The Morning Roundup 8/18/16


Alberto Del Rio Suspended – WWE

Paige Suspended – WWE

Alberto Del Rio and Paige have both been suspended for 30 days for violations of the company’s wellness policy.  What makes the suspensions doubly interesting is that the pair have been romantically linked in recent months and reports that Del Rio has been unhappy with his position in the company.  Paige, drafted to the Raw brand, has been out of action dealing with injuries and Del Rio has been competing on the SmackDown brand as recently as this past Tuesday.

Storm’s TNA Status – WrestleZone

Multiple live reports from the final night of TNA television tapings are reporting that James Storm told the live audience after a One Night Only match with Bram he was wrapping up his time with TNA and teasing you’ll see him down the road “with a friend of his.”  Storm rejoined TNA in January after a brief run in NXT.  However, he is the part of an angle this coming Thursday where he clashes with management so as always, keep your BS detectors on high alert.

Triple H Conference Call –

Triple H held another NXT conference call with the media last night and revealed a few interesting nuggets:

  • The presentation of the cruiserweight division will be “different”, he’s not looking to sign all the talents for the division at once, and talents will work Raw, NXT, & NXT live events.
  • He’s fine with signing NXT talents to contracts that allow them to work in other companies (think Austin Aries’ deal) but he wants Raw’s cruiserweight talents to be exclusive to WWE.
  • Shawn Michaels is still deciding if he will move to Florida to be a full-time NXT instructor.


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