What We Know About the Hogan Situation

I awoke this morning to find Hulk Hogan was one of the top Twitter trends in the world.  I immediately went to his Twitter account and found that he wrote the above text at 1:17 AM this morning.  Uh oh.

A quick trip to WWE dot com showed that Hulk Hogan had been virtually erased.  Search results for Hogan pulled up only content related to other wrestlers.  The Tough Enough main page (at the time of this writing) linked over to the main Video content for WWE.

Google always has the answers, though.  Rumors swirled about a potential tape (whether it’s audio or visual remains unknown), allegedly having to do with the Hulkster using racial slurs directed towards The Rock.  One contributor to CNN has apparently seen the transcript…

Mr. Hill also tweeted that he did not believe that this situation is related to a video from a few years ago which featured Hogan simply discussing the use of racial epithets.  We’ll have to wait to see if/when the transcript and/or audio is released for confirmation, though.

What we know for certain is that most traces of Hogan have been erased from WWE dot com.  Reportedly, he’s been removed as a judge from Tough Enough.  The last time I can recall the WWE so swiftly cutting ties with an individual in such a manner would have been in the days following the Benoit murder/suicide.  We also know that the above tweet came from Hulk Hogan’s Twitter account.  His last tweet was nearly a week ago, concerning the Gawker/sex tape ordeal.  Also a CNN contributor, and perhaps a few others, have seen “the transcripts.”

That’s all we know for certain at the moment.  Bookmark CDW, follow @DukesWrestling, and we’ll keep you updated.

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