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Chris Jericho Responds to HHH’s Raw Promo


For me, one of the more surprising moments of Raw last night was when Triple H lumped Daniel Bryan in with wrestlers such as Rob Van Dam, Edge, and Chris Jericho.  To you and me, that seems like excellent company.  However, the COO implied that had any of those top stars been the face of the WWE/WWF years ago, then perhaps the WWF would have gone out of business and been absorbed by Ted Turner’s WCW.


It appears as though perhaps no one told the other “B-Plus” guys that this remark was coming.  Chris Jericho responded early this morning with the following tweet:

According to Lords of Pain, Jericho also sent the following Tweet, which was later deleted…

“Time to move on guys. Bye bye @wwe! Now time for more important things…any doubt that #DayInTheLife is the best @thebeatles song ever??”
I’ll give “A Day in the Life” to Jericho, but it would be sad if what may have been an off-the-cuff comment by Triple H causes the WWE Universe the next great return from the The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla.  
Was Triple H right or wrong in his statement?  Chris Jericho, Edge, and Rob Van Dam are all former WWE Champions, future-and-current Hall of Famers, and among the most popular and successful wrestlers ever.   However, did they ever have the full weight of the company on their backs?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or by Tweeting us @DukesWrestling.

WWE Debuts

Through out yesterday, the WWE put up some of the debuts of wrestlers who became legends of the industry.  We all know where these men went in their careers, but lets take a look at where they all started!  Ringmaster, anyone?

Mankind Debut

As he noted in his most recent career documentary, Mick Foley entered his first match in the WWE unsure what his name would be.  Like many before, and since, he was handed a list by creative with a list of possible names.  Only when Howard Finkel say, “Mankind,” did he know his true name.  I love this debut for the fact we get to see Bob “Spark Plug” Holly in his early years, and with some fantastic long hair.

Batista Debut

For this one, I had no recollection of when Batista actually debuted.  For me, he started his career in Legacy, and did not exist before that.  I had no idea who “Deacon Batista” was.  Thankfully, this role did not last long and Batista was given a chance to make a big impact on his own.  OH TESTIFY!

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140 Characters or Less- Total Divas Reactions

140 Characters

There’s a lot of opinions out there on the web this morning about last night’s Total Divas premiere on E. If you missed it, the show airs again tonight on USA after Raw. Of course, with most events in the wrestling world superstars and wrestling journalists are chiming in with their opinions on Twitter and no one more vocally than the first lady of ROH and former WWE Diva, Maria Kanellis.

For those who missed it, Maria stated recently that she was asked to return to WWE but the deal was then nixed because of the Bella Twins not wanting her to return to the Divas division. Kanellis has since held a grudge, perhaps rightfully so, with the twins and live tweeted during the show continuing to show her displeasure with the duo:

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SmackDown Preview 7/19/13

Image Credit:

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Betray your best friend and go on MizTV to brag about it because it’s FRIDAY!

SmackDown comes to you tonight from Providence, RI and WWE is following up one of the best written Raws ever with tonight’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

Vince McMahon is in the house!

First up, the CHAIRMAN is scheduled for SmackDown! Will he be in the house to comment on “Cena’s Choice” from Monday? With promising Mr. McMahon will “shake things up,” does he have another motive for his appearance on SmackDown?

Farewell, Y2J.

It’s no secret that Y2J is going on another hiatus following tonight’s show. Catch his final 2013 WWE match with the Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel.

Heyman on Miz TV

Paul Heyman joins The Miz tonight on his talk show Miz TV to discuss Brock Lesnar and CM Punk’s epic scuffle Monday on Raw. After the laundry list of injuries reported for the Second City Saint, Heyman will surely be there to gloat about his once best friend’s misfortune.

Damien Sandow: Mr. Money in the Bank

The Duke of Decency, the intellectual savior of the masses, Damien Sandow will comment for the first time tonight on his victory this past Sunday and we’re told try to mend fences with his best friend Cody Rhodes. Not a good time to have best friends in WWE.

Hit the jump for the full card of action:

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Jericho Done for ’13

Instant classics involving Y2J like the one discussed by Sammy Dreamer this morning may not be in our near future. Yesterday on his twitter account Chris Jericho indicated he may be done in WWE for 2013 after Friday’s SmackDown to go on tour with his band Fozzy.

Fozzy is on tour in Europe through the rest of the summer and in the US in September and October. Now, plans change so never say never. Guys get injured, dumptrucks full of money get backed up to peoples houses. But for now, it’s a sad day for all us Jericholics.

His latest run began with his surprise appearance in the 2013 Royal Rumble and will end with his match with Curtis Axel on this week’s edition of Friday Night Smackdown. Jericho hasn’t ruled out a return to WWE. In an interview with Busted Open Radio (via PW Torch), the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla explained his sabbaticals:

“It’s important for me to take time away because – I seem to be pretty bullet-proof – but after 23 years of taking bumps, I could probably just explode into a puff of dust at any time. So, it’s good to have that time away to kind of rejuvenate, and mentally, too. I know a lot of fans don’t like it, but tough luck. I’m happy to be doing as much as I’ve been doing. I worked 80 shows this year, which is about eight times as many as The Rock and Brock Lesnar did. But, they’re not complaining about those guys; they’ll complain about me.”

No complaints from the CDW crew, Mongoose. Thanks for the great matches in 2013! Get rejuvenated and let’s hope we get a Y2J return in 2014.

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