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The Morning Roundup 8/18/16


Alberto Del Rio Suspended – WWE

Paige Suspended – WWE

Alberto Del Rio and Paige have both been suspended for 30 days for violations of the company’s wellness policy.  What makes the suspensions doubly interesting is that the pair have been romantically linked in recent months and reports that Del Rio has been unhappy with his position in the company.  Paige, drafted to the Raw brand, has been out of action dealing with injuries and Del Rio has been competing on the SmackDown brand as recently as this past Tuesday.

Storm’s TNA Status – WrestleZone

Multiple live reports from the final night of TNA television tapings are reporting that James Storm told the live audience after a One Night Only match with Bram he was wrapping up his time with TNA and teasing you’ll see him down the road “with a friend of his.”  Storm rejoined TNA in January after a brief run in NXT.  However, he is the part of an angle this coming Thursday where he clashes with management so as always, keep your BS detectors on high alert.

Triple H Conference Call –

Triple H held another NXT conference call with the media last night and revealed a few interesting nuggets:

  • The presentation of the cruiserweight division will be “different”, he’s not looking to sign all the talents for the division at once, and talents will work Raw, NXT, & NXT live events.
  • He’s fine with signing NXT talents to contracts that allow them to work in other companies (think Austin Aries’ deal) but he wants Raw’s cruiserweight talents to be exclusive to WWE.
  • Shawn Michaels is still deciding if he will move to Florida to be a full-time NXT instructor.


Money In The Bank 2016 Results


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WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns with The Pedigree

Money In The Bank Cash-In for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins with Dirty Deeds

For the second time in seven months, a Money in the Bank cash-in has ended a new champion’s ever so brief reign.

Dean Ambrose cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase won earlier in the evening to become the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion after immediately after Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns in a 25+ minute match to re-capture the championship he didn’t lose.  While the crowd, predictably wasn’t into a match predominately controlled by “The Guy,” both Reigns and Rollins did great here, highlighted by a bonkers Spear-turned-Pedigree spot towards the end of the match. Rollins nailed a second pedigree for the title win.  Which then cued, Dean Ambrose making good on his threat to cash-in should he win the Money in the Bank contract.  Ambrose, echoing the chair shot which shattered the Shield, came in hit Rollins with the briefcase from behind to signal his cash-in.  One Dirty Deeds later, the Lunatic Fringe was champion.

Ambrose’s win comes a year after losing in a photo finish to Seth Rollins at last year’s Money in the Bank title match and marks all three members of the Shield holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, on the same night no less.

VIDEO: Ambrose’s First Interview as WWE World Champion via WWE

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The Day After: WWE TLC 2015


A red-hot post main event beat down and tremendous opening tag title match highlighted last night’s TLC extravaganza from Boston.  Let’s run down the results.

TLC Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns with the help of the League of Nations

Despite the frustrating viewing experience of the live crowd trying to crap all over a main event they paid to see live with pointless chants, I really enjoyed this match.  What worked best about this is it followed a recent trend in WWE ladder and TLC matches I really dig: beating the hell out of each other, then go get the belt.  I always hated the silly race up the ladder dynamics that some ladder matches would have in the past and Reigns and Sheamus did a good job using the plunder at their disposal to incapacitate their opponent before even attempting to grab the belt.

Late in the match after knocking Sheamus off the Ladder with a Superman punch, Reigns seemed poised to win when Rusev & Del Rio stormed the ring giving Sheamus a second opportunity.  Reigns was able to escape but ultimately fell to a Brogue Kick that sent him to the outside and Sheamus up the ladder to victory.

After the match… Roman Reigns snapped.  Spearing the League of Nations duo, with Sheamus on their shoulders, and then decimating the three with vicious chair shots.  An army of referees and the Authority unsuccessfully tried to rescue the WWE Champion, which further enraged the defeated challenger, nailing the Celtic Warrior again with the chair before turning his attention to the Game.  With Superman punches, chair shots, a powerbomb, and a final goodbye spear, Roman Reigns unleashed the frustration of being screwed out of the WWE Championship twice in two months and had the snarky Boston crowd screaming “Thank You Roman” to close the show.

While I’m sure tonight’s RAW crowd in Philly will still crap all over Reigns this was a perfect scenario to get him way over with the majority of the fanbase.  People have been clamoring for the intense, no-nonsense, short on words Reigns from the Shield days and finally, the evolution of that guy may be emerging.  He can handle himself in the ring, I’m done with those who can’t see that, so the next piece that has to be finalized is locking down his persona. Reigns doesn’t need to be good on the mic, cracking jokes like the Rock or grinning like John Cena vowing to try his hardest next time when he can be the silent ass kicker.  Reigns was a powder keg waiting to explode after the events of 2015, from WrestleMania to Survivor Series, this outburst was building.  Tonight was the perfect example of the version of Roman Reigns we need.

An added layer to the Reigns-HHH beatdown: you now have a storyline excuse for the Authority to possibly bar Reigns from the Royal Rumble.  With a “sure thing” removed, combined with Sheamus as champion, it adds a layer of unpredictability to who may emerge with the WrestleMania title match AND avoid the crowd reaction problems of the last two Rumbles.

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The Day After: Survivor Series 2015


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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, twice over, following the close of last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view spectacular.

The 2015 Survivor Series was an overall fun show with two hot opening matches followed by a frenetic tournament ending featuring a Money in the Bank cash-in.  If I had any nits to pick, it would probably be that I wished more of the tournament was included on the pay-per-view.  While some of us bemoan the lack of elimination matches on the card every year, removing it and a few other middle card bouts and focusing the show around the title, with the outstanding quarterfinal matches from Raw moved to this show, in conjunction with the Undertaker’s anniversary could have taken it from just a decent show to home run show.  However, no matter what happens in the network era, you can’t beat the $9.99 price tag.

Let’s start with the biggest focus of the night, the big gold and jewel encrusted championship.

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The Morning Roundup 2/5/15

Morning News RoundUp 2

NXT Takeover Card – WWE

The NXT Takeover: Rival card is set following last night’s NXT broadcast. In addition to Owens vs. Zayn, we now know that Finn Balor will meet Adrian Neville for the #1 Contender’s spot to the NXT Title.  There will also be a Women’s Championship 4-way, an NXT Tag Titles rematch, and a No DQ match between Baron Corbin & Bull Dempsey.  It’s looking like Hideo Itami versus Tyler Breeze will be added to a card after a post show video was posted featuring Breeze attacking Itami.  Breeze lost to Itami in the first round of the contenders tournament.

Chael Sonnen & Wanderlei Silva invited to WrestleMania 31 Weekend – TSN

In an appearance on TSN’s Off the Record, Chael Sonnen said that WWE has invited Silva and himself to a meeting during the WrestleMania festivities in Santa Clara, CA.  Sonnen didn’t say what the talk would be about or if Silva had accepted their invitation.

El Patron debuts for Lucha Underground – Twitter

Alberto El Patron (formerly Del Rio) made his first appearance in a backstage segment at the end of last night’s Lucha Underground.  His first in-ring work for the company won’t be airing for a few more weeks, but it looks like he should be a big part of the backstage/Dario Cueto story lines for now.

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