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The Morning Roundup 6/26/14


Jinder Mahal Opens Up About Release –

One of the most recent talents released from WWE sat down for an interview with Slam Wrestling this week. The main theme of the interview, both Jinder and former tag team partner and fellow unemployed talent Drew McIntyre, are looking for work wherever they can find it. They’re open to both ROH and New Japan. Hopefully we will see the return of 2MB sometime in the near future.

Heyman Explains CM Punk’s Exit – Talk Is Jericho

Paul Heyman was featured on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and opened up about exactly why CM Punk left the WWE Universe crying in the streets. I highly recommend listening to this one. The reason: he lost his passion. Plain and simple. All I know is, if I looked like this and was married to that, I’d be spending more and more time at home and less time at work too.

D-Bry on MITB Kickoff –

For the first time since being stripped of his titles due to injury, Daniel Bryan will be appearing on the MITB kickoff show this Sunday on the WWE Network to answer fan questions and speak out against The Authorities action’s as of late. Hopefully we will also get an injury update and possible return time. I miss the bearded little guy. And just in case you do too, hopefully this will hold you over.

The Night’s Watch – Rumors on Returns and Debuts


The Latest on Hulk Hogan - Wrestlezone reports, per PWInsider, that a deal is in place for Hulk Hogan to return to the WWE very soon.  The WWE Hall of Famer and former Impact Wrestling GM was in Las Vegas last week when the WWE made the huge announcement about the Network.  Apparently the original plan was for Hogan to appear, but the WWE thought better of it, not wanting the return of Hogan after a 6+ year absence to overshadow the Network’s unveiling.

There are strong expectations for Hulk Hogan to appear at Wrestlemania XXX in some shape or form.  However, given his recent history of back surgeries, I’ll be surprised if a leg is dropped in New Orleans.  That said, if Rowdy Roddy Piper has his way…

Edwards and Richards to TNA? - You may have heard recently that WWE passed on independents stand-outs Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards.  A common rumor cited has to do with the size of the two veterans.  If new rumors hold to be true, the tandem known as the American Wolves could be heading to TNA.  How soon could they be popping up on Spike?  TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted out the following message a few days ago…

Jericho to Return Again? - Jericho surprised all of us with his return at the 2013 Royal Rumble.  Right now, it’s highly doubtful that Y2J will go that route again, but according to the Winnipeg Sun, “Chris Jericho is bringing the WWE to Winnipeg.”  Let’s put this under the “incredibly tentative rumor” column.  Perhaps Jericho is just planning on making a one-off return; perhaps the Sun just didn’t get the memo that the first ever undisputed champion is no longer with the company.  Or, maybe Jericho is gearing up for a return to take him through Wrestlemania.

The WWE Winnipeg edition of Monday Night Raw is on March 7, 2014.  For those doing the math at home, that’s about a month before WM 30.

The Morning Roundup 12/11/13


Better late than never.

Full List of Slammy Winners – Wrestling101

In case you missed it, a full list of 2013 Slammy Winners is now available.  This may require a full post to pick apart later.  Biggest upset of nominations: “Paul, say something stupid” does not win Quote of the Year.  Smark comment: Cesaro-Zayn III was clearly robbed of a MOTY nomination. 

Cesaro’s Face Turn? – LOP

Speaking of the Swiss Superman… Lords of Pain relays from The Wrestling Observer that Antonio Cesaro could be getting closer to a face turn.  There’s no word on whether he’d break away from the Real Americans to do so, though one would imagine that would be a given.  Hopefully his face turn won’t involve yodeling.

Y2J interviews Stone Cold – WZ

Chris Jericho’s inaugural “Talk is Jericho” podcast featured none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.  The two talked about their time in WCW, Austin leaving rather than jobbing to Brock, and of course, whether there will be one more match.  Austin’s response to the final question was a long “no,” with maybe just a pinch of wiggle-room.  Austin cited numerous factors, but one of the biggest ones was creative freedom.  Stone Cold said that 10-15 years ago, he had a great deal of liberty in what he did on-screen, and he’s not sure it would be the same now.  The folks at Wrestlezone were kind enough to type up a transcript, so be sure to check that out.


Saturday Morning Roundup – Y2J’s “TWI”

Morning News RoundUp 1

Jericho Was Tweeting-While-IntoxicatedLOP

A few weeks ago on Raw, Triple H made a harsh statement in a promo, comparing Daniel Bryan to other big names who were never “the guy,” such as Edge, Rob Van Dam, and Chris Jericho.  Jericho responded with a pair of late night Tweets firing back at the on-screen COO.  One of the tweets, late deleted, made it sound like Y2J was through with the WWE altogether.

It now makes sense that the Tweets were sent around 2am, a time after which nothing good happens.  In a recent interview, Jericho admitted to maybe having one too many prior to responding.  I think we can all relate.

“The funny thing was, had I not been drinking Grey Goose vodka and not been completely loaded when I heard about it, I wouldn’t have bothered tweeting about it but I was like, “Screw him, I’m going to tweet back . . . I don’t feel that way and never did feel that way. It’s funny, throughout our careers Triple H and I were almost at the same level, we were always the guy that worked with The Guy. Triple H is a huge star, one of the greatest of all time but also never really The Guy. Who has been The Guy over the last 10 years? I can think of three – The Rock, Stone Cold and John Cena.”

TNA First Round; Return to Orlando - Wrestlezone

The first round of the tournament for the vacant TNA World Title will consist of Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin, James Storm vs. Bobby Roode, Magnus vs. Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries.

Its rumored that TNA may be planning a Turning Point “live and free” event for their return to Orlando with the 11/21 tapings.  That could feature the crowning of a new World Champion, as well as perhaps the return of the “real” World Champion in AJ Styles.

Jake Roberts Wants TNA - Blankman Inc.

In a recent interview, Jake “The Snake” Roberts stated that he would attempt to use crowd-sourcing to buy the majority share of TNA if Panda Energy puts its stake up for sale.  When asked if the wrestling organization should go up for sale, Roberts responded with the following:

God, it needs to. I mean, I watched for 10, 12, 15 years, however long it’s been out there and they suck. I guarantee you if I get the opportunity, in a matter of six months I’ll be pissing Vince McMahon off. My numbers will beat his, I guarantee you that.

Snake recently moved out of DDP’s Accountability Crib, although he says he still maintains a close relationship with Page.  Roberts has also been actively campaigning online for a spot in the 2014 Royal Rumble in January.

“But I’m Chris Jericho!”- New Web Series from Y2J

Chris Jericho has been gracing the pages of CDW a lot these past two days and his reign continues with the announcement of a new webisode series for Canadian cable network, ActionTV, But I’m Chris Jericho!

Premiering October 29th on and Action TV’s YouTube Channel, the 10-webisode show is a comedy following a fictionalized version of Jericho, starting his life over with the goal of becoming the greatest actor of all time. Here’s more of the 411 from the press release:

Despite being on top in the wrestling ring, Chris now clings to the bottom of the acting rung, and must try to contain his frustrations in the face of absurdities in the entertainment industry, as well as the ineptitude of well-intentioned supporters. Also featured in the web series is Andy Kindler (Bob’s Burgers, Last Comic Standing) as Chris’s bumbling agent, Phil Blank and Canadian comedy legend Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall) as Chris’s over-the-top acting teacher, A.J. Mirkin.

The website is also promising an interactive media experience with hashtag contests and bonus content filling the site on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, supplementing the episodes which premiere on Tuesdays.

I have to say it doesn’t look too shabby. Jericho definitely has comedy and improv chops from his years in sports entertainment. Filling out the cast with known comedy names like Kindler and Thompson bodes well for the quality of the show as well, IMO. In the new television landscape, the decision to twitter hashtags into an online contest experience is a clever way to promote buzz for the show. Viewers will compete for points and badges for the tweets that get the most votes, aggregated by the website. And if Get Glue, Foursquare, and Untappd are any indication, people love badges.

Check out the full press release: HERE.

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