CM Punk on the Art of Wrestling Part 2 Recap


Part two of CM Punk on the Art of Wrestling was released late last night and while it was a more light-hearted affair than part one, Punk did respond to Vince McMahon’s public apology on Monday night, continued to lob more jabs at WWE, talked about CM Punk chants since he’s left the company and more.

This edition clocks in at about an hour and 15 minutes for the Punk portion of the show and is now hosted on Soundcloud, which is seemingly holding up to the strain of heavy internet traffic so far. Part 1 is also now hosted at Soundcloud, and we’ve embedded both parts at the bottom of this post.

Let’s get to the newsworthy portions, in non-chronological order:

  • While Punk accepted the sentiment of McMahon’s apology he didn’t feel it was a sincere apology.  Punk also remained steadfast in his belief that they “purposely and maliciously” tried to ruin his wedding.

“I don’t want to hear ‘oh, it was a coincidence. I don’t want to hear ‘oh, the lawyers didn’t talk to talent relations.’ I talked to Hunter on the 11th, on the 13th Fed Exed overnight I got a document that was dated the 12th. My wife asked for that time off so she could A) get married, B) go on her honeymoon. The weekend after her honeymoon she was back on TV. They knew. I don’t want to hear ‘oh, it was a coincidence.'”

“And you know what, I’ll address it: if the apology was sincere you wouldn’t use it as a publicity stunt on Austin’s podcast. You have my phone number, you have my address. You could text, you could call, you could show up when you’re a 10 minute fucking drive from my house and apologize to me like a man. That’s the fucking reality of it.”

  • Punk goes on to say that no one gave him a “you’re un-suspended, we need you at Raw” call after his walkout but he got those calls after surgeries and seemed peeved that no one reached out to him during the suspension. This was a weird point for me to wrap my head around. He had no intention of going back but appears (my opinion) to feel hurt they didn’t reach out to him.
  • On the CM Punk chants:

“Don’t chant it at guys that are busting their ass. I will be completely biased and be like ‘you paid a ticket, fucking chant and do whatever you want. Just don’t chant it at my friends, and just chant it at the guys that fucking suck and wear lifts in their boots. That covers everybody.”

  • When asked if he would return for a big WrestleMania match, Punk compared it to how the band The Doors sang “overly sexual lyrics” on The Ed Sullivan Show and were told they would never play the show again. Jim Morrison responded that they didn’t need to play it again. Punk has “been there, done that” in his opinion and “the window is closed.”
  • On people saying he’ll cave and go back, Punk says it’s way too early and he currently has no interest in a return. The differences he sees in his health and mental state are drastically different.
  • Talked about when things stopped being fun while working with the Wyatts and the Shield, not because he has a problem with either of those groups of guys, but he wanted to be able to teach and learn from them. However, he was so beat up that he couldn’t focus. Punk talks about having to will himself to from crouching in the corner and dry heaving during tags with Daniel Bryan. While working house shows with the Shield he remembers taking a hard bump on a tackle and asking himself what he was doing with his life.
  • He hasn’t watched wrestling in three years, but he will watch his wife AJ Lee’s segments at her request.
  • Despite saying he wasn’t going to harp on WWE’s poor communication, Punk tells several stories including a story of requesting off for a friend’s wedding eight months in advance. The date of his friend’s wedding fell on a pay-per-view date. Even after repeatedly reminding the powers that be, Punk ended up still being booked against the Shield 3-on-1,  so he and AJ worked first and second matches on the card and flew from Texas to California to make the end of the wedding.
  • Punk got a text message from The Rock on Thanksgiving because of the first podcast. Rock said his Twitter blew up because Punk’s fans were mad at him and asked what happened. Punk explained and said he didn’t think he said anything negative about Rock but explained talking about his desire to continue working with him and be in the WrestleMania main event. He and Rock are cool.
  • He talked of starting the relationship between Wizard World comic cons and WWE when he was invited to an appearance at a Wizard World convention. Punk then tells a story of getting pulled from Wizard World Nashville without his knowledge and losing a $20,000 payday to work a Mexico tour for $5000.
  • Slim Jim was going to be one of the sponsors on his gear he talked about in Part 1. Punk had meetings without WWE, but later WWE said they wanted Big Show, Rey Mysterio, & Eve Torres instead of Punk for campaigns with Slim Jim.
  • Punk and Colt didn’t expect the show to blow up like it did. He initially wanted to do the podcast the sooner, but Colt was in Japan. It wasn’t meant to be a big thing to bash the WWE, he just talked from the heart.
  • They ended up not doing much in the way of fan Q+A because the email address blew up with too many emails. They were expecting 300 and got thousands.
  • Punk’s received positive feedback from people on the street, Twitter response has been “through the roof,” and he felt that the experience was “super cathartic and therapeutic.” Colt confirmed that has heard from people in WWE who loved Punk’s comments and were appreciative of them.

And for reference here’s Part 1:

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