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The Morning Roundup – 4/17/12

How did everyone enjoy Raw last night?

WWE Stock Hits New 52-Week Low – PW Torch

This may not be important to everyone on the site, but it is interesting.  The numbers for Wrestlemania came out recently, and it set records for PPV buys, money and every imaginable statistic.  Despite that, the stock is dropping.  Will that change the on-air product? Time will tell.  For now, they’ve brought back Brock Lesnar and The Rock for a year.  Clearly profits can’t be that bad if they can afford to take on those salaries.

Latest on Stone Cold’s Possible In-Ring Return – PW Torch

So Stone Cold isn’t saying no, but he’s not exactly saying yes.  It would have to be “the perfect situation” and a win-win for everyone.  Obviously it’s been rumored for weeks that he would face CM Punk at next years Wrestlemania.  He says he’s in shape to be in the ring. I take him at his word, and look forward to his return.

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Evan Bourne Breaks Foot, possibly Career

The hits just keep on coming for troubled WWE Superstar Evan Bourne. The former tag team champion announced last night on his Twitter that he’s suffered a foot injury that will delay his return from his 60-day Wellness suspension.

Bourne broke his foot in 4 places and dislocated it in 5. No details have emerged as to what type of accident Bourne was involved with but he did post two disgusting pictures on his Twitter. WARNING: both pictures are pretty graphic so click on their links at your own risk. Hit the jump for more.

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The Morning Roundup – 3/19/12

Hope everyone had a good weekend and got a chance to check out the show Friday night.  Chad was also live-tweeting Victory Road last night, so I hope a few of you joined in.

What Happened After Victory Road + Kurt Angle’s Health – Wrestling, Inc.

Angle talked to about his health recently saying “I’ve beaten myself up a lot. When I came back and started working out for the Olympics this time, I kept getting hurt. I popped a patellar tendon, then I popped an Achilles, then I blew out my hamstring.”  Angle is pushing 40 and now says his chances of making the Olympics are slim to none, but is still giving it his all to make the final team.  After Victory Road ended the crowd was chanting “Fire Bobby” as Roode stood over Dixie Carter and Sting until help came from the back in the form of D-Lo Brown, Al Snow and Pat Kenney.

Rock Bringing A Surprise To Raw – PWTorch

The Rock was walking the streets of Philly last night taking pictures with tons of fans and posting them on twitter.  However, before he posted a barrage of pictures with fans, he posted this “”PHILADELPHIA! Damn good to be here – been too long. I have a little surprise for you on RAW. #EyeOfTheTiger.”  Another Rock Concert perhaps?

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Rebuilding Kofi Kingston

With Kofi Kingston’s participation in the Elimination Chamber, it gave us pause here at the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show to contemplate the unfortunate circumstances of Kofi Kingston. The master of the boom drop has been the man caught in the crossfire between the Wellness Policy and his partner Evan Bourne.

When Kingston was viciously liontamered by Chris Jericho and tossed out the door, I wondered where does Kofi go from here?

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The Morning Roundup – 2/7/12

Not such a good morning if you watched Raw last night.  Oh well, on to the links.

Backstage Heat On The Miz After R-Truth Takes A Dangerous Fall On Raw – Lords of Pain

A lot of the blame is going on The Miz, and it’s deserved, but if you watch the replay you can see The Miz is standing up when R-Truth is getting set to launch, he could have adjusted the spot he jumped from to fit where The Miz landed.  It’s unfortunate that it happened, and obviously the Miz will take the brunt of the blame, but at least he is okay.

Video of R-Truth’s Injury – SEScoops

Conveniently enough, here’s the video, what’s your take?

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