The Day After Raw: 12/8/14 Slammy Editon

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With a lot of minor happenings on last night’s Slammys/go-home Raw and no one storyline dominating the show last night to talk about we’re going old school with today’s Day After and giving it to you in the style of Dukes’ old 10 Thoughts on Raw column.

1. Because the Big Show killed it at WWE Fairfax, I’ll give them a pass and won’t openly complain too long about another Show-Cena match.  It was a risky gamble though, I wonder how many fans tuned out and missed another fun brawl between the remnants of Team Authority & Team Cena to promote Sunday’s show.

2. Seth Green was a better choice for this Slammy-hosting gig than Dennis Miller a few years back.  At least, Green looks like he wants to be there and, as some pointed out on Twitter his size makes the Superstars look impressive.

3. Sting won the Slammy for Amazing Moment, problem is you can’t give Sting an award at a wrestling arena; he’s probably hanging in the rafters.

4. Really enjoyed the Paul Heyman-Seth Rollins segment with Heyman talking Rollins into taking out Cena for good for his client.  Once again, Paul Heyman sells a match better than the two participants involved in said match.

5. Charlotte on RAW!  Whooo!  Not sure why you have her lose to hype Takeover: R Evolution, though.  If you want to see an even better Charlotte-Natalya match check out their match from the first NXT Takeover match.

6. Tyson Kidd continues to make the most of the little bits he is given and that cat hoodie.  Dude is slaying right now, get on the bandwagon.

7. The tease of Bray Wyatt interrupting Paul Heyman may or may not of made my pants spontaneously combust.  What I would give for a promo segment between those two.  I really enjoyed Bray’s promo tonight.  It was one of the only Wyatt promos I can remember that was straightforward about his intentions: finishing the job at TLC.  We also learned that the rocking chair Ambrose destroyed was Sister Abigail’s. Back story!

8. The sight of Ambrose lit from behind out of the ambulance was ridiculous, yes, but a great visual.  Besides, based on his past actions and promos I can totally buy Ambrose stealing the ambulance, some flood lights, and a smoke machine to set it all up.

9. AJ Lee wins her second straight Diva of the Year Slammy.  I can’t believe the blowback AJ got for her husband’s UFC announcement.  Shameful WWE.

10. Love Harper and Rowan.  Hate giving the match away on Raw with no build.  If it weren’t for Ziggler putting these two together for an IC Title match at TLC would have been preferred.

11. Really digging the inclusion of Naomi into the Usos-Miz feud.  The Usos needed some kind of character development outside of Samoans in colorful outfits who do the Haka.

12. Mizdow deserves a second Slammy for mimicking that delayed suplex spot by doing a handstand on the outside during the six-man tag.

13. Team Authority vs. Team Cena is the match of the year?  The Sting debut was great. Rollins-Ziggler’s closing sequence was fantastic.  But I feel like I could name 5 matches I enjoyed more off the top of my head.  My Match of the Year? Shield vs. Wyatts at Elimination Chamber.  No debate.

14. If being a dreamboat is the #1 criteria for Superstar of the Year, then yes Reigns in a walk.  My problem is he and Bryan were injured for a good portion of the year.  If we’re adhering to story lines, Lesnar had the most impressive year in-ring.  Broke the Streak, Dethroned Cena.

15. That said, this category was filled with first time nominees: Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Wyatt. New stars.

16. With all the multi-man brawling the last two weeks, I’m shocked they didn’t run with a Cena, Ziggler, Rowan, & Ryback vs. Rollins, Harper, Show, & Kane semi-Survivor Series TLC rematch for the Authority’s reinstatement.

Match & Slammy Results: 

  • Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler
  • Awesome Moment of the Year: Sting’s Debut
  • Kofi Kingston defeated Stardust
  • Surprise Return of the Year: The Ultimate Warrior
  • Natalya defeated NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte in a non-title match
  • OMG Shocking Moment of the Year: Brock Lesnar Ends the Streak
  • Diva of the Year: AJ Lee
  • Erick Rowan defeated Luke Harper via DQ
  • LOL Moment of the Year: Damien Mizdow- Stunt Double
  • Ryback & The Usos defeated The Miz, Damien Mizdow, & Slacks Kane
  • Match of the Year: Team Authority vs. Team Cena
  • AJ Lee defeated Summer Rae
  • Extreme Moment: Jericho’s top of the cage cross body onto Bray Wyatt
  • Superstar of the Year: Roman Reigns
  • John Cena defeats Big Show via DQ

2 Comments on "The Day After Raw: 12/8/14 Slammy Editon"

  1. Dennis says:

    Match of the Year could’ve been: Shield/Wyatts (as mentioned above), Bray Wyatt/Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble, Bryan/Orton/Batista at Mania, Shield-Evolution elimination tag match at Payback, MitB Briefcase match.

    • Louis Tully says:

      Agreed. I liked all those choices and wouldn’t have an issue if any of them won. If it wasn’t worked, people watching Raw have incredibly short memories. Which isn’t to say the Survivor Series match was bad, just not MOTY good.

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