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Impact Wrestling Preview – Who Is the New Investor?

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is back live this week, as the 6th Maximum Impact tour of the United Kingdom begins.

Tonight’s the big reveal of the identity of the person(s) who contracted the Wolves.  I think we all owe a collective slow clap to TNA on how they’ve kept the identity of the “New Investor” revealed thus far.  The company has been playing games with pronouns (more “they,” not “he”), as well with singulars and plurals.  Judging by how TNA has addressed the issue in their official preview (“There’s rumors all over the internet about who it might be!”), this was the intent.

Who the New Investor Will Not Be

Hulk Hogan.  Brooke Hogan.  Jeff Hardy.  Sting.  Eric Bischoff.

Word is that the Hulkster and the Icon have, at bare minimum, signed Legends Contracts with the WWE.  I seriously doubt TNA would bring back Brooke Hogan by herself.  Jeff is legally unable to enter England, so revealing him at the start of the UK tour makes zero sense.  And finally, TNA began eliminating traces of Eric Bischoff (e.g. Aces & Eights) as soon as he was sent home in 2013.

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Hulk Hogan made a couple big announcements last week that have the potential to make for some great TV.  First up is Open Fight Night, a new concept that means anyone can challenge for any belt and the champ has to accept.  That means tonight we should see Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Brother DeVon, Gail Kim, and Samoa Joe & Magnus all in action.  In theory, every man on the roster should be lined up to fight Bobby Roode but I’m sure after Roode gets booked the other champs will get their dance cards filled as well. Continue reading →

The Noon News Roundup – 4/13/12

Happy Friday, everyone.  Let’s get to the final roundup of the week.

Steiner Urges Fans To Change Channel During Hogan/Bischoff – SEScoops

Steiner is doing this to “save TNA from the same fate as WCW” or so he says.  This is ridiculous.  Lowering TNA’s ratings would get it off the air, and effectively, have it meet the same fate as WCW.  Despite his outrage over how Hogan and Bischoff are handling TNA, he is essentially looking to get it off the air.  They may be ruining TNA in his opinion, but what he is trying to do is much, much worse.

WWE Posts Injury Update on Randy Orton and His Dad After Tuesday’s SmackDown – Lords of Pain

According to “The onslaught Randy Orton suffered to his back and abdomen, thanks The Big Red Monster’s metal pipe, also left visual bruising and abrasions. With the history of WWE’s Apex Predator’s back problems – including a herniated disc injury that took him out of action – Dr. Samson stressed that every precaution will be taken before a more concrete diagnosis is determined.” Another injury for Orton, hopefully he won’t be off the air too long.  He’s had an up-and-down year so far, but he’s obviously one of the biggest stars in WWE.

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