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Z! True Long Island Story: Ep #58

@00:30, THAT’s how you start a WWE web series. We don’t need a helmet, we all know Dolph Ziggler scores.

Ah right back to the wacky bits. Last episode, the mid week bonus, was a 3 minute long promo for Ryder to be a part of the GM vs GM match at Wrestlemania 28. Which in turn makes sense for the next episode to immediately get back to pandering.

Curt Hawkins has been making regular appearances on Z!TLIS, now feuding with Scott Stanford over the legitimacy of the walking cane gimmick. Ryder had one following his injury angle, and has since gifted it to Stanford who quipped “this cane actually appeared on RAW.”  Which leads to the best rib of the show.

Follow it all up with a “Trent Baretta is missing” bit, and an entirely too long AreYouSiriusBro music segment with a pretty funny cameo ending, and that’s another 8 minutes in the bag.

Z! True Long Island Story: Ep #56

Zack is upright again, shedding the neck and back brace and rivaling the likes of Mr Fuji as the most racially sterotyped wrestling character to sport a cane on TV. The #MidcardMafia makes an appearance to file gimmick infringement on behalf of Curt Hawkins, but that bit kind of flops all together.

More of the standard story line recap, followed by a plug for the new Zack Ryder “Statue of Li-Bro-Tee” shirt. Apparently it is among the augmented reality merchandise line.

@4:56 Finally. The show get’s stolen. It’s official, starting right now every writer at CDWS has mandatory #emptystomachcardio to do every day. Get to it, marks.

Z! True Long Island Story: Ep #55

Is it me, or did Mr Belding gain 80lbs completely under his chin and then use it to insert himself into sub-par WWE story lines?

I am so damn sick of having to wait over 60 seconds for the segment that has absolutely stolen this internet show: #AskTheHeel! Great rib on the Miz and and few on himself. Ryder and Ziggler over a 4 month period elevated the US Title to a new height, making what used to be a simple place holder into a position with heat behind it. The fans liked them together, I say insert Curt Hawkins into the mix and you finally have an entertaining and engaging mid card again, sans the mafia.

The puns on the Kayfabe Tshirt may have fallen flat, but interesting move writing notes on his own sales pitch on his wrist.

Z! True Long Island Story: Ep 50 – Breaking Broski News!

With Zack Ryder written off WWE programming in an injury angle for the second time in 2 weeks, my fears have come true. Episode 50 of Z!TLIS is opening with Chiapetta. Like I’ve said, I want to like him. But… Oh man I just became a HUGE Big O mark. Amazing shoulder smash.

Apparently all the reports of the WWE downplaying Ryder’s involvement in current and future story lines have just been debunked. Major news after the jump!

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