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The Day After: Payback


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The third WWE pay-per-view of the WWE Network era continues the streak of top-notch pay-per-view matches in 2014. January saw Wyatt-Bryan, February saw Shield-Wyatts, Wyatt-Cena & the Bryan saga at Mania, and May had the Shield-Evolution war. Tonight we witnessed another night of fun, fun, WWE action and two more matches to add to that list.

But that’s just my opinion. What did you think? Check out the results with my reactions and give me a shout in the comments. Also check out Martel’s Shield piece from this morning.

The Shield swept Evolution 3-0 in the No Holds Barred Elimination Match. 

Very good. A crazy, chaotic brawl. Keep the Shield together forever!  The story of the match was Evolution slowly taking over the match and beating the living hell out of the Shield in order to isolate Roman Reigns, but ultimately their hubris backfired resulting in a clean sweep for the Shield. Evolution put over the Shield HUGE. Take that Triple H haters.

After a crazy brawl to open the match, things settled down for a portion only to break wide open once more for the home stretch. There were no eliminations until roughly 25 minutes into the 30 minute match and how those eliminations came about was fantastic. Late in the match after hitting Reigns with a triple powerbomb, Evolution then took out Rollins & Ambrose in the entry way. With his partners out, HHH, Batista, & Orton proceeded to pull Reigns inside and go all Sandman on his back (sans flack jacket) with Kendo sticks.

When all seemed lost, the comeback began. As they continued the punishment in the aisle, SETH ROLLINS FROM THE TITANTRON! Rollins’ jump from the screen turned the tide with all 6 men crawling back to the ring. One by one the Hounds of Justice took out their opponents. A spear taking out Batista. Dirty Deeds takes out Orton. Flying Knee and a spear eliminates Triple H. Clean F’N Sweep. Amazing.

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The Day After: Raw 10/21/13


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The go-home Raw before Hell in a Cell brought several top-notch in-ring battles, #Shawns being thrown out left and right,  and new matches for the pay-per-view. Let’s recap shall we?

A Monster with a Monster Truck

Tonight’s Raw “main-event” saw the combatants in Sunday’s Hell in a Cell match for the Vacant WWE Championship make the match official with an old-fashioned contract signing. All the pieces were in place. The Authority, the special guest referee: Shawn Michaels, and the challengers: Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, and the Big Show in a Big Rig. There was a lot going on here, I mean that in a good way.

I know a LOT of people are going to get on Triple H for his “burying” of Bryan in this segment. Maybe I’m naive but I see it the opposite way. The way his speech was structured, telling Bryan he’s beneath him and he only wrestles stars; referencing Bryan against guys the audience clearly view as A+ performers (Jericho, Edge, & RVD): and then Shawn Michaels telling HHH, Bryan bugs him because he was wrong about him, was beautiful. What I’m hoping is that there will come a day, where Triple H will have to step in the ring with Bryan because nothing he has done could keep the kid down, thus giving him the A+ rub.

After all the talking was done, a semi-horn blared to interrupt the proceedings. Was Big Daddy Cool back? Nope, it was the Big Show entering the arena, in Stone Cold Steve Austin style, to wind up the McMahon-Helmsleys again. The Show had interrupted Triple H and Stephanie’s address earlier in the evening. The distraction allowed Bryan to get a final shot in on the Viper with a flying knee strike before joining the Big Show on the truck to YES! the night away.

I don’t know 100% in which direction I think they’re going with the WWE Championship. Does Show turn on Bryan? Does HBK tow the Authority line? Personally, after the Bryan-Triple H exchange, I feel like the biggest money is in maintaining the Triple H-Bryan conflict with the boss throwing challenger after challenger at the Dazzler. Who does Orton feud with if he’s the champ and Bryan’s not in the title picture? Cena? Cliched Cena hate aside, it’s been done too much.

Indulge my fantasies for a moment but maybe HBK doesn’t do what’s “best for business” and fails to cheat in the Authority’s favor and his friend forces him out of retirement to face his student? Did your pants just disappear too?

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Thursday is Full of Entrances

The WWE loves to upload large chunks of videos to their Youtube page.  Personally, I love their Youtube channel.  They put up full matches, old promos, famous wrestler debuts, etc.  This week, they put up what they consider to be some of the best individual entrances of all-time.  Below, I’ll put up some of my favorites and talk a brief second about them.  Take a look!

Taker at WM XX

This was the first one I clicked on because I have been a huge fan of it since the day that it happened.  After a stint as the American Bad Ass, the true Undertaker had finally returned.  I love this entrance because it brings Paul back, its creepy, and it can only be pulled off by the Undertaker.

Punk in Chi Town

For any Punk fan, this is the pinnacle of his WWE career so far.  Not only is the crowd absolutely electric, but you can see and feel the raw emotions that Punk goes through.  He takes his time soaking up the moments and allows the whole experience to wash over those in the stands and at home.

Road Warriors at Summerslam

This is about as cool as it gets.  The baddest men in the planet are rolling into the arena on motorcycles to the cheers of the crowd.  A fun fact from the Warriors themselves is that Animal is burned as he gets off his bike because he had to get off on the wrong side.  Never the less, it still tops every one else.

Take the jump to see God, The Brood, Eddie, HHH, and Cena!

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140 Characters Or Less

Here’s whats happening in the world of Twitter for the last week or so…

Most of the WWE Universe who watched RAW this past Monday were wondering the same thing. Now we know… sort of.

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Superstars Sound Off On HHH’s Future

If you were one of the many lucky fans to be in attendance at the CDWS SummerSlam viewing party, you were witness to one hell of a match between two legends in the business. Following this grueling matchup resulting in a broken arm for the second time in a few months, Triple H is slated to make his first television appearance tonight on Raw.

Rumors and speculations have been running rampant across the internet the last few days. What exactly does the future hold for The Game? Will this be the end of his amazing in-ring career? Some think yes, coining the phrase, “Game Over.” Many WWE Superstars have taken to Twitter to weigh in and offer their advice.

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