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Kevin Owens on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show


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The Intercontinental Champion and the focus of KO Mania, Kevin Owens joined the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show to promote Sunday’s live event at the Verizon Center in Washington DC, tickets are available through

During their spirited discussion Owens talks about his upcoming ladder match at WrestleMania in under two weeks, the most different weapon he’s used in wrestling, AJ Styles hair, blocking people on Twitter, NXT, and the live event experience as opposed to a televised show.

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Since debuting on the main roster last May, Owens has been a lightning rod on WWE television feuding with top names such as John Cena, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, & Dean Ambrose.  Controlling the Intercontinental Championship on and off for the last 6 months, Owens is now poised to defend his championship at his first KO Mania née WrestleMania match.   The Prizefighter gave us his perspective on what making it to Mania means to him.

“I watched a tape when I was eleven years old of WrestleMania XI and that’s what made me decide that I was going to be a wrestler and that I wanted to be a WWE superstar.  So to be apart of it this year and to have my first Wrestle Mania be the biggest one of all time, It’s obviously pretty special I’m really psyched, and I’m just gonna do everything I can to make sure that my part on the show stands out and that people are talking about me when the nights over.” 

At the grandaddy of them all, Owens will face a slew of challengers: Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Sin Cara, Stardust, & Zack Ryder in the ever dangerous ladder match. But juggling a number of rivalries is nothing new for KO, who’s been a marked man since capturing the Intercontinental Championship and going into the match, Owens is extremely confident when it comes to his challengers.

“Well you know everybody gets really excited around KO Mania time, everybody wants to be a part of the first one obviously, the first ever KO Mania and the Intercontinental Title is so prestigious and I feel like for the last ten months I’ve been doing some pretty great things in WWE and I guess everybody’s gonna wanna get a rub from me just by being associated with me and I guess some of these folks made the poor choice of trying to attack me, to try to make a name for themselves.  That’s all well and good, people might think that being a seven man ladder match for the Intercontinental Title works to my disadvantage but it’s just more bodies for me to attack with ladders and once I’m standing over them proudly with the Intercontinental title raised proudly above my head, I show everybody KO Mania’s all about, I feel like all those guys will realize what a mistake they made.”

No stranger to slinging a ladder around or weapons in general, Owens made it clear that he will use anything at his disposal in Dallas to retain his championship by sharing one of the most…different weapons he’s ever employed. 

“I think I once hit one of my opponents with a backpack that I grabbed from a young child in the crowd that had a penguin on it.  So anything that comes into my hands I’ll gladly use.”  

In addition to the seven men in the KO Mania Ladder Match, Owens has also struck up a side rivalry with WWE newcomer, the Phenomenal AJ Styles.  While Owens seems to hold some begrudging respect for the Phenomenal One, there’s one feature he can’t overlook that keeps Styles from being truly phenomenal.

“I mean look, AJ Styles, he called himself phenomenal, I don’t know about that, but he’s great.  Tremendous performer, a great athlete, but he’s got the same haircut as my aunt and I can’t look past that.  I’m sorry but it’s true.  That’s the truth.  My aunt’s like in her fifties and she’s a woman.  AJ Styles is not a woman and he’s not in his fifties and I feel like that haircut’s unacceptable.  But I feel like it could work to his opponent’s advantage once in a while because it gets in his eyes and he can’t see.  I don’t know he can keep it if he wants I’l just keep making fun of it.”

Negativity comes with the territory when you are a WWE Superstar. Peruse any Superstar or Diva’s social media feed if you don’t believe me.  I’ll wait.  Few however, can handle the more rambunctious members of the WWE Twitter Universe like Kevin Owens.  While Owens carry’s a block hammer on Twitter that rivals Thor’s Mjölnir he’s never been scolded by WWE because he keeps things under control on his end.

“I feel the key is, even though I will call some people out for the stuff they say about me on Twitter, I keep it as a respectful as I can and it’s never unprovoked.  I’ll never go after somebody just for the sake of going after someone.  If I tweet back at somebody, if I fight back let’s say, it’s because they started it and they deserved it and I feel like I’ll never step over the line but I’ll make sure that these people know that you can’t just tweet at someone and think there will be any consequences and you can do whatever you want and everything’s good.  I block lot of people.  As many people I respond to, I block way more people.  Like anybody that says anything that I feel is disrespectful in any way, I block.  I’ve blocked people for saying I was their second favorite wrestler.  You’re blocked.  Why are you telling me I’m your second favorite wrestler that’s disrespectful I should be the first?  If I’m not, don’t tell me.  And a lot of people will come back and have their friends come and say, ‘Oh can you unblock this person he really didn’t mean to offend you.’  Well no and then I block that person too and it’s a vicious cycle but I really enjoy it.”

Thank you again to the Intercontinental Champion for joining the show this week! Follow him on Twitter (but be respectful in @ tweets) @FightOwensFight, check him out this Sunday at the Verizon Center in Washington DC for the Road to WrestleMania, and at the grandaddy of them all- WrestleMania, April 3 on the WWE Network!

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The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show 3/23/16


It’s #KOMania on this week’s Chad Dukes Wrestling Show!

This week, Chad Dukes is joined by Kevin Owens to preview #KOMania in under two weeks and also discusses AJ Styles’ hairstyle. Dukes is also joined in studio by Loud Goat and Thom to discuss Impact Wrestling, WrestleMania, & more!

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The Morning Roundup 3/24/16


New Day Inducting The Freebirds – PW Insider

The current three-man team in WWE will induct the most famous three-man team in wrestling history when the New Day inducts the Freebirds into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Because no bit of news can just come out with out bitching, WWE is taking flak for having three African-American competitors induct a team that used the Confederate Flag on their gear.  We can’t have nice things.

Sami Callihan to Lucha Underground Season 3 – Pro Wrestling Sheet

The former NXT’er Solomon Crowe has signed to join Lucha Underground’s Season 3. Callihan left NXT last year to reinvent his image and has been working all the top independent promotions like EVOLVE & PWG.

Kevin Owens with Michael Cole – YouTube

Last night’s guest of the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show, Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens continues to KILL IT in another sit-down interview with his nemesis, Michael Cole.  Highlights: Owens’ dress clothes, Cole almost gets slapped, and Zack Ryder’s theme song is “pretty bad”.

The Morning Roundup 3/22/16


Harper Suffers Apparent Leg Injury – Cageside Seats

Goddamnit. The fortunes of the Wyatt Family have taken another turn as Luke Harper apparently suffered an injury during the dark match at last night’s Raw. If the injury is serious Harper will be the slew of names WWE has lost before WrestleMania. Here’s hoping for the best.

Updated WrestleMania Lineup – PWInsider

A slew of matches were added to the Showcase of the Immortals last night at Raw including a championship ladder match, a six divas tag, and a stipulation for Shane & Undertaker.

Stan Hansen to the Hall of Fame – YouTube

The Bad Man from Borger, TX, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen is the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.


The Morning Roundup 3/21/16


Sting NOT Officially Retired -Cageside Seats

After reporting future WWE Hall of Famer Sting would be retiring at his upcoming induction ceremony, TMZ caught up with the Icon who says his neck is okay and he’s not officially retired.  Here’s hoping he’s not just playing semantics here and we get another chance to see the Stinger inside the Squared Circle.

Bobby Roode & Eric Young Done with TNA – Impact Wrestling

Just when I go saying nice things about TNA’s future in last Thursday’s roundup, word hit this weekend that two of my favorites from TNA are on their way out.  Bobby Roode and Eric Young asked for and were given their releases from TNA Wrestling and finished up with the company following this past week’s television tapings.

Hulkster $115 Million Dollars Richer – With Spandex

The jury in the Hulk Hogan-Gawker sex tape trial awarded the Hulkster $115 million dollars in damages on Friday. $55 million for losses due to his WWE firing and scrubbing from the history books and $60 million in emotional distress damages.

EVOLVE Hosting Global Cruiserweight Qualifiers – PWInsider

NXT General Manager William Regal announced this weekend at an EVOLVE event, EVOLVE will be the U.S. home for qualifying   matches in the Global Cruiserweight Series.


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