdown, there’s space to fill on both squads… but none of the holes will likely be filled by either Gunner or James Storm, who are on a collision course for Lockdown.  TNA dot com is teasing “all-out war” for the Marine and the Cowboy.

Kurt Angle is due to be the second inductee into TNA’s Hall of Fame this evening.  This comes only weeks after the assault by EC3, who now takes credit for ending the career of the Olympic Gold Medalist.  I think we can fully expect another confrontation between the Machine and Dixie’s nephew.

TNA is also advertising that tonight will feature the “latest” on the new tag team champions, following the Wolves beating the Bromans recently at a live event in West Virginia.  I’m very curious to see how this is addressed.  Will TNA recognize that the title change took place stateside?  Will the Bromans still have the belts in the UK?  Perhaps the Bromans will step up and be a part of Team Dixie at Lockdown.  We’ll see what happens.

Also on the show, KO Champ Madison Rayne will team with Velvet Sky against the division’s juggernauts, Alpha Female and Lei’D Tapa.

We’ll likely also hear from Willow once again, and I’ll have nightmares.

This looks like a packed show going up against NXT Arrival.  Set your DVRs, marks.

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