Monday Night Raw Preview 4/11/16

Welcome to Monday Night Raw: the Preview! WWE keeps the smark-crowd train rolling as Raw sets up shop in sunny Los Angeles. Some pre-show notes:

  • Here Comes More of the Money: Due to overwhelming positive feedback on social media, Shane McMahon is running Monday Night Raw for the second week in a row! Will there be even more debuts? More fun matches? What the hell ever happened to the Undertaker? Answers tonight.
  • No. 1 Contender AJ Styles: With Styles’ surprise win last week on Raw, the main event for Payback is presumably set. As Styles is an over babyface, it looks like WWE will continue to tweak Roman Reigns into “a guy” who’s neither good nor bad. Also, shoutout to Styles for dressing like a total hick on SmackDown. It did this Texas boy proud.
  • NXT Tag Teams: After a fire-hot debut last week, Enzo Amore and Big Cass will surely continue their feud with the Dudley Boys. While the Vaudevillians’ debut was a little quieter, the response was positive, so perhaps they will get a shot on the red show. Also it will be interesting to see just where Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews fit in on Raw.
  •  Bad News Barrett: With King Barrett getting kicked out of the League of Nations last week, it remains to be seen if he will re-emerge anywhere else. Rumors of his contract expiring soon, might mean this is the last we’ve seen of Wade Barrett on WWE TV.
  • Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil is guest starring on tonight’s episode.

That’s it! Enjoy the show and check back here at CDW for all your wrestling needs!

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