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The Night’s Watch – 8/10/2013


Sandow Accessorizing - WWE - In case you missed Smackdown last night, Mr. Money in the Bank for the blue brand unveiled a new custom made briefcase.  While likely still made of metal, the leather-bound-looking briefcase is very fitting of a man like Sandow, who is kind of a big deal.

Impact Ratings - F4W – Impact Wrestling 8/8/13 was watched by 1.18 million viewers, down 6% from the prior week.  The 8/1/13 edition of Impact featured a highly-anticipated match between AJ Styles and Austin Aries, as well as the “big reveal” of #August1Warning.

CeNikki AnniversaryNikki’s Instagram –  For fans of Total Divas on the Entertainment Network, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Nikki Bella and the startling-rich John Cena.

Updated SummerSlam Card - WWE – Another note in case you missed Smackdown last night… Dolph/Kaitlyn vs. AJ/E has been added to the show.  The card now features six matches:

  • Cena (c) vs. Dazzler
  • Del Rio (c) vs. Captain Charisma
  • The Best vs. The Beast
  • Wyatt vs. Kane
  • Rhodes vs. Sandow
  • Ziggy/Kaitlyn vs. AJ/Langston

BJ Whitmer Update – Whitmer is still recovering from the next injury he suffered last weekend.  Per the official Twitter account of Ring of Honor Star, @BJ_Whitmer:


Sheamus Injured, Out 4-6 Months

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Sheamus’ recent absence from WWE television will continue for another 4-6 months. announced this morning that the Celtic Warrior Sheamus has suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder. The injury will require surgery which will sideline Sheamus for 4-6 months.

The injury was suffered when Sheamus was tossed from the ring onto a ladder, breaking it, during the Money In The Bank All-Stars Ladder Match and was further aggravated in matches since the initial injury.

So in addition to the gnarly thigh bruise, Sheamus wrestled for a few weeks with a torn labrum. We wish the Celtic Warrior the best in his recovery from this injury.

The Day After: Money In The Bank


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Lots to get to as we discuss last night’s show, fun matches, great storytelling, so let’s get to it!

“I’d have pushed Ron Simmons off a ladder to win a championship.”

Let’s lead off with the main attraction of these pay-per-views, the ladder matches. The rising stars MITB match takes the edge for me for the two matches, but not by much. Two very fun car crash matches with great storytelling and shocking moments.

The intellectual savior of the masses, Damien Sandow outsmarted the field and captured the first MITB briefcase and for his character it makes perfect sense. Let me explain, when you think of all the amazing spots in last night’s match- Ambrose’s Terry Funk homage/Skin the Cat bit (seen above), the Real Americans trying to use each other as a ladder, Cesaro’s brutal uppercut to Barrett, Wade using a broken ladder rung as a weapon – what did Damien Sandow actually do in the match? Not much. However, lying low and picking his spot to screw his best friend, it fits 100% with the character Sandow has cultivated. He’ll surely be more remembered than that fictional ignoramus Rocky Balboa.

How great did Cody Rhodes come off? Philly was solidly behind him towards the end of the match. Could we be seeing the birth of the New American Dream?

Heyman screws Punk over; Orton back in the Championship picture

Randy Orton, outside of perhaps Christian, the least predicted Money In the Bank winner RKO’d a returning RVD to capture his first red briefcase. Out of all the candidates I feel like he needed it the most. You could argue for Christian needing it more, but Orton is clearly a top guy and had no major feuds in sight. Plus, Orton has a finisher that is tailor-made for a sneak attack/cash in moment. Now, he can bide his time and strike…like a viper.

The other big story of the match is the turn of Paul Heyman on CM Punk. Initially, the Curtis Axel interference made no sense as he attacked Daniel Bryan. Heyman spinning it into a giant ruse to screw over CM Punk was great. The facial expressions alone before Heyman smashed the ladder into Punk’s face busting him open were great. Punk-Lesnar is going to be so much fun I can hardly contain myself.

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Twenty Seven Staples Between CM Punk and RVD


The injuries sustained during the two Money In The Bank ladder matches last night may be too numerous to count.  However, according to Joey Styles and CM Punk on Twitter, Mr. Monday Night and the Second City Savior are currently being held together by a few dozen pieces of metal.

The following photo is Rob Van Dam receiving 14 staples following his WWE return last night.  After the jump, we’ll have a more PG-13 photo of the work done to patch Punk’s cranium.

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Coolest Picture You’ll See Today – Divas Edition

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God bless the cameramen of the WWE.  Their job must be stressful and perilous, but some shots make it all worthwhile.  (I’m an animal.  Sue me.)

If you missed Money In The Bank last night, then please allow me to brighten your Monday morning by informing you that AJ Lee retained her Divas Championship with a submission win over Kaitlyn.  As clearly evidenced by the above photograph, Ms. Lee spent a sizable portion of the match weakening the arm of Kaitlyn, readying her for the dreaded Black Widow.

The match itself was above-average for the Divas division.  Detractors might be quick to point out a couple of sloppy spots, but from my perspective, it felt like a pay-per-view championship match rather than card filler.  AJ is a champ who brings credibility to the title; she’s the tent pole (easy guys) that the WWE has been looking for to prop up the division.

It’s tough to predict where the Divas title goes from here.  AJ is one of the more over performers in the company, and may be about to be embark into another program with the top dogs.  This could serve to elevate the title further.  However, If Kaitlyn is not in line for another shot, then it’s on the WWE to make sure AJ’s next opponent is ready for the spotlight.

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