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The Mania Weekend Roundup…So Far


Like the rare Ivory Billed Woodpecker, it’s a special weekend edition of the Morning Roundup bringing you some of the highlights of what’s gone down so far during WrestleMania Weekend.

NXT Takeover: Orlando Results – WWE

NXT held another highly regarded Takeover Special last night at the Amway Center in Orlando which saw all three NXT Championships defended. Say what you will about their week-to-week show, the Takeover Specials are almost always impeccably booked and paced.

Drew McIntyre Returns…to NXT – Wrestling Observer

Shortly after being seen in the crowd at NXT Takeover and missing a match at the WWN Live Supershow, Drew Galloway aka Drew McIntyre announced he has signed with NXT and is targeting the NXT Championship.

Supercard of Honor Results – Wrestling Inc

Ring of Honor held it’s Supercard of Honor show headlined by a Ladder Match which saw the Bucks of Youth defeat the Broken Hardys to regain their Superkick Titles and the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships. Worth noting, the Hardys put over the Bucks in a big way on the microphone post-match, calling them the best team they’ve ever faced and closed with Jeff singing they’ll “fade away and classify ourselves as obsolete.” Add some fuel to the Hardys to WWE fire…

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WWE SummerSlam & NXT Takeover Results


Two of the biggest events of the WWE calendar took over Brooklyn, NY this weekend, let’s run through the results, and get you ready for 7 more hours of WWE action this week.

WWE SummerSlam

-Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton via TKO

Well, on the bright side, it doesn’t get much more definitive than a knockout victory.  On the down side, this match ending was shockingly abrupt for a PPV main event.

Lesnar won the match after Orton kicked out of an F5 near fall, causing Lesnar to snap and mount Orton for some ground and pound.  After catching Orton with an elbow strike, blood began to pour from the Viper’s head onto the canvas as he lay motionless.  After being checked on by doctors and some more ground and pound, the match was stopped.   Following the match Shane McMahon confronted Lesnar, eating an F5 into the pool of Orton’s blood.

It was certainly a unique and “real” finish but not sure something that should be the culmination of a weekend of events and a 6 hour show.  I would have preferred something more feel good to wrap things up, be it Rollins/Bálor’s to push the importance of the Universal Title, AJ Styles’ win over John Cena to send the “smarky” crowd home happy, or Dean Ambrose’s win to keep up the idea that SmackDown’s championship is important.

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The Morning Roundup 8/8/16


Benjamin’s Return on Hold – WrestleZone

The return of Shelton Benjamin to WWE & SmackDown Live has been put on hold due to a serious shoulder injury. From the sound of his Tweets announcing the injury, a torn rotator cuff was discovered by WWE doctors.

Ryback Officially Gone from WWE – Pro Wrestling Sheet

While he’s still on the WWE roster page, the Big Guy has set fire to any bridges back to the WWE.  Ryback posted a video on his Instagram wishing the WWE the best in their future endeavors and plugged several new ventures and a website launching today.

#GloriousBomb – WWE

Newest NXT roster members Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa have posted a series of videos in which they “#GloriousBomb” Bobby Roode with his new theme song. The one in Roode’s hotel room might be my favorite.


The Morning Roundup 8/4/16


Roode Makes NXT TV Debut – WWE

He’s been making live event appearances for months but former TNA World Champion Bobby Roode finally made his television debut last night with a “glorious” theme song reminiscent of Christian’s early singles theme song and proclaiming himself the new face of NXT.

Gargano vs. Ciampa – WWE

The final match of the first round of the Cruiserweight Classic might have been its best match so far as NXT tag team partners Johnny Gargano took on Tomasso Ciampa. Check out some highlights above and the full match on the network.  Also, be on the look out for a Cruiserweight Championship Round 1 update coming soon to the site.

Rhyno Wins Primary – For the Win

While participating in Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, Rhyno won a three-way Republican primary for the 15th district seat in the Michigan House of Representatives.


The Morning Roundup 4/4/16


Going to try to hit a lot of news items this morning from Mania weekend, so strap in for an over-sized Roundup!

WrestleMania Backstage Interviews – YouTube

Hear from Sasha Banks, Shaq, Baron Corbin, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Paul Heyman and more after their matches on last night’s show.

NXT Takeover Results – WWE

WrestleMania weekend kicked off with a bang on Friday night with another excellent NXT Takeover special featuring two title changes, the debut of Shinsuke Nakamura in a Match of the Year candidate, and an excellent main event brawl for the NXT Title.

Kevin Owens’ WrestleMania Story – Twitter

On the day of his first KO Mania, Kevin Owens shared an emotional message to his parents, wife and children on Twitter. Hard not to root for KO if you weren’t already on his bandwagon after reading this. Here’s hoping he’s okay after that brutal ladder match last night.

Bobby Roode Spotted with NXT Talents – WrestleZone

Jumping back to Takeover, after being front row for Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe, former TNA World Champion Bobby Roode was spotted in the background of a picture taken by NXT talent Nia Jax on the NXT Bus headed towards WrestleMania. Speculate away, marks.

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