The Morning Roundup 1/24/17


Royal Rumble Card – WWE

Several new matches were added to Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV on last night’s Raw. Right now, perhaps intentionally, the show is very Raw-centric with only one SmackDown Live match scheduled so far. Perhaps more superstars from the Blue Brand will see action scheduled following tonight’s SmackDown Live?

Pentagon Jr No More – Wrestling Observer

Lucha Underground standout Pentagon Jr aka Pentagon Dark has quit his home promotion in Mexico, AAA, showing up at Konnan’s promotion “The Crash” in Tijuana, and announcing his intentions to be a fully independent wrestler. Due to AAA owning Pentagon Jr and Lucha Underground owning Pentagon Dark, he has changed his ring name to Penta El Cero Miedo, stylized as Penta El 0M. Since Lucha Underground is owned by AAA, no official word has been given if the departure will affect the happenings at the Temple. The show has the second half of Season 3 already recorded with Season 4 not set to film until November of this year. Penta follows Sexy Star (now Sexy DULCE) and Fenix (now Fenix El Rey) out of AAA and possibly Lucha Underground.

UK Talent Pulled by WWE – Pro Wrestling Sheet

Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and Pete Dunne have been pulled from a wXw event in London on January 28th by WWE. Speculation has begun that since the event is one day before the Royal Rumble, the trio could be making appearances at either NXT TakeOver/NXT taping on Saturday or the Royal Rumble match on Sunday. Bate, being the WWE UK Champion seems like a no-brainer surprise entrant in the Rumble and would be a throwback to early rumbles with some very random, less celebrated surprise entrants (Doug Gilbert or Carlos Colon anyone?).  Or maybe they could be being brought over for a UK Tournament Final rematch against Dunne or a title defense on either day.


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  1. dit :Le PM le plus à gauche des 20 dernières année ça dit être… Bourassa ? Landry.Pour ce qui est du Parti libéral, Louis-Alexandre Taschereau considérait le New Deal de Roosevelt comme communiste.Ce qui était la gauche a bien changé…

  2. Being that I'm originally from Arkansas and now reside in GA., I can bet that lady hasn't seen the kinds of "Redneckish behavyah" that I have! 🙂 I don't think I will EVER understand what gets into parents and coaches when they lose it at kids sporting events. I've seen it happen many times myself.

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