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Vince McMahon welcomes the Ultimate Warrior Back to WWE

We all heard the reports of the Ultimate Warrior returning to WWE2k14 as a pre-order bonus. It was initially reported that the Warrior’s deal was strictly with 2k Games for the video game and did not extend to a WWE Legends deal. Now it could be the same type of deal that Macho Man Randy Savage had with THQ and WWE for the release of WWE All Stars. But a tweet from the chairman welcoming Warrior back to WWE? That leads to a whole ‘nother can of worms full of speculation. is currently running several articles spotlighting the master of destrucity: a gallery of unseen photos and an exclusive interview. Talking with WWE cameras is a big step. With Vince “welcoming” him back to WWE, could a 2014 Hall of Fame Induction be far behind?

First Look at WWE 2K14


Image Credit: 2K Games

The first screenshots of WWE 2K14 are out!

2K Games released some stills from the upcoming game, including shots of Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, Dolph Ziggler, and cover boy The Rock. The graphics in 2K14 — which drops Ocotber 29th — are said to be only slightly updated from the 2K13 version, although gameplay will be faster and wrestler’s movesets have been expanded. 2K Games has promised bigger and better changes for the 2K15 version, to be released next year.

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WWE ’13: Austin 3:16 Edition Announced

Back in May, the “Revolution is Coming” viral campaign revealed that that the cover boy for WWE ’13 would be the WWE Champion CM Punk. But this week THQ announced a special edition version of the game would also be released. Much like “The People’s Edition” of WWE ’12, WWE ’13 is delivering a special edition with a legend from the Attitude Era.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be featured in the Austin 3:16 Collectors Edition of WWE ’13 which includes:

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The Macho Man’s memory lives on inside of Skyrim

Thanks to Chad Dukes Wrestling reader @RobRickMcGhee for sending this video over to us. Skyrim has been called the greatest video game of all time.  It has shipped million and millions of units world wide.  The only thing that could make it even more successful?  A little madness.  Now with a little hot modding action?  The two worlds can combine.  I hope this the start of a trend in all major video games.

WWE ’12 for XBOX 360: How did it hold up?

WWE ’12, released this past November, has been one of the most talked about wrestling games of all time, especially here at the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. Being a hardcore wrestling fan and after hearing great things, I bought WWE ’12 on Xbox 360. After weeks of playing, I’m here to give my thoughts from the casual gamer/ hardcore wrestling fan point of view.

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