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CDWS: Kirk Angle


The Wide is back with an all-new episode of The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show!

This week, Chad Dukes, Loud Goat and Thom discuss Jinder Mahal being the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Braun as a top guy, and if the Hardys could fade away & classify themselves as OBSOLETE again. #BelieveInTheWide

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The Morning Roundup 6/26/14


Jinder Mahal Opens Up About Release –

One of the most recent talents released from WWE sat down for an interview with Slam Wrestling this week. The main theme of the interview, both Jinder and former tag team partner and fellow unemployed talent Drew McIntyre, are looking for work wherever they can find it. They’re open to both ROH and New Japan. Hopefully we will see the return of 2MB sometime in the near future.

Heyman Explains CM Punk’s Exit – Talk Is Jericho

Paul Heyman was featured on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and opened up about exactly why CM Punk left the WWE Universe crying in the streets. I highly recommend listening to this one. The reason: he lost his passion. Plain and simple. All I know is, if I looked like this and was married to that, I’d be spending more and more time at home and less time at work too.

D-Bry on MITB Kickoff –

For the first time since being stripped of his titles due to injury, Daniel Bryan will be appearing on the MITB kickoff show this Sunday on the WWE Network to answer fan questions and speak out against The Authorities action’s as of late. Hopefully we will also get an injury update and possible return time. I miss the bearded little guy. And just in case you do too, hopefully this will hold you over.

WWE Releases Superstars *UPDATED*


Per, WWE has released 7 well known & tenured superstars from their contracts:

  • Theodore Long– Long had been with the company since 1998 in various capacities from referee to manager to longtime Smackdown General Manager,  but hasn’t been used regularly on WWE TV since July 2013 when Vickie Guerrero dismissed him as “Senior Advisor to the Smackdown General Manager.”
  • Camacho– Son of WWE Legend Haku, Camacho debuted back in 2011 with Hunico (Sin Cara Negro/Sin Cara II) as his enforcer. Recently he had been a singles act in NXT, feuding with Adam Rose.
  • Brodus Clay– Possibly the biggest pushed name on the list, Clay was a huge part of Raw & Smackdown as the Funkasaurus for over a year. After his tag team with Tensai dissolved, Clay returned to NXT and challenged Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship. Somehow, Funkadactyl Cameron…still employed.
  • Evan Bourne– Bourne had recently celebrated six years with the company, debuting back in 2008 on ECW. However the former tag team champion has been sidelined since 2012 with a foot injury suffered in a car accident, which followed two wellness policy violation suspensions.
  • Yoshi Tatsu– Another long tenured superstar, Tatsu has made NXT his home in recent years, making sporadic appearance on the main show.
  • Curt Hawkins– Added after our initial post, Hawkins has been with WWE proper since 2007, debuting as the Major Brothers in ECW with broski, Zack Ryder. He later won the tag championships with Ryder as part of Edge’s La Familia stable. Since that team he had formed alliances with Vance Archer & Tyler Reks. Hawkins also opened his own wrestling school earlier this year. He confirmed the release on his Twitter.
  • Aksana– The hits just keep coming. This one’s pretty surprising since the Lithuanian diva appeared to be starting a program with Alicia Fox Monday on Raw. Making it to the main roster in 2010 on NXT Season 3, Aksana portrayed the money hungry love interest for both Goldust and Teddy Long before briefly joining with Cesaro. Recently she had been part of the diva’s tag team dubbed Foxana with Alicia Fox.
  • Jinder Mahal– Damnit, not the funny one. Mahal joined Smackdown in 2011, feuding with the Great Khali. By 2012 he was repackaged with Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre as 3MB.
  • Drew McIntryre– The Chosen One. Former IC and Tag Champion, also a member of 3MB. McIntrye was pegged by Vince McMahon on WWE TV as a “future world champion.” This one really shocked me. Despite being in a comedy tag team, the guy clearly has a ton of talent. We’ll always have his amazing entrance music.
  • JTG– Smarks won’t have JTG to kick around anymore. The former Cryme Time member was added to the list of releases late this afternoon.

Days like this stink and I never like to celebrate people losing their jobs. I’m personally a little shocked by the Brodus Clay, Jinder Mahal/McIntryre , and Aksana releases. While I would of liked to have seen Camacho embrace his inner Haku, he, Hawkins, Bourne, & Tatsu weren’t being used much so perhaps plying their trade elsewhere is what’s best.

WWE Main Event Preview 2/12/14

It’s Wednesday night and it’s time for a new edition of WWE Main Event! Tonight’s episode features three matches, each slightly different than the one that came before. Here’s the card:

1. The Wyatt Family vs. Sin Cara & Los Matadores

Trios action! After a tense showdown with the Shield on Monday Night Raw, the Wyatt Family will step into the ring against the makeshift squad of Sin Cara and Los Matadores. Could this bout feature the Bray Wyatt-El Torito confrontation that’s been building since the little bull’s debut? We can only hope.

2. Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs. Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre (non-title match)

Handicap action! Big E takes on Heath Slater’s backup band. I call Mahal and McIntyre the backup band, but to be honest, each member’s role in 3MB isn’t exactly well-defined. Big E hasn’t had a legitimate challenger to his IC strap in a while, so if one of his two opponents could score a pinfall on him tonight, we might see a new feud develop.

3. Aksana vs. Natalya

Divas action! Singles action! Single Divas action! Aksana’s December renaissance was short-lived, as she’s been on the losing side of her televised matches as of late. She looks to right the ship against the always-tough Nattie Neidhart.

Main Event Preview 1/8/14

It’s Wednesday night, marks, and you know what that means: WWE Main Event! Tonight’s episode is jam-packed with four matches, so let’s get right to the card:

1. Kaitlyn vs. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee

I type this with a heavy heart, as this is Kaitlyn’s last televised match in WWE. It’s a fitting finale, as she goes one-on-one with former fellow Chickbuster and long-time nemesis AJ Lee. Side note: look at that referee up there — dude is LOVING it. Let’s just move on to the next match before the room gets any dustier…

2. Alberto del Rio vs. Justin Gabriel

ADR looked rejuvenated, taking out Sin Cara on Raw this week and calling out the returning Batista. Expect his path of destruction to continue against Main Event’s very own Justin Gabriel.

3. The Real Americans vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

Are the Real Americans in line for a big push? The announce team was slobbering all over Cesaro and Swagger on Monday night, praising their individual strengths and refined teamwork, despite their “politics.” R-Truth and Xavier Woods have been hot lately as well, so it will be interesting to see which team emerges victorious.

4. WWE Tag Team Champions Rhodes Dynasty vs. Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal (non-title match)

Everyone’s rightfully excited about the return of Heath Slater, but Drew McIntyre looked REALLY good against Too Cool on Raw this past Monday. Apparently someone at WWE HQ agrees and is rewarding 3MB with a match against the current tag team champs. An upset over the Rhodes Dynasty would catapult 3MB into the thick of the hunt for the giant pennies; can McIntyre and Mahal pull off the big win?

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