Dave Bautista Comments On #Broken Matt Hardy, Has It Jumped The Shark?


In a quoted tweet of our own Chad Dukes this afternoon, former WWE Champion, Chad Dukes Wrestling Show guest, and friend of the show, Dave Bautista shared his thoughts on “Broken” Matt Hardy and the “Broken” universe currently sweeping through Impact Wrestling. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t seem to be a fan.

Much of Broken Matt’s mania has surrounded his desire to protect the heir to his broken brilliance, son King Maxel. This week on Impact Wrestling, Hardy announced that at next week’s Total Non-Stop Deletion episode of Impact from the Hardy Compound, Maxel would be making his “in-ring debut,” resulting in the video retweeted by Dukes of King Maxel “deleting” along with his family, clad in his own version of his father’s ring attire.

As we all know, Big Dave is a good friend of the show and follows Big Shooter on Twitter, so after seeing the clip Bautista took time out of his busy schedule of being in ridiculously good shape with a wildly successful movie career (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 in theaters May of 2017 and Blade Runner 2049 coming soon), to offer his thoughts on the video.

For those not in the know, a quick primer on the Broken Hardy family. The gimmick has been the biggest thing to hit TNA Impact Wrestling in a long, long time, prompting “Delete” chants at non-TNA shows all over the wrestling world, transcending the company. First, there was the original, triple OG, “Broken” Matt Hardy, who after an “I Quit” match with brother Jeff, emerged with a white streak in his hair and a strange accent, seeking the end of “Brother Nero.” After “The Final Deletion” and being stripped of the “Hardy Brand” Jeff realized, he too was Broken, embracing the “Brother Nero” moniker and re-joining Matt as a tag team, the current reigning TNA World Tag Team Champions to be exact. Soon, Matt’s wife Reby would join the fun, dying a streak in her hair and playing the duo to the ring via piano. Now King Maxel will be more involved, “wrestling” in seven days at TND.

What do we think? Does Bautista have a point? I have to admit I had my misgivings when I read that Jeff and Reby were joining in the fun, becoming “Broken” themselves, but I still enjoyed “Delete or Decay” and “The Great War” greatly. Has the involvement “in-ring” of Maxel, a match most likely that will be a comedic effort with Rockstar Spud tweeting how much he hates King Maxel as his likely “opponent”, tipped the scales into “jumping the shark” territory for you?

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