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Bray Wyatt, the Eater of Worlds, joined Chad Dukes Versus the World this afternoon to promote the WWE Live Event on Saturday Night December 6th at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.  Tickets are still available for as low as $15.

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Wyatt and Dukes discussed a multitude of topics ranging from his feud with Dean Ambrose,  to Sister Abigail, to the freeing of the Wyatt Family, to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon’s “brass ring” comments from Monday Night and more.  Check out the full interview above and hit the jump for some of the relevant quotes from this great conversation between two gentlemen who can fill out a Hawaiian shirt.

Be sure to follow Bray on Twitter at @WWEBrayWyatt and check him out at the Patriot Center in Fairfax for WWE Live December 6th at 7:30pm.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about the budding Ambrose-Wyatt rivalry is it has been a bit old school when you boil it down to its basics.  Strip out the Hell in a Cell theatrics, it’s been two guys dueling on the stick and beating the crap out of each other.  Simple pro wrestling.  To start out the conversation, Dukes asked whether Wyatt and Ambrose could feud for years because it’s been so enjoyable, Wyatt seemed to echo this old school feel.

“This feud with me and Dean, if you look back at the Shield and all that, me and Dean Ambrose years ago would just be killing each other with bull ropes in armories all over Florida in front of ten people.  I think it will go on forever.  As long as we both can walk and survive after TLC.”

Speaking of the Hell in a Cell interaction, the controversial ending of that pay-per-view featured Wyatt ambushing Ambrose with the help of a supernatural image projecting out of his lantern, which everyone presumed was Sister Abigail.  However, Wyatt sets the story straight in one regard while not truly revealing the mystery of her kiss.

Wyatt: “One thing and I want to get this out there so no one’s misconstrued, that was not Abigail.”


“I don’t think anyone has looked closely enough.  I think everyone skipped over that part and chocked it up to being some fancy illusion or something.  I don’t ever do something just to be doing it.  There’s always a point behind everything.”

Dukes: “So we’re going to find out who that is eventually is what you’re saying?”

Wyatt: “I’m sure.”

The discussion next moved on to the Family.  Recently, Bray “released” Rowan & Harper into the world onto their own paths.  Being a huge Wyatt Family supporter, Dukes asked Wyatt if the powers that be let him know how much Wyatt Family merchandise he had bought before they decided to seemingly part ways.  However, Wyatt makes it clear that while they’re not appearing together on-screen the unit isn’t dissolved.

“There is no breakup.  That’s another thing I’d like to get out there.  There’s friction between [Harper & Rowan] and that’s kinda part of the issue, is relinquishing some of that.  When the Wyatt Family is needed, the Wyatt Family will always be, and that’s the way I designed it, and that’s the way it will go on for ten, fifteen, who knows how long.  The Wyatt Family is far from over, I can assure you of that.”

Since being unleashed by Wyatt, both members of the Family have taken differing paths and Wyatt talked about his charges successes in their solo careers so far, including a friendly jab at Tom Phillips’ researched facts about Erick Rowan from Monday’s Raw.

“I’m very proud of [Rowan], sometimes.  He’s done some things since we split that I haven’t necessarily agreed with.  I’m not so sure he’s a genius with a big IQ, I’m actually a hundred percent sure of that. [Laughs]  But Harper is the Intercontinental Champion and that’s exactly where he belongs and why he needed to go out on his own.  Because Harper is one of the greatest, most malicious entities in the entire WWE.  He should be free to go after things like that.”

While a televised Raw or Smackdown is a great live experience, in my opinion, there’s something different and special, besides the lack of television cameras, about a WWE local live event.  As Dukes points out there’s much more intimacy between the performers and the audience. Wyatt described the differences for fans who’ve never tried the house show experience.

“You go a WWE show, especially like these live events and there’s not as much talking on the microphone, it’s just all action.  Long drawn out fights.  It’s really a special thing.  There’s nothing else in the world like it.  […] You can be loud.  You can be crazy, people dress up.  I know some crazy guy named Chad Dukes that dresses up like me every once and a while”

Ok kids, story time.  The last time WWE was in the DC area, Roman Reigns visited the studios of 106.7 the Fan and conducted interviews with The Junkies, Chad Dukes Versus the World, as well as being gracious enough to take a picture with Chad, producer Thom, and myself dressed as the Wyatt Family.  Right before the picture there was a bit of awkwardness.

Dukes: “Right before the picture he says something to the effect of, ‘I don’t get these grown ass men who dress up like professional wrestlers.’  And I’ve got my Harper and my Rowan out in the hallway and I’m getting ready to put my Hawaiian shirt on and fedora!”

Next, Wyatt revealed something that made this writer’s cold black heart grow three sizes and poked fun at Reigns’ comments in a humorous exchange.

Wyatt: “The picture is very famous behind the scenes as well, it’s something I’m very proud of it other than the fact Roman Reigns is in it.”

Dukes: “I’ll Photoshop him out of it.”

Wyatt: “How judgmental he, he’s a grown man who walks around in full militia gear and he has the audacity to attack you for wearing a trendy Hawaiian shirt? How dare he?”


Just four guys having coffee.

Moving on, perhaps lost in the shuffle of CM Punk and Vince McMahon’s quarrels through podcasts, was the recent two-part appearance by Wyatt on the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Podcast.  I highly recommend you check it out.  Wyatt talked about what it was like to be put over, for lack of a better term, by one of the best performers ever to lace up a pair of boots and it leads to a very interesting listing of Wyatt’s dream matches.

“Steve is the man.  When I was dipping around the slums a few years ago and no one knew who Bray Wyatt was, those were the types of things I told myself I was going to achieve. I’m gonna make people pay attention to me.  Seeing it come full force and pushing myself to drive even further it’s so rewarding.  I couldn’t help but notice that me and Steve had this natural chemistry together.  I wish he’d lace the boots up. I’d really like to steal a couple shows with him.”


“I still have my set matches that I think that I can possibly accomplish, but there’s four names that always keep reoccurring that would be big enough to be my dream matches: Jake Roberts, Steve Austin, Undertaker, & Sting.  I want to get all four of those in my career and I’d like to.  I’m not saying it’s not a possibility, I think I could get all four of those.”

One of the hot topics coming out of the aforementioned Vince McMahon podcast were McMahon’s comments about the millennial generation failing to have the ambition to grab the “brass ring.”  Lost by many though was McMahon’s singling out of Wyatt and a few others superstars during the same conversation as having that same desire that he saw in John Cena. Wyatt was glad the Chairman had taken notice of his skills and talked about the mythical brass ring.

“I heard about the brass ring and all that, as far as I’m concerned my fingertips are already grasping that sucker right now.  And if I don’t, if I never grab that sucker, I’m at least gonna yank it down and everyone’s coming down with me.”


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