The Morning Roundup 3/31/15


BROCK SMASH. How amazing is the Beast Incarnate? Let’s get you to your links.

Rousey on Mania – Twitter

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey posted a reaction to her WrestleMania appearance on the Twittah machine. With a screencap of her and the Rock she said, “The night: Historic. The moment: Electric. The Rock, Ronda &the WWE Universe: Magic.
We’re just gettin’ started…”

New Network Programming – Cageside Seats

WWE announced a new slate of programming for the WWE Network over WrestleMania weekend including making the NXT Takeover Live Specials a monthly affair. I’m a little trepidatious that they’re gonna lose their “special” appeal, but it’s obvious that NXT is red-hot and they need to strike while the iron is hot.

Vince McMahon WWE Network Conference Call Recap – PW Insider

Subscriber count and a Sting comment that’s sure to drive Sensitive Sallies nuts. Check it out.

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