The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show Interview with Paul Heyman


“Going into WrestleMania, and the fact that he’s going to have Roman Reigns sacrificed at his feet is demonstrative of the greatness of Brock Lesnar.”

The Advocate for the Beast Incarnate and the Reigning, Defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, Mr. Paul Heyman joined the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show last Wednesday to discuss Lesnar’s main event championship match this Sunday at WrestleMania in Santa Clara, CA. As always you can catch it LIVE on pay-per-view and the WWE Network.  Just $9.99 by the way.

Heyman and Dukes discussed Heyman’s the microphone “issues” he’s suffered as of late, his client Brock Lesnar, writing wrestling in the digital age, and NXT, as well as discussing some of the other matches on the WrestleMania card including Bray Wyatt versus the Undertaker and Sting versus Triple H.

Thank you to the Advocate for joining us on the show!  Follow Paul Heyman on Twitter @HeymanHustle.

On “microphone issues”:

“There’s only three people with enough power to pull a microphone in that company: one is Vince McMahon, two is Stephanie McMahon, and three is Triple H.  Either Vince, Triple H, Stephanie, or a combination of all three of them made the decision to censor the message of the advocate for Brock Lesnar.  Obviously they don’t like Brock Lesnar’s message, or they don’t like the messenger, or both.”

On his client Brock Lesnar’s schedule:

“If you see Brock Lesnar 52 weeks a year on Monday Night’s it’s not special anymore, and this is a special athlete, a once in a lifetime attraction.  So his title matches should be special, they should be spotlighted, they should be rare, they should not just be commonplace.  When Brock Lesnar appears it’s special, it’s extraordinary.  It’s a unique opportunity for you to say, ‘I saw Brock Lesnar in action.’  It should not be something that gets thrown away every single night of the year.”

On if there is anything Brock Lesnar can’t do:

“When Brock Lesnar left the WWE the last time, he tried out for the Minnesota Vikings.  He never played football, never played football his entire life, never.  Didn’t play it in high school, didn’t play it in grade school, Brock Lesnar never played football. Walked into the Minnesota Viking training camp with a broken pelvis and a broken jaw from a motorcycle accident that happened two weeks before training camp and he was the last guy cut before the team.  The last guy.  The last guy before the official squad was announced and he’d never played football in his life, did it on a whim.  Cause he felt like it, cause he wanted to, and he did that with a broken jaw and a broken pelvis.  What can’t this man do.”

On Sting at WrestleMania:

“This is a great moment in history. Sting became a huge star in 1988 and he’s never stepped foot in a WWE ring and the first time he does, he gets to do it at a WrestleMania against Triple H. It’s huge for all of Sting’s fans, it’s huge for Sting, huge for WWE. Should Sting ever decide to step in the ring with Brock Lesnar it will be the most exciting 7 or 8 seconds of Sting’s entire career.”


“It’s a factory of greatness down there.  I could give you a million analogies but I told someone the other day it’s like sending a jeweler into diamond mine.  Where do you look and not go, “Wow, look at that.”   Everybody down there’s impressive or they don’t survive the cut.  You have a roster full of first round draft picks.”

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