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10 Thoughts on Raw From Dukes 1/5/15

Raw is War!

Hey now! Happy New Year, friendos! Thanks for checking out Chad Dukes Wrestling! These are my ramblings about the most recent episode of the WWE’s flagship show.  I write them as the show proceeds, so if they are rambling and not entertaining, it’s because I don’t check my work. =)  – CD

1) John Cena being flanked by Darren Young & Sin Cara was an interesting start to the show.  It was also quite humorous that Goldust & Stardust were wearing their own masks while in the ring for the opening segment.  The WWE is better with the Authority back, but I was hoping for a slower burn.  Bringing them back to television this early seems a bit forced.  Where was the anarchy that was promised by Hunter?  Where was the disorder?  Things seemed to be running smoothly, did they not?

2) Seth Rollins getting thrown into the WWE World Heavyweight Title match at the Rumble is a stroke of genius.  We’ve seen Cena/Lesnar.  We know how that goes.  Who doesn’t want to see what The Money in the Bank winner can do against The Beast?  That match went from more of the same to spice and sizzle.  Rollins is the biggest heel going right now and it makes all the sense in the world  to involve him.  We are all operating under the assumption that Brock will retain the title and then defend it at Wrestlemania against Roman Reigns, yes?  The more interesting you can make THAT journey, the better.

3)  Bad News Barrett getting a crack at his old title against Dolph Ziggler is a wonderful first match.  Both of these guys are more than capable on the mic, so it would be lovely if the WWE committed to developing a real feud for the Intercontinental between them.  The entire roster would benefit greatly from making the IC title matches mean more, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.  If Ziggler isn’t already at Main Event status, he is knocking on the door.  Wade Barrett would have been there years ago if he could stay healthy.   A lasting mid card feud would benefit both of these talents.  The sky is the limit for them both.  Always happy to see the strap back on the only man capable of performing a move as dominant as “The Wasteland.”

4) Bray Wyatt’s program with Dean Ambrose has been miraculous, but very curious.  They are two wrestlers that could feud for months while only touching each other during pay per views.  They are THAT entertaining on the stick.  But that hasn’t happened.  These two have nearly murdered each other for months.  Countless elbow drops through countless tables.  Dozens of kendo sticks to the eyeball.  All of it has been brutal, violent and glorious.  We have all enjoyed every moment of it, but I wonder if the whole thing couldn’t have gone in a different direction without taking years of the combatants careers.  These are two men with no off switch and in my opinion they are the best in the business.  Hit the jump for more rhetoric or double-arm DDT yourself.  The choice is yours.  Continue reading →

10 Thoughts on Raw from Chad Dukes 8/11/14

Image via WWE.COM

Image via WWE.COM

*Note from The Author: I learned about the death of Robin Williams an hour before writing this.  Like anyone with any semblance of humanity, I was extremely distraught about the matter.  I imagine it effected my thoughts on tonight’s episode of Raw.  Rest in Peace, funny man.  You will be missed.  -CD*

1)  Brock Lesnar is incredibly over.  There were boos mixed in with the cheers, but what a response.  The part-time beef don’t apply to this guy.  He’s bigger than life.  It doesn’t hurt that Paul Heyman is at the top of his game which is really saying something if you’ve followed his career even casually.  “When John Cena comes out here and tells you ‘You can’t see me?’ He ain’t lying!” So great.

2) Did anyone mark out for Weird Al wishing Hulk Hogan a happy birthday? Flo-Rida? Not so much.

3) The return of Slacks Kane?! Who isn’t steamed up for that? It’s wild to think about where Ryback was in this company not so long ago and where he is now.  I get that you have to build Roman Reigns up going into the pay-per-view and I’m not even sure I can offer an alternative to do it, but sacrificing a credible tag team doesn’t seem healthy.  How about that flip Curtis Axel pulled off after the kick from Reigns? Someone send us a gif of that.

4) Dean in a Box. Classic. Ambrose is delightfully psychotic. If one day we see a photo Dean and Roddy Piper sitting in a Delorean, it will explain quite a bit. Ambrose has mastered the art of “insane guy twitching when cutting a promo.”  He also has an impressive collection of leather jackets that look like they are left over from wardrobe during the filming of “They Live.”  Love that guy. Hit the jump for more nonsense… Continue reading →

10 Thoughts on Raw From Dukes for 7/1/13

image source:

image source:

1) Pretty Damn stoked Daniel Bryan opened the show after his big win over Randy Orton.  He could not have been more over with the crowd which was really nice to see.  I wish the color of his new shirt wasn’t “putty,” but that’s a small quibble.  That was also some decent back and forth between some of the top babyfaces to hype the WWE Championship MITB match.  The title has always seemed vastly secondary when there is a Money in the Bank match on the card.  The next pay-per-view seems to be no exception.

2) Have mentioned how much better the WWE is when Christian is actively competing?  He is so underrated and under appreciated.

3) Randy Orton did the job last week to Daniel Bryan and he lands an RKO on Kane during the face off tonight?  Me thinks this is leading to The Viper toting around a briefcase in the near future.  Orton has been in limbo for months now.  No meaningful feuds and no title reigns in over two years.  Daniel Bryan seems to be the the favorite according to the dirt sheets, but my pick is the Apex Predator.  He needs something and this is something.

4) The Shield. They were unstoppable until what?  They won titles.  This can’t be a coincidence, right?  Why does the WWE hate their title belts so much? I mean they can’t stand them.  Wade Barrett lost about 75 matches in a row as IC champion.  It was smart to even up the score against Christian and The Usos tonight, but they certainly do take the three second tan more often than not now that they hold the gold. Hit the jump for more crap that you won’t find worthy to comment on. Continue reading →

10 Thoughts on Raw from Dukes 6/10/13

Image Source: WWE.COM

Image Source: WWE.COM

1) Alright! The Final Raw before Payback! Triple H vs Curtis Axel to kick things off!  Trips shaved his chest!  Bronzer everywhere!  And we get heel Vinnie Mac in the process? SWERVE! The only thing that would have made that more enjoyable is if Vince was wearing his gigantic pink blazer.  How great was it that Hunter & VKM both kept demanding Justin Roberts stand up as he was making his announcements? The segment was slightly disjointed, and some will bitch that Hunter & his father in law should be more concerned with getting the company’s young talent on television.  With that said, the big guns always put asses in the seats & Axel won 2 matches against the King of Kings. I’m okay with it.

2) Aaaannnnnnd Follow that up with the second brightest young superstar on the Raw roster in action against the Big Red Machine?! Yes please.  While I think The Shield is the best stable we’ve seen in many years and the sky is the limit for all three men, Ambrose is clearly the star.  Other than Dolph Ziggler, I can’t think of anyone that sells better.  Knowing that, I think it’s even cooler that the WWE has shown so much restraint by keeping the Hounds of Justice together.  We all just assumed they would be bested by of these “Never Job Squads” the WWE keeps pitting them against at pay-per-views.  Thus far, that has not been the case.

3) My wife flips the channel to “The Bachelorette” during the commercials.  I’m not sure which show is more scripted.

4) The interactions backstage between Kane, Orton and Daniel Bryan remind me SO much of The Main Street Mafia.  If we could have just done some sit ups and taken a lap around building, we might have made it in this business.  Plenty more of me making it about myself after the jump! Continue reading →

10 Thoughts on Raw From Dukes 5/13/13

Image Source: WWE.COM

Image Source: WWE.COM

1) So you lead the show with Jerry Lawler recapping the Fandango/Jericho feud? And that leads into a Dance Off?  Not a terrible segment idea, but nothing I would kick off the show with.  Fandango’s ring attire was tremendous and that broad from NXT was nearly naked so I won’t boycott Raw over the issue.  I’m just a big fan of starting the wrestling program with a bang and maybe even a wrestling match? Antiquated thinking, I suppose. How about Jericho’s dance partner, btw? Yowza.

2) If you are excited for The Hangover 3, I’d rather not see your face.

3) Dance off to a squash match? Hm. Again, no real issue with the segment.  This just felt like the start of the second hour of the flagship show, not the first.  They have to put the strap on Ryback, right?  With John Cena injured, if he beats this guy in a Last Man Standing match, I just don’t know how any opponent they’d throw at Super Cena would have credibility.  BTW, wasn’t Zack Ryder not spiking his hair supposed to be a big deal?  Hm.

4) I am really enjoying the tweaks to Antonio Cesaro’s entrance attire.  The clever jacket. The John Spartan beret.  Also, the fact that AC seems to be unclear on the whole “sports entertainment” angle.  This is clearly demonstrated when he elbows and punches people in the face as hard as he can.  What a hilarious bit!  You know, when he tosses his opponent in the air and then closes up their windpipe with a european uppercut?  OH! The hilarity that ensues!  Also, Randy Orton pretended he was a snake during the match.

5) Does the WWE have an iPad app? I haven’t heard anything about it. Hit the jump for more quality zingers like that one. Continue reading →

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