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Amazing Red Arrow Slo-Mo Video from WWE Boston

This video popped up on Twitter last night, courtesy of Sam Roberts of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, and his frequent guest and Today Show tech guru Katie Linendoll.  Through the magic of smart phone technology, I’ve been able to watch the Red Arrow in slow motion no less than a dozen times in the last few minutes.  It’s utterly mind boggling that Neville and I are the same species.

In case you’re curious about the rest of the show… The Rock and Bo Dallas.  Chris Jericho teamed with Dolph Ziggler.  John Cena wrestled Kevin Owens.  Cage match main event with Rollins and Ambrose.  Had I been in attendance, by the end of the evening I probably wouldn’t have been surprised if Ambrose had walked out with the title.  Sounds like it was a hell of a show.  Let us know on Twitter if you attended.


The Rock at WWE Live Event (Videos, Pictures)

Video courtesy of @WWE on Twitter.

I love WWE house shows; some truly unpredictable things can happen.  I went to a live event in the week before Wrestlemania XX, in which Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit had a dress rehearsal for their upcoming main event match.  Ric Flair and Mick Foley made surprise appearances at the same show.  Many wrestling fans have special memories about something that went down at a house show.

The marks in Boston on Saturday evening now have a similar story to share.  As can be seen in the above video, The Great One graced the WWE Universe with his presence, apparently for no other reason aside from being in the area.  The Rock has been in Boston over the past month or two shooting scenes for an upcoming movie with the likes of Aaron Paul and Kevin Hart, but took time out of his weekend to come back home. Continue reading →

James Storm & Magnus To Depart TNA after Sunday’s Slammiversary


Following the departures last week of Gunner and Samuel Shaw, two long-time TNA performers and former TNA World Champions are departing the company following Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.

First, Dave Meltzer reported on Friday Afternoon that Magnus would be finishing up with the company on Sunday. Nothing has been said publicly by either side, but Magnus is expected to sign with Global Force Wrestling according to Meltzer.   If Magnus is done with TNA it’s expected his fiancee Mickie James, who’s been working on a per appearance basis, is also finished with the company.

Now today word has come down that Magnus’ opponent at Slammiversary, the Cowboy James Storm asked for and was granted his release from the company.  Storm had been with the company from day one in 2002, competing in a tag team match on their first show.  The leader of the Revolution tweeted the following message to his fans last night:

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WWE Locks Up The Show Off


The rumor mill can cease churning.

PWInsider posted a note earlier this afternoon, in which they “confirmed that Ziggler and WWE came to terms on a new contract several weeks ago.”  So, it appears as though the Ziggler-to-TNA and Ziggler-to-ROH noise has been unfounded this whole time. Of course, this hasn’t stopped the former World Champ from tweaking his followers on Twitter…

Dolph Tweet






Dolph’s currently embroiled in a story arc involving Lana and Rusev (with Summer Rae apparently being added soon).  This feud will likely be treading water until the Bulgarian Brute returns August-ish, so we can expect a match between those two at Summer Slam.  If the Show Off is going to return to the title picture, it looks like it won’t be until later this year.

Many wrestling fans are likely disappointed, having spent most of June pining for the potential of Nick Nemeth versus Johnny Mundo, versus Jay Briscoe, versus AJ Styles, etc.  And yeah, it would have been pretty cool to see any of those matches.  Ziggler could probably raise the Q-rating of any wrestling organization in the world as the face of the company, but instead he’s chosen to stay put.  He’ll most likely make a ton more money, get more exposure for independent projects like his stand-up work, and continue to be able to perform weekly for the biggest wrestling company in the world, on their biggest wrestling show.

So, good move for the WWE, good move for Dolph Ziggler, bad move for my marriage.  Enough with the abs, Ziggler.

Jeff Jarrett’s Return to TNA

While I don’t know if it could be considered a “significant historical show” like Wade Keller stated, last night’s Impact Wrestling was definitely newsworthy.  In addition to the returns of Vader, Hernandez, & Matt Morgan, TNA Founder and current Global Force Wrestling head Jeff Jarrett returned to TNA Wrestling last night for “one more match” at Sunday’s Slammiversary.

During his promo, Jarrett and wife Karen name dropped Global Force Wrestling, said Jeff’s return was due to the fact that Jarrett didn’t get to leave his creation on his terms, and that the King of the Mountain would enter Sunday’s King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary.

Of course, this being pro-wrestling, news is coming out this morning that it may not be just a one-time thing.  The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the feeling backstage is that Jarrett is expected to be around past Sunday and some sort of Global Force invasion angle could be in the works.  There is also speculation from Dave Meltzer that part of Jeff Jarrett’s return could be for a TNA Hall of Fame induction after AJ Styles had turned the company down for this year’s induction.

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