WWE Main Event Preview 12/16/14

It’s WWE Main Event at a special start time of 7pm EST (6 Central)! Since SmackDown Supershow is airing live on the USA network tonight, WWE Main Event gets push up by an hour. To mark the occasion, there are TWO features of the show that have already been announced:

1. Erick Rowan vs. Kane

The post-Survivor Series scramble continues as “Big Red” Rowan matches up with “Big Red Monster” Kane. Even with the Authority disposed of, Kane continues to wrestle in slacks.

2. MizTV with special guest Naomi

The Miz/Jimmy Uso beef has become one of the most intriguing in all of WWE. Jimmy has to be turning heel, right? Not only did he cheat to beat the Miz last night on Raw, but there is still no evidence that Miz is conning Naomi. Tonight Naomi gets a chance to clear the air and discuss her future with the Miz and Jimmy Uso on MizTV. Oh, and Damien Mizdow will be there as well.

Official Notes:
Erick Rowan vs. Kane
MizTV w/ special guest Naomi
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
SPECIAL START TIME: 7pm EST, live on WWE Network

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