Monday Night Raw Preview 10/26/15

Happy Monday, marks! Fresh off an amazing Hell in a Cell special, we’ve got Monday Night Raw coming at ya LIVE from San Diego, CA. Tonight the WWE universe picks up the pieces from last night and forges some new directions, as we hurtle towards Survivor Series. The pre-show notes (Hell in a Cell spoilers, obviously):

  • Shield 3.0: Lost in the madness from last night, was a throwaway line from Dean Ambrose to Roman Reigns, mentioning “what’s next” and how they were going to address it tonight. Speculation has Ambrose and Reigns teaming up with the brothers of destruction to face the Wyatt Family at Survivor Series, but I don’t think it’s quite that simple.
  • Dead Man Wyatt: Of course the big takeaway from last night was the Wyatt Family carrying away the corpse of the Undertaker. Really hoping ‘Taker returns as a full-fledged disciple of Bray, and not unscathed, like Kane and Daniel Bryan (more or less).
  • What’s Next: Lots of potential fresh beginning in play. Seth Rollins needs a new challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Alberto del Rio is back and already beat the piss out of John Cena en route to winning the U.S. title, New Day vanquished the Dudley Boys, Kane is no longer COO of WWE, and Brock Lesnar has conquered his latest challenge. Hopefully we get some fresh storylines tonight.
  • Let the Revolution Begin: What the hell is up with the Divas division? Now that Charlotte has soundly beaten Nikki Bella (at least) twice, let’s break up these lame trios groups, get the Boss Shasha Banks in the title picture, and have some fun.

Enjoy the show and check back here for the Day After report!

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