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Global Force Wrestling’s First Roster Reveal


Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling began revealing some of its roster of wrestler for their upcoming television taping at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here’s who we know is involved so far:

  • “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows
  • The “Killer Elite Squad,” Lance Hoyt and Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Chris “The Adonis” Mordetsky (formerly Chris Masters)
  • South African sensation PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel)
  • Ring of Honor’s Quinn “Moose” Ojinnaka
  • Lei’D Tapa
  • Thea Trinidad (formerly Rosita with TNA)
  • And finally, Chael Sonnen was announced as a television analyst for the promotion.

Global Force Wrestling’s first television tapings will take place on Friday, July 24; Friday, August 21; and Friday, October 23.

So what do we thnk about the lineup so far?

The Morning Roundup 2/5/15

Morning News RoundUp 2

NXT Takeover Card – WWE

The NXT Takeover: Rival card is set following last night’s NXT broadcast. In addition to Owens vs. Zayn, we now know that Finn Balor will meet Adrian Neville for the #1 Contender’s spot to the NXT Title.  There will also be a Women’s Championship 4-way, an NXT Tag Titles rematch, and a No DQ match between Baron Corbin & Bull Dempsey.  It’s looking like Hideo Itami versus Tyler Breeze will be added to a card after a post show video was posted featuring Breeze attacking Itami.  Breeze lost to Itami in the first round of the contenders tournament.

Chael Sonnen & Wanderlei Silva invited to WrestleMania 31 Weekend – TSN

In an appearance on TSN’s Off the Record, Chael Sonnen said that WWE has invited Silva and himself to a meeting during the WrestleMania festivities in Santa Clara, CA.  Sonnen didn’t say what the talk would be about or if Silva had accepted their invitation.

El Patron debuts for Lucha Underground – Twitter

Alberto El Patron (formerly Del Rio) made his first appearance in a backstage segment at the end of last night’s Lucha Underground.  His first in-ring work for the company won’t be airing for a few more weeks, but it looks like he should be a big part of the backstage/Dario Cueto story lines for now.

Chael Sonnen on CM Punk, Pro Wrestling


One of the most colorful characters in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, Chael Sonnen appeared on 106.7 The Fan DC this afternoon to talk with our own Chad Dukes about his upcoming UFC 167 co-main event Fight with Rashad Evans. During the course of the interview, Sonnen was asked about his friend, the Best in the World, CM Punk. Sonnen had some interesting speculation about Punk’s involvement in jiu-jitsu:

“Yea, it’s good man. I mean, he’s given some serious consideration to coming over here and competing and doing this. He’s talked about it a number of times, and I don’t’ think he will personally, but I know he’s prepared to for a very long time. It’s kind of the reverse Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar knew how to wrestle, came here and then went right into wrestling. I think that Punk is learning how to fight, and has visions of coming from wrestling over to fighting. So we’ll see how all that works out, but like he says, he’s the best in the world at what he does.”

Sonnen also talked about receiving offers from the sports entertainment world:

“No, you know I’ve been offered that and those guys have all called and I’ve talked to em but, I’m not for sale.  I’ve made my decision a long time ago and my loyalty is to Dana White and that’s never going to change.”

If you’re interested in checking out the full interview click on over to 106.7 The Fan DC RIGHT HERE.

The Morning Roundup – 2/28/12

How about Raw last night? The beginning and end were phenomenal and what was in between wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, bad.  It truly is the Wrestlemania season.  The Rock’s promo will be featured at the bottom of the article.

What Happened After RAW, Big UFC Fighter At RAW & More – SEScoops

After the epic finish to RAW last night with The Rock and Cena confronting each other, Cena came back out for ANOTHER dark match against Kane.  Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment to finish Kane off and win the match.  Meanwhile, Chael Sonnen — a Portland, Oregon native — was at Raw and even texted JR to let him know how much fun he was having.

JR & Bret Hart Praise CM Punk & Chris Jericho, Rock’s Notes on His Wrist, More – Lords of Pain

All praise be to Punk and Jericho! Those two killed it last night.  I feel like I’m wasting space by saying the match is going to be incredible, we all know it’s going to be.  But I said it, and there’s nothing you can do about it now.  Man, when Cena referenced those notes it got uncomfortable.  You could tell The Rock was caught off guard by being called out by the notes.  Here’s a good picture, but I couldn’t make out what they said.  LOP readers seem to have figured it out though:

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CM Punk talks Chael Sonnen, Brock Lesnar

With a title defense upcoming at the Royal Rumble, CM Punk has been a busy WWE Champion. First was the interview calling his former girlfriend a “douchebag”. Now comes a less controversial, but still interesting  talk with

CM Punk talked at length this week with’s Ariel Helwani about a myriad of MMA topics including Chael Sonnen, fighters who have started to use pro-wrestling style promos, best MMA talkers, Brock Lesnar, and also squeezes in a cheap plug for Royal Rumble . Check the interview out HERE and check out more after the jump.

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