Angle vs. Mysterio Set for UR Fight PPV

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After a farewell tour with TNA, Kurt Angle already has a date lined up for a unique event March 20th in Phoenix, AZ.  The TNA Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist, will be a part of URShow.TV’s UR Fight event facing Lucha Underground’s Rey Mysterio.

Under normal circumstances a match between Angle & Mysterio, while newsworthy, isn’t blowing anyone’s skirt up given the number of times the two interacted in WWE.  However, this match comes as part of a unique PPV concept bringing four different styles of “combat sports” together.  Joining Mysterio vs. Angle on the card are:

  • Boxing: Roy Jones, Jr. vs. the “Fight Roy Jones, Jr.” Contest Winner
  • MMA: Ken Shamrock versus Dan Severn
  • Grappling: Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping

There has been no word on the price of the event, but in addition to the “Fight Roy Jones, Jr.” contest there are several other contests for the event up and running on their website.  It’s certainly an intriguing looking concept but there are some surrounding circumstances that make me wonder if the event will go on without a hitch.

First, Ken Shamrock fights Royce Gracie as part of Bellator 149 this Friday, and second, Michael Bisping is facing Anderson Silva in the UFC on Saturday February 27th. Will both men be ready to go again in roughly a month?  One injury in both or either aforementioned fights and the card starts to fall apart.  Not to mention, Angle’s perilous health condition in recent years.  So while it’s very intriguing and I want to see a price point, let’s hope the card can stick together until March 2oth.

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