WWE Live in Fairfax, VA 12/6/14 Results


WWE returned to the Patriot Center last night for a night of action headlined by a Street Fight between Bray Wyatt & Dean Ambrose and Chad Dukes Wrestling was in attendance.  If you’ve never been to a live event house show you’re definitely missing out and the Fairfax show proves that point. While not every big name was in attendance, it was more than made up for by the action inside the squared circle.

United States Championship: Rusev w/ Lana defeated Jack Swagger with the Accolade. 

Rusev and Lana opened the show to a chorus of boos and “U-S-A” chants, delivering your usual pro-Russian promo complete with a photograph of Vladamir Putin on the big screens.  Swagger was out next, sans Zeb Colter, waving Old Glory.  Surprisingly, Swagger controlled much of the match until Rusev disheveled the ring apron trying to escape the Patriot Lock, providing a distraction for the referees to deal with allowing the Super Athlete to nail a kick, leading to the Accolade.  Swagger got a measure of revenge post-match when Rusev attempted to lock the Accolade in again, but Swags reversed it into a Patriot Lock that sent the Russian retreating.

Adam Rose defeated Titus O’Neil after a distraction from the Bunny. 

A mostly comedy match in this one but O’Neil still delivered some stiff shots to Rose.  Late in the match the Bunny hopped back to ringside and was knocked on his cotton tail.  This allowed Rose to take control and execute a messy pin for the win.

Naomi & Natalya defeated Cameron & Summer Rae when Summer tapped to a Natalya sharpshooter.

Standard Divas fare here.  Most of the story in this match was about Natalya finally getting her hands on Summer Rae and once she did she was able to lock Summer in a sharpshooter for the win.

Big Show & Erick Rowan went to a double count-out.

One of the MVPs of the show, the Big Show was on fire working the crowd throughout his match in Fairfax.  Show explained to the crowd, chanting “You Sold Out” at him, that much like Seth Rolins, The Big Show didn’t sellout, he bought in.  He also suggested a replacement for the “WHAT?” chant that very well might be my favorite thing of the night, “Pardon?”  It’s much more polite.  Very hard-hitting big man match, including a nasty smash into the ring apron by Erick Rowan.  Things spilled to the outside and the two giants brawled with the steel steps on the arena floor and failed to make it back in before the 10-count.  Rowan managed to nail Show with the steel stairs to end the brawl back in the ring.

Alex Riley defeated Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya. 

After intermission, hometown boy Alex Riley made a rare wrestling appearance.  Now that he’s been working as an announcer for WWE Network, the Varsity Villain hasn’t been on WWE TV between the ropes in quite some time, so this was a nice surprise.  This match was right up there in the consideration of match of the night.  If you have been watching NXT you’d know how good Tyson Kidd has been in recent months and tonight was no different.  Not to be outdone, Riley looked great especially when you consider how long he’s been out of the ring regularly.  Great heel work by Kidd and a very well done match by both guys. Riley hugged his mom sitting front row post-match in a nice moment as well.

The Usos defeated Gold & Stardust. 

Stardust worked the mic pre-match talking about the Cosmic Key and believing in spirit animals.  His spirit animal: Ellen Ripley Dukes.  Pretty great moment for the CDW crew.  The Usos were out next with some boilerplate TLC & 9.99 shtick, so you can guess who we were behind.  Good tag team match, and it’s not just the Dukes shoutout talking, but Stardust really shined here.  He’s so immersed in the character he’s portraying it was really fun to watch.

Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt in a Street Fight with Dirty Deeds. 

Before the show, WWE held a twitter vote to determine whether the Dean Ambrose-Bray Wyatt main event would be a Street Fight.  Of course, Street Fight won by a resounding 97%-3% vote.  I’d like an interview with those 3%.  In a preview of their match next Sunday at TLC, we got Tables, Chairs, and Kendo Sticks.  Fun, fun brawl.  The Fairfax crowd wanted tables throughout… and late in the match they got their wish.  First, Bray Wyatt slammed Ambrose into a table that didn’t quite break. Then for the finish, Ambrose was able to place Wyatt on a table and hit a top rope elbow for the win. Really cool to see these guys laying it all on the line for a non-televised show.

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