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WWE Main Event Preview 7/3

It’s Wednesday night and WWE has three brutal one-on-one matches on tap for the latest episode of WWE Main Event!

1. Christian vs. Damien Sandow

Christian finally ate a pinfall against the Shield — his first loss since returning from injury. He looks to recover some of that momentum against Damien Sandow. Both of these men are no doubt seeking strong showings, with their respective Money in the Bank ladder matches in a week and a half.

2. Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara’s been in some great matches with Antonio Cesaro lately, and as Swagger is another big dude who can go in the ring, expect more of the same. Also, Zeb Colter will surely have a few words for the WWE Universe with Independence Day tomorrow.

3. Big E Langston vs. Curt Hawkins

With the return of Dolph Ziggler and AJ winning the Divas Title, Big E has seen his screen time get reduced after his best-of-five series with Alberto Del Rio. He gets a chance here to remind fans just what it is he brings to the table (hint: it’s raw power). The Prince of Queens Curt Hawkins has his work cut out for him.

WWE Main Event Preview 6/5/13

WWE Main Event is back and bringing a bevy of brilliant bouts!

Three matches tonight:

1. Antonio Cesaro vs. Sheamus

Antonio Cesaro hasn’t done much since his promo that promised a new, more intense, more unstoppable Cesaro, but a win over the Irish Warrior would go a long way in re-establishing Cesaro as a credible threat in the WWE.

2. The Usos vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

The Usos continue to get pushed! After giving the beatdown to the Primetime Players on Monday Night, Jimmy and Jey take aim at another well-established tag team in Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. Also, will they continue wearing the facepaint?

3. Justin Gabriel vs. Curt Hawkins

The Prince of Queens makes his long-awaited return to Main Event and goes up agianst the high-flyer from South Africa.


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The full recap of WWE Superstars comes a day later than usual this week, but Roddy Piper kept us plenty busy yesterday.  But, the beauty of this show is that it’s available exclusively on and YouTube, so it can be new any day of the week!

A few solid matches on the card this week, including a rematch from last week’s main event:

Drew McIntyre vs. Sin Cara
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks vs. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd
Michael McGillicutty vs. Zack Ryder

Let’s do this.

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Will You Save the Mid Card Mafia?

If Dan Swagger didn’t make a new year’s resolution to stop covering NXT Redemption, you might have heard that on this past week’s edition, NXT General Manager William Regal “fired” both Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins.  The two were given their walking papers after Regal pitted them against each other in a “Loser Gets Fired” singles bout.

Now Reks and Hawkins have taken their cause to be rehired to Twitter.

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Matt Stryker starts us off this week and all he can do is welcome us before Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins come out to complain about how they were not prepared for competition last week.  It looks like they are about to take apart Stryker when Tyson Kidd comes out.  They jaw back and forth and Kidd says he wants more wrestling and less talking.  He throws down the gauntlet and says Reks’ is all show and no go and Stryker makes the match… Continue reading →

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