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The Merch Table: TNA’s Social Media Shirt

Appropriately enough via their official twitter account, TNA announced that starting this Thursday they would be running a “March Social Media Madness” promotion. It will involve, features, giveaways and exclusives for people that follow @ImpactWrestling. To commemorate this momentous occasion TNA will be selling the above shirt at live events and at It promotes their Twitter handle on the front and even comes with a marker to promote yours on the back. I love this concept of TNA getting it’s most ardent supporters to spread the word. TNA must feel somewhat slighted with all the success and praise WWE’s gotten from their social media initiatives and is looking to do the same. Also, from a marketing perspective they need all the help they can get and if it’s one thing wrestling fans love, it’s black t-shirts and expressing their opinions on the internet.

The Morning Roundup – 2/29/12

Good morning everyone, big day of links. First an update on this mornings Raw Ratings Drop Like A Rock.

Rating for The Rock’s Raw Segment, JBL on WWE Return – Lords of Pain

As a follow up to this morning’s RAW ratings report, I’m here to inform you that The Rock’s overrun rating was a 3.5, ending the show on a high note.  The Rock’s segment with Cena drew the highest audience of the night.  Like Louis said, expect to see more of The Rock in an earlier time slot to try and boost ratings throughout the show. As for JBL, he said WWE has only asked him to come back for a one-off, not return entirely.  Speaking of JBL…

JBL Defends The Rock Against Backstage Haters – SEScoops

JBL has two long facebook posts from last night making the rounds.  They are too long to post here, so check them out through the link.  The highlight is It’s very simple to those who do have any problem with it, if there is anyone truly that does-replace them and there won’t be a spot for them. Until then just say “thanks!”  It’s funny, guys who were at the top of the game are quick to defend The Rock, while guys who didn’t make it to the pinnacle have come out against him.  I think JBL hit the nail on the head, much like others who have come out in support of The Rock.

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The Morning Roundup – 2/15/12

Good morning everyone.  Kind of a slow non-Randy Orton news day. As there are no new updates, I won’t have anything Orton related.

The Miz Appearing at Awards Show, WrestleMania Angles Beginning Next Week – Lords of Pain

The Miz is now slated to appear at the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards ceremony, beating out the Undertaker, Kofi Kingston and John Cena for best entrance.  Expect Kharma and Shaq to start making appearances in anticipation of their Wrestlemania story lines.

Viewership Down For Monday’s Raw, New Addition for SD Roster – SEScoops

Two weeks ago, Raw’s viewership was 5.22 million people.  Last week, Raw’s viewership was 4.62 million people. Raw this week dropped again, this time to 4.11 million people.  I’d expect the ratings for Raw to pick up in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania.

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Possible MitB idea for Wrestlemania

The rumor mill is a buzz with details about the the return of the Wrestlemania Money in the Bank match. WWE Creative is tossing around the idea of having a featured match where all the combatants are former world champions.

The report lists names such as Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Kane, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger as possible participants.  If the match is slated to include former world champions, I would assume we should count on seeing Dolph Ziggler, Miz, and Rey Mysterio in the match, assuming he’s healthy in time for a Wrestlemania return.

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The News Roundup – 2/1/12

Let’s get right to the links:

The Undertaker’s Next Scheduled Appearance, Match Taped For WWE Superstars – Lords of Pain

So the Undertaker isn’t scheduled to appear again until February 20.  He’s being advertised as confronting HHH again, so it looks like a few more weeks for us to stew on this.  So how does everyone see this storyline playing out with The Phenom?

Vince McMahon Acting Weird, Duggan at SD – Wrestling, Inc.

So people are reporting that McMahon has been acting “strange” backstage in recent months, and are attributing it to the stress put on him from the launch of the WWE Network.  Vince has always been a bit strange – in his WWE documentary, he admitted he wanted to change the storyline on his daughter Stephanie being pregnant from HHH to himself – so it seems a bit odd that people are concerned about.

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