The Rock at WWE Live Event (Videos, Pictures)

Video courtesy of @WWE on Twitter.

I love WWE house shows; some truly unpredictable things can happen.  I went to a live event in the week before Wrestlemania XX, in which Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit had a dress rehearsal for their upcoming main event match.  Ric Flair and Mick Foley made surprise appearances at the same show.  Many wrestling fans have special memories about something that went down at a house show.

The marks in Boston on Saturday evening now have a similar story to share.  As can be seen in the above video, The Great One graced the WWE Universe with his presence, apparently for no other reason aside from being in the area.  The Rock has been in Boston over the past month or two shooting scenes for an upcoming movie with the likes of Aaron Paul and Kevin Hart, but took time out of his weekend to come back home.

Thank goodness the Rock got some face time in with Bo Dallas, though. It’s probably really tough to stay positive when you’re shooting an action flick for 20 hours a day.

And no evening with the People’s Champion would be complete without…

It looks to me as though Bo has a huge grin on his face, as per ushe.  Kudos to the fans on the far side of the ring who manage to sit on their hands throughout this incredible moment.

Side note: Do you think Dwayne owns any shirts with sleeves?  I mean, what would be the point?

To top it all off: cage match main event.  Drive home safely, Boston.


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