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Dave Bautista Open to WWE Return…at Live Events

Dave Bautista was interviewed at the London premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron and dropped a nugget regarding his wrestling future.

When asked if he’d ever return to WWE, Bautista responded that he would but not to make a big splash.

“I talked to Chris Jericho who’s a good friend of mine recently, he does a lot of untelevised events, that’s all he does. I think I may take that path and try to go back and do untelevised events. With television, you’re just too locked into the scripts which I don’t think are great these days. I just want to go back and entertain the fans.”

Would you like to see Batista come back in such a capacity? Or is his star power too huge now for WWE to restrict it to live events?

Check out the whole interview above.

The Morning Roundup 2/26/15

Morning News Roundup 3

Roman Reigns Rumor Killer – PWInsider

A reddit user posted a rumor that the reason Brock Lesnar stormed out of Raw Monday due to WWE refusing to suspend Roman Reigns for a purported Wellness Policy violation.  Because people love to hate on Reigns the story took on a life of its own, so much so that WWE had to come out and respond to the “report.”  In addition to their statement to PW Insider that the rumor was untrue, Dave Meltzer backed it up by saying there was nothing to the rumor. 

Chris Jericho Starring in Sharknado 3 – With Spandex

He’s the best in the world at what he does and now what he does is fight Sharknados.  Jericho will join Tara Reid in the third installment of the SyFy original movie series.

ROH & New Japan Partner for 3 North America Shows in May – ROH

Ring of Honor’s annual partnership with New Japan for select North American super shows is back again this year.  Philadelphia will host “War of the Worlds” on May 13th and Toronto will host “Global Wars” on May 15th & 16th.


SmackDown Preview 11/14/14

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Park the double-decker bus on the stage and set up the red phone booth prop! Smackdown is LIVE (on tape) in Liverpool, England with the fallout from THE Ryback’s assault on the Authority front and center in tonight’s main event.

Slacks Kane has been tasked by Triple H & Stephanie to get payback on Ryback after the Big Guy quit Team Authority on Monday night. Ryback apparently took umbrage with Kane’s interference in his match with John Cena. Serves the Authority right honestly. If we’ve learned nothing from Ryback’s Twitter history, he changes his mind frequently. Tweet. Delete. Repeat.

Speaking of the Authority, they will be the guests of Chris Jericho in the Highlight Reel. Jericho came out earlier this week throwing his support to Team Authority at Survivor Series. Will his sympathies continue tonight?

And finally, after being Luke Harper’s sacrificial lamb to prove he’s a team player Monday on Raw, the Show Off- Dolph Ziggler will have to recover and defend the Intercontinental Championship in a triple-threat elimination match against Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (FACT).

Smackdown airs tonight at 8PM on SyFy!

Chris Jericho Backs…The Authority?

In place of Triple H, Chris Jericho joined Michael Cole for Haitch’s weekly sit down interview to discuss his appearance on the WWE’s European Tour, the return of the Highlight Reel on Friday’s SmackDown, his new book, and Team Cena versus Team Authority at Survivor Series. Turns out the Ayatollah is backing Team Authority.

Transcript courtesy of Cageside Seats:

My concern is I don’t know who takes over if Team Cena wins. I don’t want John Cena running the WWE. I know what I’ve got with Hunter and with Stephanie and, okay, sometimes they make decisions that are very selfish, but they’re also two very powerful people that have been in the business for years. Stephanie is a third generation executive, Triple H has been here since 1994, or whatever it is, and kind of studied at the right hand of Vince McMahon; so I, as much as I hope that they don’t get out of control, I still don’t want them to lose power because like I said, I don’t know who takes over. It’s better to keep your friends close but your enemies closer. At least I know what I’m dealing with The Authority and with Stephanie and with Hunter. I don’t know what I’m dealing with if Cena wins.

Wha, wha, what?  That’s not the answer I was expecting from Y2J considering he was last seen as a fan favorite losing to the Authority’s Randy Orton on his way out a few months ago. While it’s a sentiment the anti-Cena crowd will back it may not play well in the larger Cenation crowd upon his eventual return.

So what do we think, is this an earnest answer, a simple promo for Friday, or smokescreen to cover the real conspiracy…Jericho is Cena’s Fifth Man! (No, he’s probably not.)

The Day After: Raw 9/15/14


What a weirdly structured and largely uneventful Raw.

Last night’s show was “main evented” by Mark Henry’s Rally for America over Rusev instead of the main event angle of John Cena-Paul Heyman, which occurred at “halftime.” Not halftime of Raw but halftime of Monday Night Football. Was Cena watching the game on a monitor backstage and wouldn’t act until there was a break in the action? Very odd for WWE to acknowledge the competition like that.

The biggest takeaway from last night’s show (besides German Suplex #17) seemed to be the discussion of John Cena being a bully. Ultimately, the story between he and Paul Heyman played into the fact that John Cena wouldn’t give into bullying Heyman, with Heyman calling his bluff. However, for a large portion of the evening, my twitter timeline was filled with complaining that Cena was being a bully. For a company running the “Be A Star” campaign on the surface it seems like in incongruous thing but as a long time wrestling fan I thought, how is this any different from numerous babyface-manager interactions from wrestling’s past?

There’s a LONG tradition of heel managers being used and abused by babyface stars for their words and evil deeds committed by their clients.  Hogan beat up Bobby Heenan on the regular. Warrior stuffed him into a weasel suit after beating him up. Babyfaces throughout not just WWE but professional wrestling in general, have used heel managers as punching bags, so I wonder why so many were so outraged last night. Extend the analogy to comic books; heroes are regularly a-holes to villains. It is how hero stories work in American entertainment. Why should John Cena’s actions be any different?

Is it because he’s universally reviled by the internet wrestling fans? Have fans gone soft? I don’t know for sure. But I do believe that when we try to apply real world logic and real world rules to professional wrestling things stop being fun. Does Bray Wyatt really live in a secluded compound in the woods with Harper and Rowan? Do the Dust Brothers live in a nebulous black room and talk about Cosmic Keys on their off time? Is Damien Sandow really a stunt double? No, no, and no, but I enjoy losing myself in the “universe” of professional wrestling and its rules and law after a long day of work. I’d like it if social justice kept its peanut butter out of my wrestling chocolate.

It’s just a show! What are you trying to prove!  On to that show…

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