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Another biggest party of the summer has come and gone and controversy reigns supreme once again, only this year it wasn’t a Money In The Bank cash-in but a disputed finish.  While Takeover set a high bar for the weekend, SummerSlam was an enjoyable card in its own right.  Of course when a non-finish occurs in a WWE main event the keyboard warriors come out of the woodwork to declare the show as “Worst SummerSlam ever.”   While the finish wasn’t perfect, for me it didn’t detract from a Lesnar-Undertaker war that was way more enjoyable than I had anticipated.

The Undertaker was awarded the match over Brock Lesnar after Lesnar passed out in the Hell’s Gate submission. 

The confusion began when the bell rang while the Undertaker was locked in Brock Lesnar’s Kimura but the referee (or the cameras) did not see Taker tapping out but the timekeeper rang the bell.  Charles Robinson restarted the match and one Taker low blow later, the Deadman slapped on Hell’s Gate and Lesnar defiantly refused to tap out.

Overall, the match was a fun physical brawl built to give Taker some of his mojo back while also protecting their $$$ draw, Brock Lesnar.  So while not a satisfying finish, it makes total sense to me.

Kevin Owens defeated Cesaro with the pop-up powerbomb.

Great match from start to finish with Owens getting a much-needed victory. Physical, physical, physical.  How Kevin Owens put in the performance he did AFTER the brutal Takeover match was incredible.  They were in an unenviable spot following a heat-less divas match and as a lead-in to Taker-Lesnar but they delivered.

Team PCB defeated Team Bella & Team Bad in an Elimination Match when Becky Lynch pinned Brie Bella.

I don’t want to be the guy bashing divas matches because I love everything that comes out of the NXT women’s system for the most part, but I could not get into this match.  My major problem with this match involve the hype of a “divas revolution,” yet two of the most talented members of this revolution, Charlotte and Sasha Banks were barely featured.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins won the United States Championship in the title for title match after a pedigree on a steel chair following interference by celebrity host Jon Stewart. 

Start building that statue in Stamford, CT!  Incredible match and  an incredible performance by Seth Rollins, anyone throwing shade at his run as champion, take notice.  The Stewart interference while random, was such a fun swerve and all the nerd rage from the IWC can’t compare to the publicity WWE will receive for the moment.  And now, Stewart has pretty much eclipsed the in-ring accomplishments of most of the celebrity Hall of Famers.  Shine up that ring for Stewart he’s punched his HOF ticket.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper when Reigns speared Wyatt.

Great match with a super hot opening sequence but way too short for my tastes.  After the opening and a superkick which took out Reigns for the majority of the match, Wyatt & Harper took control brutalizing Ambrose with a sick boot and a DDT-like suplex to the outside.  Reigns stormed back and the former Shield hit a sweet Doomsday Device and a few signature moves for the win.

Ryback retained the Intercontinental Championship over The Miz and the Big Show when Ryback stole the pin after Show knocked out Miz.

Short but the finale with the flurry of near falls was pretty fun.  This match was about what you’d expect, wasn’t mind-blowing, but was simply a solid mid-card match.  I’m ready for new challenges for the IC belt however.  Perhaps a guy who likes to fight (Owens, Fight).

Neville & Stephen Amell defeated Stardust & Cosmic King Barrett when Neville pinnned the King after Red Arrow.

Amell had a nice showing for a non-wrestler and probably has a newfound respect for WWE performers after tweeting out this picture of his back.  Surprisingly, Amell played face in peril for a good chunk of the match rather than limiting him to his high spots like the plancha to the outside onto Stardust & Barrett.  Is it too late for Amell to replace ZZ on Tough Enough?  This was short but inoffensive the perfect formula for a celebrity match.  Fantasy booking wish? Stardust and the Cosmic King enter the NXT Dusty Rhodes Classic tag team tournament.

Dolph Ziggler and Rusev went to a double count out.

This was a match purely to set up Lana’s in-ring debut presumably in a mixed tag at Night of Champions.  While it has been built for a few months the match itself was made a week ago, so I’m fine with it.  Finish came when Lana and Summer got into it on the outside, the men separated them, and Ziggler laid out Rusev with a superkick but couldn’t beat the count.

The New Day captured their 2nd WWE Tag Team Championship over the Prime Time Players, Los Matadores, & Lucha Dragons.

Ayyyyy we want some New Day!  The New Day are operating on another level right now than any other team in the division so this was clearly the right choice.  From their entrance spiel, to Xavier as the mouthy second, to their over the top celebration the ministers of positivity are hitting on all cylinders.  Kofi got the pin after a sneaky tag-in during a superplex/powerbomb corner maneuver and Clash of the Titus took out a Matador.

Sheamus defeated Randy Orton with two Brogue kicks.

This current incarnation of the feud is notched at 1-1 in PPV matches, will there be a rubber match and will the #marks head explode if it happens?

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