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The Merch Table: Not Soon Enough


Announced via Stardust’s Twitter, coming soon to WWE Shop are the Stardust plastic mask and his signature gloves.

Soon. But not soon enough for Halloween I’m afraid as the items haven’t hit the WWE Shop website yet, less than two weeks out from Halloween. So in the meantime if you’re planning on emulating the Cosmic One this Halloween you’ll have to go with a homemade costume and makeup. You can however still purchase the Goldust mask if you need a tag team partner.

The Merch Table: Ranking the Ex-Shield’s New Gear


The first round of post-Shield merch hit WWE Shop this week with the former Hounds of Justice all getting brand new shirts. While none of the three are mind blowingly awesome, marks tend to freak out for new merch, so with that in mind let’s rank the former Shield’s latest gear.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.38.36 PM (2)

1. Dean Ambrose

I’m giving Deano Insano the nod here for a couple reasons: 1) they didn’t rely on their standard black t-shirt fall back and B) of the three it best fits the character, especially the “DA” anarchy-style logo. Additionally, upon first glance it doesn’t feel like a wrestling shirt, which is also a plus. Should they need to branch this design out, I could see it working well on a wifebeater similar to what Ambrose currently wears in-ring. Nice fit.

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The Merch Table: All Aboard the Dixie Train



Impact Wrestling recently decided to use owner Dixie Carter as an on-air character, placing her into the well-worn sports entertainment role of “evil authority figure.”  Standard operating procedure for most major on-air wrestling characters is to have merchandise.

With that in mind I bring you Dixie Carter’s first TNA T-Shirt.  The shirt design itself isn’t too shabby. You can’t go wrong with home colors for the greatest nation in the world. However, much like the pushing of Carter’s Twitter account on TNA television I have to ask…why?

Was there a groundswell of demand from Impact Wrestling fans for a Dixie Carter shirt? Wouldn’t the resources be better devoted to developing some merch to benefit some of the guys who bust ass inside the ring? Among the names on the TNA roster without a shirt for sale currently on Chris Sabin, Eric Young, Joseph Parks, and Kenny King.

On the other hand, kudos to TNA on capitalizing on a heel authority figure where WWE dropped the ball a few years back. Did we ever get an official “People Power” t-shirt WWE?

Merch for The Cure



It’s October now, which as many of us know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Last year was the first year WWE jumped on the awareness campaign with John Cena sporting his trademark gear in a new, pink, hue. Seemingly modeled after the NFL’s “Crucial Catch” campaign, WWE programming encouraged viewers and fans to purchase this specialty merchandise with a portion of the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen foundation. This Year they’re letting many other superstars get in on the act.

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The Merch Table: Enter the Danger Zone


WWE has gone back into the vaults to re-release a classic shirt from my youth.  The iconic purple “Macho Man” Randy Savage t-shirt.

Now I know what you’re saying, that shirt’s been available on Ebay for years, Louis!  While you’d be technically correct, I’d choose the more expensive WWE version for one big reason. Access to the original design. This is going to be as close to the original shirt as you’re going to get, rather than a recreation.

You can find the shirt HERE and judge for yourselves.

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