The Morning Roundup 12/15/14


TLC Injuries – WWE

Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler paid a price for their show-stealing IC Title match last night.  Harper had a gash that had to be sealed with five staples to the side of his head.  Ziggler had a wound on his head glued up and bandaged.   AJ Lee suffered “chemical conjunctivitis” in her match with Nikki Bella, when Bella sprayed a substance in the former champ’s eyes.

Spike Moving Impact for Final 2 Weeks – Wrestling INC

Spike will be airing their final two editions of Impact before the move to Destination America later than usual.  The December 17th show will air from 11PM-1AM and the December 24th show will air from midnight-2AM.

Lana Posts and Deletes Possible Raw Spoiler – WrestleZone

The Ravishing Russian Lana may have posted a spoiler for tonight’s Raw on her Instagram.  The picture shown in the link was posted with the hashtag #Raw.  If you want to see what she posted hit the link, if you don’t want to be spoiled, obviously don’t click-through.

2 Comments on "The Morning Roundup 12/15/14"

  1. Goat says:

    I sure hope AJ’s “chemical conjunctivitis” is at least partially part of the storyline. If it’s legit, it seems like a pretty big oversight not to have an eye-safe spray can rigged for the occasion.

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