UFC President Dana White Clarifies His Wrestling is “Fake” Comments


As covered on this week’s Chad Dukes Wrestling Show, UFC President Dana White was a guest on Chad Dukes Versus the World this past week, promoting this Saturday’s UFC 191.  During the interview, Dukes asked White about his now infamous “fake” comment regarding pro wrestling that has spawned a wealth of discussions on the show and with recent interview guests Bully Ray & Taz.

To clarify, White says that while he doesn’t care if he offended anyone his comments were meant to tweak a social media heckler and reiterated his respect for the men who compete in the world of wrestling.

“Listen, try to do anything today without pissing people off.  Try it.  I mean anything you say people get mad, you just gotta not care and I don’t care.  Anything you say on Twitter or Instagram or anywhere these days every week I have a different group mad at me so you know it’s always something, but it’s still the world we live in today. My Twitter and social media has been exactly the same since the day I got on it and one of the things, you said it best, the more successful you become, the bigger something gets, the harder it is to be yourself and to really speak honestly because somebody ends up getting mad.  You literally just have to get to the point where you just don’t care who gets mad and that’s that’s that’s how I am.”

“I’ve had my, you know, my battles with Vince [McMahon] behind the scenes with some stuff that we’ve worked on but I respect all the guys in the WWE in the wrestling profession.  We have so many guys that are that are fans of the UFC and when they come to the events we take very good care of ’em, we treat ’em with respect, I have yet to meet a bad guy from the wrestling world.  Everybody is really classy and everybody’s really cool.  My wrestling thing was just a response to an idiot on social media that was talking smack so I kind of gave him a zinger back and the whole wrestling world went crazy on me.  But it is what it is, to be honest with you I really don’t care.”

While it’s good to hear White expressing his respect for the wrestlers who compete in a business where they suffer very real injuries, I have to wonder if those offended by White’s comments will accept this clarification.  If someone registers a rebuttall we will certainly bring it to you.  Stay tuned.


12 Comments on "UFC President Dana White Clarifies His Wrestling is “Fake” Comments"

  1. Indigo Wolf says:

    That is a huge blow to the whole organization!

  2. Luis Arce says:

    It’s true ,Dana white who cares about anything now a days in reality wwe is fake and people take it so personal that they really think its real these are actually stunts that wrestlers use all this is fake you cannot compare fake wrestling with UFC that’s real

  3. MBM says:

    You do realise he didn’t take back what he said or clarify what he meant? All he did was divert from the criticism and praise wrestlers for being great guys. How does that address calling wrestling fake? He calls a pseudo-sport fake then presides over a press conference in which Connor McGregor cuts promos on everyone. After the fights are over they’re quick to point out it was all fake and they were just trying to sell the fight.

    • Luis Arce says:

      Come to realize that some wrestlers are professional wrestlers that are good but wrestling is a sport that’s fake don’t constitute one thing with another they entertain fans but in real life they are stunts wrestling is not real .

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