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The Coolest Picture You’ll See All Day


From today’s edition of the Roundup on the Big Lead comes a fantastic photo of the late, great, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer…riding an ATV…down the street…with what looks to be Kurt Angle in the background.

Much like the famed Andre the Giant on a ATV picture, this picture brings me great joy. If your mood isn’t improved after seeing this, consult a physician.

The Coolest Pic You’ll See All Day: The Prince Approves of Dukes Wrestling


That’s right. It’s Cody Rhodes, the Prince of Pro-Wrestling himself, generously giving @DukesWrestling his blessing.  You know Cody Rhodes?  Former two-time Intercontinental Champion, five-time Tag Team Champion, son of the American Dream, and now an accomplished director.  Being that we approve of Cody Rhodes here at CDW, we’re ecstatic to know it goes both ways.  Thank you Cody!

This picture is by far the coolest picture I’m gonna see all day.  How about you?

Follow Cody on Twitter @CodyRhodesWWE.  Be sure to check out Part 2 of Cody’s directorial debut: We The People’s Court, in which an unlikely source delivers some damning testimony against the Prince.  Watching the mockery of justice Cody is receiving in this trial from the crooked judge and bailiff, I hope he and his attorney put the whole system on trial!  Plus, stay tuned for the shocking cliffhanger that rivals anything from the Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or True Detective.  #ChiquitaBaby

The Coolest Pic You’ll See All Day: Hogan at the Performance Center


Reports have long since confirmed that Hulk Hogan had not only resigned with the WWE, but that he’s set to appear on this Monday’s Raw to hype the debut of the WWE Network.

Just in case you need visual proof of the Hulkster’s return to the company where he became a household name, here’s a shot of the Hall of Famer with the staff of the Performance Center earlier this week.

I’m so glad that he’s in full wrestling attire.  If you’re an NXT wrestler, how quickly do you discard your trousers when the Immortal One enters sporting the red and yellow.

There’s an added bonus for you WCW fans who were curious about what Norman Smiley looks like today.

The Coolest Pic You’ll See All Day

Image Credt: @FACDaniels On Twitter

Image Credt: @FACDaniels On Twitter

This is a few days late, but I have many excuses.  Pick one.

Over this past weekend, Christopher Daniels tweeted the above picture from the TNA UK Impact tapings.  He and Kazarian, dressed as the British Bulldogs for #ThrowbackThursday, and just moments from a triple threat tag team match between Bad Influence, the Bromans, and the Wolves.

A couple of takeaways here…

  1. Yes, Christopher Daniels and Frank Kazarian will be dressed as a legendary WWE tag team on an Impact Wrestling broadcast.  Here’s hoping we’ll see a lot more like this.
  2. Bad Influence remains TNA’s most valuable asset.

The Coolest Pic You Will See All Day

image via

image via

This past week posted a very interesting set of Hulk Hogan photos.  Some of them were rather run of the mill but some of them, like the picture above, were quite striking.  It’s worth the time of any life long wrestling fan to peruse them all. If you do, I assume you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did.  Hit the jump to find out what that might be… Continue reading →

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