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Win Raw 100 – The Top 100 Moments in Raw History DVD. Where? Here!


Update: Contest has ended, and the winner will be announced Monday after the Academy of Sports Entertainment & Sciences reviews the entries. However feel free to keep the discussion going!

Want to win a DVD? Of course you do, you love free stuff. The terms of the deal are simple. Leave a comment on the following topic and be entered to win.

The topic: Now that Dolph Ziggler is the World Heavyweight Champion, who is the next Dolph Ziggler? Specifically, who is the next midcard talent, poised to break through that we should all get behind? Your choice, not ours.  Give us some rationale, entertain us with a compelling argument.  We’ll pick a post we like at random and award the fabulous DVD prize to that person.

The prize: WWE Raw 100 – The Top 100 Moments in Raw History on DVD!

Good Luck! Thank you to our good pal, Joe Villa at WWE for supplying such awesome prizes. Flying Elbows Before Hos!

CDWS Christmas Photo Capture!!

Send us pictures of you wearing your or sporting any all Pro-Wrestling gear or swag you receive over the Holidays!

We want to see you wearing that Million Dollar Belt, or possibly be one of the first to introduce your friends and family to the #BarrettBarrage. If you got #HEEL merch before us though, there will be hell to pay.

We’ll pick the three best pictures submitted and reward them appropriately! Tweet your entries to @dukeswrestling or link them in the comments section!

Looking for an example?

1/2/2012 – Who’s it going to be?!

Three weeks in a row, we’ve watched and chronicled One, Two, and Three viral eerie videos the WWE has snuck into it’s programming hyping a “return/second coming” situation for the January 2nd 2012 edition of RAW from Memphis, Tennessee.

The internet wrestling community is now fragmenting with all sites taking a passive stance saying anything can happen. Many are convinced we are witnessing the setup for another return of the Dead-Man; the Undertaker. Others believe the numbers and other clues are too similar to the “second coming” of Y2J, Chris Jericho. Then finally there is a small segment of annoying third party dissenters who are convinced it could be Sting (it’s not), Skip Sheffield, or any other random person.

So here it is; below in the comments section call your shot and let us be the first to actually be decisive. Stake your claim for who you believe to be returning, and throw in some reasoning. This way if you’re right, you can proudly display that chip on your shoulder and mush it in the face of everyone who chose poorly. If you’re wrong, we’ll come up with some sort of punishment, forcing you to apologize to those of us who are wise and educated.

After the cut, we’ll keep a running tally for the poll to get a consensus, and CDWS staff will begin to wager their own guesses as well.


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Win a copy of WWE ’12. Right here. Right now.

Want to win? Leave a comment.  The topic is simple:  who is the most underrated wrestler in the WWE today?  Your choice, not ours.  Give us a little rationale.  Entertain us with a compelling argument.  We’ll pick one post we like at random and award the game to that person. Good Luck!  Thanks again to Operation Sports for providing us with this sick prize. Flying Elbows Before Hos!

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A Big Thank You From @DukesWresting to Our Twitter Followers!

We’ve crested 1,500 followers on twitter! Thanks to all that have joined us during our first weeks of existence! As a thank you, we will periodically give out some cool prizes to our followers, at random.  Why just last night during Raw, Chad Dukes Wrestling Show listener @JalanPasko scored the new Randy Orton DVD.  Just for listening to our radio show! This contest will be even easier.

If you’re following us on twitter, you are already eligible to win. We have a brand new copy of  WWE “Night of Champions” 2011 to give away.  Big thanks to our pal @JoeVilla_WWE for providing us again with cool prize to divvy out. Make sure you follow him on twitter.  At some point today, we will tweet “I’m eating Gobbledy Gooker for Thanksgiving.” As soon as you see that, tweet us back the password and you’re in. What’s the the password? Well, you should already know it.  It’s “Naked HHH” of course.  We’ll accept “Naked Triple H” as well.  We’ll choose one person at random that answers with the correct password. Continue reading →

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