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WWE Announces Preliminary Buyrate for Wrestlemania XXVIII

This afternoon via an article on their site and a press release, WWE announced that Wrestlemania 28 generated $67 Million dollars in gross revenue through 1.3 Million Pay-Per-View purchases. The event which aired in 20 languages in 105 countries has, “…set new records for pay-per-view buys and gross sales.” That’s got to be good news for the WWE which spent over a year promoting the “Once in a Lifetime” match between John Cena and The Rock. Given those numbers I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing The Rock back in the main event next year, especially considering he’s already said he intends to be back. Good for the WWE, if I recall correctly they were somewhat disappointed in the buyrate for Survivor Series since they had done extra marketing for The Rock’s first official match in years. I’d assume that was probably more a result of people knowing his “real” match would be at ‘Mania. While I haven’t seen a Wrestlemania on PPV in a few years (because I’ve been, you know, attending them in person) it’s good to see that for many non-fans and lapsed fans, Wrestlemania is still a must-see event.

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