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Impact Wrestling Preview 8/14/14


It’s a tag team “dream match” (I don’t think TNA knows what that phrase means) one more time tonight on Impact Wrestling, an epic 6-man tag, and a four-way Knockouts championship match tonight on Impact Wrestling.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not slamming the Hardys and Team 3D and I’m sure they’ll tear it down, but a dream match usually means two competitors meeting for the first time. The match is seemingly (no spoilers here) the culmination of the Hardys’ reunion and Team 3D’s pending TNA Hall of Fame induction. When we last saw the boys from Cameron, NC they dropped a TNA Tag Championship match to the Wolves at Destination X. Can they rebound against the reunited Team 3D one week removed from their huge #ItHappens moment last week?

TNA World Champion Lashely and his crew of MVP & Kenny King will lace them up in six-man action against the three top challengers to Lashley’s championship reign, three former champions in their own right: Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & Austin Aries.

And finally, the Knockouts Championship will be on the line in a four-way to round out the lineup. Taryn Terell and the Beautiful People- Velvet Sky & Angelina Love will challenge Champion Gail Kim in the bout.

Check out Impact Wrestling tonight at 9PM on Spike.

Impact Wrestling – Red, White, and Blue Throwdown

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Episodes of Impact Wrestling have been taped through roughly mid-2016.  That said, tonight’s preview is spoiler-free.

New Guy-In-Charge Kurt Angle has promised tonight would be a Red, White, and Blue Throwdown.  No word on whether that’s just a subtitle to tonight’s Impact, or if there’s a special match to take place.  If so, that match still wouldn’t outshine tonight’s main event, in which Eric Young gets his rematch against champion Bobby Lashley.

Maybe the Throwdown is the world title match?

Also on the show –

  • Bobby Roode returns to the active roster after another hiatus from television, this one only five weeks long.  He joins the line of faces who look to get a shot at Lashley – EY, Samoa Joe, and Austin Aries among them.  His opponent for tonight has not yet been announced.
  • Bully Ray looks to end the undefeated streak of EC3 and cross another name off his list, as he enters a Tables Match with Carter.
  • Angelina Love defends the KO strap against Gail Kim.


Impact Wrestling Preview: Post Slammiversary ’14


Okay, TNA.  You have my attention.  Color me “intrigued.”

On a live edition of Impact Wrestling, which still happen from time-to-time, wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer will appear to confront Dixie Carter concerning Bully Ray not being allowed to fulfill a recent obligation of appearing at a Dreamer “House of Hardcore” show.  Yes, 99 percent chance is that this just serves to further the Dixie-Bully feud, and we’ll see something like EC3 decimating the innovator of violence.  However, if (IF) the brass of TNA were smart, just give Dreamer a live mic first.  Let him say his piece.  Let’s make believe that wild and unpredictable things can once again happen on Spike TV on Thursday evenings.

In other news, your reigning and defending Heavyweight Champion of the World, Eric Young, has once again declared that he’ll be a fighting champion.  Young, who successfully defended his strap against Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries at Slammiversary earlier this week, will defend his title tonight against an opponent hand-picked by MVP.  The DWO has been soliciting suggestions on Twitter, but the opportunity is likely to go to Kenny King or Lashley.  Or both.

The show will otherwise feature fallout from Slammiversary – development after victories by Carter, Love, Sanada, and more.  The return of Taryn Terrell will also be featured.

Hot Topic Alert: We should also hear a push concerning the controversial fan poll about whether TNA should go back to a six-sided ring full-time.  My feeling is that TNA would like to make the move just to shake things up, but would like to empower the fans in the process.  Given that some wrestlers, including EC3 and Austin Aries, have spoken out against the change, it’d be interesting to see if wrestlers are allowed to give pros and cons on the issue.  The voting ends after Impact tonight, and if a change will be made, it will be next week.   Make sure you download the TNA App to vote.  Tune-in tonight; Tenay will inform you how to turn-on your smart phone.

MVP Officially out of Slammiversary Main Event This Sunday


*UPDATE* And there it is…the winners of Lashley-Joe & Aries-King will meet Young in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match. Makes sense.

Ah, the perils of taping a month of television shows at once.

We reported in the Morning Roundup a week back that MVP had injured his knee in a match for UK promotion Preston City Wrestling on May 30th, putting his Slammiversary championship match against TNA World Champion Eric  Young in jeopardy. Well, the day after an Impact Wrestling featuring a heavy build toward Eric Young running the MLK gauntlet (MVP, Lashley, & Kenny King) in order to pick the stipulation for their main event, MVP has officially been declared out of the match.

Executive Vice President of TNA Wrestling (Creative & Talent Relations) John Gaburick announced this morning via Twitter:

As if their recent attendance struggles weren’t enough, it sucks that TNA couldn’t change the main event once they found out about MVP’s injury because of the television shows being shot so far in advance. This is sure to fuel the “sky is falling” mentality when it comes to the wrestling media and the company.

But keeping it constructive, while we await the announcement later today of who will replace MVP in the match this Sunday, who do you think it should be?

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Impact Wrestling Preview 6/5/2014

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We’re now a little more than two weeks out from Slammiversary 12.  Last week, it looked like the momentum of the main event scene was swinging in the direction of MVP, Lashley, and Kenny King.  However, the stunning return of Samoa Joe at the end of the evening brought the momentum to a halt.  The former world champion is expected to be on tonight’s broadcast to address his return, and perhaps his potential alliance with Bully Ray, Eric Young, et al.

Meanwhile, MVP is trying to maintain hold of his power in TNA, which he hopes to expand by capturing the world title in two weeks.  MVP also revealed last week that he has access to more money (of course, money = power) than Dixie Carter ever knew about.  The TNA President accused this of being “dirty” money, so apparently MVP is actually the kingpin of crime.   Regardless, expect the Director of Wrestling Operations to start swinging around his power a little more tonight.

The rampage of Bully Ray is expected to continue.  One of his six tables are down after Spud took a ride last week, so we’ll see if there’s four or fewer left by the end of the night.

A couple of matches scheduled for the show:

  • Madison Rayne took her sweet time in cashing in her rematch clause, but will do so tonight.  KO Champ Angelina Love will defend against the Queen Bee.
  • Magnus has challenged Bram to stand up against the best TNA has, so Bram will be going one-on-one with Jeff Hardy Willow.

James Storm, Mr. Anderson, the Menagerie, and more are scheduled for the show tonight.

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