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Impact Wrestling – Red, White, and Blue Throwdown

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Episodes of Impact Wrestling have been taped through roughly mid-2016.  That said, tonight’s preview is spoiler-free.

New Guy-In-Charge Kurt Angle has promised tonight would be a Red, White, and Blue Throwdown.  No word on whether that’s just a subtitle to tonight’s Impact, or if there’s a special match to take place.  If so, that match still wouldn’t outshine tonight’s main event, in which Eric Young gets his rematch against champion Bobby Lashley.

Maybe the Throwdown is the world title match?

Also on the show –

  • Bobby Roode returns to the active roster after another hiatus from television, this one only five weeks long.  He joins the line of faces who look to get a shot at Lashley – EY, Samoa Joe, and Austin Aries among them.  His opponent for tonight has not yet been announced.
  • Bully Ray looks to end the undefeated streak of EC3 and cross another name off his list, as he enters a Tables Match with Carter.
  • Angelina Love defends the KO strap against Gail Kim.


The Night’s Watch – Emma, TNA, and a WWE Star Near Retirement

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The day’s winding down, so the Surveyors On The Sofa bring you a few tidbits which you may have missed today.

Emma Arrested, Sentenced, Released – You may have heard that WWE Diva Emma missed Raw yesterday due to an arrest concerning a discounted iPad case, and a Walmart self-checkout isle.  The former NXT standout’s lawyers said that this was simply a mistake, that she simply forgot it was in her cart (or something to that effect).  If true, then this sounds like something that could happen to about anyone.  It looks like Connecticut may employ Judge Dredd, though – Emma has already been sentenced to one day of community service and released.  That was fast.  According to F4W (per Wrestling Inc), the WWE sees this as not a big deal.

I wonder if Santino knows this is the reason that his broad missed his party?

Santino Thinking Of Calling It A Career – Speaking of Santino, Wrestlezone reports that the former IC Champion may be getting ready for the next phase of his career.  Santino is unlikely to be used in any serious manner going forward, and as a result of that (plus a decade of wear-and-tear), he may be getting ready to stuff the sock back into his pants for good.  Marella is reportedly interested in sticking with the WWE in a non-wrestling fashion, though.  If he is given a significant speaking role, let’s hope the WWE lets him drop the goofy accent, a courtesy they once extended to a certain non-Jamaican competitor.

TNA Hijacks #RAW – In an interesting move, TNA piggy-backed the WWE’s #RAW hash-tag last night to promote the upcoming episodes of Impact that were taped in NYC.  Kudos to the #2 (arguably #3) wrestling organization in North America for getting creative with their advertising.  These episodes are especially important to TNA, which hopes to procure a new deal with Spike later this year, so every little bit helps.

The following Tweet by TNA and ROH star Matt Hardy was RT’d by the main TNA handle…

Bully Ray also chimed in…

Impact Wrestling Preview: Post Slammiversary ’14


Okay, TNA.  You have my attention.  Color me “intrigued.”

On a live edition of Impact Wrestling, which still happen from time-to-time, wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer will appear to confront Dixie Carter concerning Bully Ray not being allowed to fulfill a recent obligation of appearing at a Dreamer “House of Hardcore” show.  Yes, 99 percent chance is that this just serves to further the Dixie-Bully feud, and we’ll see something like EC3 decimating the innovator of violence.  However, if (IF) the brass of TNA were smart, just give Dreamer a live mic first.  Let him say his piece.  Let’s make believe that wild and unpredictable things can once again happen on Spike TV on Thursday evenings.

In other news, your reigning and defending Heavyweight Champion of the World, Eric Young, has once again declared that he’ll be a fighting champion.  Young, who successfully defended his strap against Bobby Lashley and Austin Aries at Slammiversary earlier this week, will defend his title tonight against an opponent hand-picked by MVP.  The DWO has been soliciting suggestions on Twitter, but the opportunity is likely to go to Kenny King or Lashley.  Or both.

The show will otherwise feature fallout from Slammiversary – development after victories by Carter, Love, Sanada, and more.  The return of Taryn Terrell will also be featured.

Hot Topic Alert: We should also hear a push concerning the controversial fan poll about whether TNA should go back to a six-sided ring full-time.  My feeling is that TNA would like to make the move just to shake things up, but would like to empower the fans in the process.  Given that some wrestlers, including EC3 and Austin Aries, have spoken out against the change, it’d be interesting to see if wrestlers are allowed to give pros and cons on the issue.  The voting ends after Impact tonight, and if a change will be made, it will be next week.   Make sure you download the TNA App to vote.  Tune-in tonight; Tenay will inform you how to turn-on your smart phone.

TNA Slammiversary Results


Looks like TNA Wrestling had a good one last night. After the string of bad news involving house show attendance and changed main events, TNA Wrestling’s 12th Anniversary show, Slammiversary in Dallas, TX was a well attended fun show. Maybe the Impact Zone should shift to Dallas full-time?

Let’s rundown your results:

Sanada retained the X-Division Championship over Tigre Uno, Manik, Crazy Steve, Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards in a Ladder Match. Biggest high spot in this one was Davey Richards taking a sunset flip powerbomb onto a ladder. Ouch.

Bobby Lashley pinned Samoa Joe with a Spear to advance to the Triple Threat Cage Match. 

-Magnus (with Bram) defeated Willow (with Abyss). 

Team 3D were announced as the newest members of the TNA Hall of Fame by Kurt Angle. 

-Austin Aries defeated Kenny King with a middle-rope brainbuster to advance to the Triple Threat Cage Match.

-Ross & Marshall Von Erich defeated DJ Zema Ion & Bro Man Jesse via DQ. Kinda weird they didn’t let the Von Erich’s go over clean here in Dallas, unless this was a one-off appearance. If you don’t know why the Von Erichs in Dallas are a big deal, check out two fine wrestling docs, The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling and Heroes of World Class WrestlingFather Kevin Von Erich hit the ring afterwards to give Zema the Von Erich Iron Claw.

-Angelina Love retained over Gail Kim with the help of referee Brian Stiffler in the Knockouts Championship match. 

-Ethan Carter III beat Bully Ray in a Texas Death Match after Bully went through two tables on the outside. Naturally, lots of interference from Rockstar Spud & Dixie Carter. I will give TNA this, ECIII and Spud are two of the most underrated pieces the company has going for them.

-Mr. Anderson pinned James Storm with the help of George Selvie of the Dallas Cowboys. 

-Eric Young retained the TNA World Championship over Austin Aries & Bobby Lashley in a Steel Cage Match. Young did a Cena impression, Fireman’s carry/Death Valley Driver slamming both opponents at the same time and hitting a nice elbow off the cage.  Lashley took himself out of the match with a spear through the cage allowing Young to win with the piledriver. I guess it wasn’t escape the cage rules.

The Morning Roundup 6/16/14

Morning News RoundUp 2

Mick Foley Teams Up With Chad Dukes –

In case you missed it, Dude Love himself talked with our very own Chad Dukes on Chad Dukes Versus the World Friday night. The audio is available as well as highlights of the interview. Mankind touches on a little bit of everything, from The Shield to the Redskins to family photos. Mick Foley will be appearing at the DC Improv on June 17th and June 19th. The June 19th show is SOLD OUT, but you can still get tickets to the June 17th Show HERE.

Team 3D to be Inducted – SEScoops

If you didn’t happen to catch Slammiversary VII last night on PPV (and I’m sure not many of you did), it was announced Devon and Bully Ray will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame later this year. Makes sense, with their decorated history in multiple promotions. My only question, what took so long?

WWE Power Rankings –

You know the drill. A few movements of note, John Cena took the #1 spot from Evolution, The Shield moves up to #4 and bumps The Wyatts down to #5, and Seth Rollins climbs to #3. The only glaring error in the list is #20, the amazing Bo Dallas. He should be at least top 3. All you have to do is Bo-lieve.

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