Could AJ Styles and Randy Orton Be In The WrestleMania Plans?

AJ Orton

Last night’s Royal Rumble match saw a somewhat surprise winner, outside of Vegas at least, as Randall Keith Orton punched his ticket to the main event of WrestleMania 34, leaving the wrestling world already speculating who he will face when WWE hits Orlando on April 2nd.

By virtue of his victory, Orton will be granted a championship match with Smackdown’s WWE World Heavyweight Champion, who as of press time is John Cena. In fact, WWE is already pushing the potential matchup on their website. While Cena and Orton have a certain chemistry and certainly could put on an entertaining contest, it just doesn’t have that WrestleMania shine after the duo has already faced each other in 19 television or PPV matches since 2004. Not to mention, triple threat matches, fatal four-way matches, tag matches… you get the idea, it’s well-worn territory.  So with all due respect to both men: hard pass.

The name most bandied about in the aftermath of the Rumble last night has been Orton’s Wyatt Family partner Bray Wyatt. After casting Luke Harper out, Wyatt and Orton are a duo whose partnership could easily be fractured by the Eater of Worlds entering and winning next month’s Elimination Chamber for the WWE World Championship.  The weeks of storytelling in the aftermath write themselves.

However, being burdened with glorious purpose, last night our own Chad Dukes remembered something now former WWE World Champion, AJ Styles said in his interview on Thursday’s Chad Dukes Versus The World about opponents he’d like to work with in the future.

Dukes: You’ve been tied up with a couple of guys for a while. Who else on the roster are you eyeballing? Who’s somebody that you would like to work with?

Styles: Well, I think there’s that one person that everybody would like to see me work with, and that’s Randy Orton. Randy and I have yet to even touch in the ring, I don’t think I’ve hit him with anything, or he’s hit me. None of that’s ever happened. I think that’s gonna be something special when it does.

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Special you say? A WrestleMania Main Event in front of 65,000+ people seems pretty special.

If the last year has been any indication John Cena’s outside commitments have been numerous, prohibiting regular appearances on WWE television and in all likelihood he will not be carrying the WWE World Championship for an extended period of time. The likelihood is also high that the former champion, AJ Styles would be the first man entered into the upcoming chamber match.  So is it that far off to think the face that runs the place won’t be back in the championship picture come April 2nd in Orlando?

What do you think of this theory, let us know in the comments? Also, if you haven’t already, check out the full interview with AJ Styles above.

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