WWE Main Event Preview 11/11/14

We’re going old-school for this WWE Main Event preview! Tonight’s episode of WWE Main Event is live on tape from Liverpool, England, so we’ve got access to the whole card. Check it out:

1. Dean Ambrose vs. Justin Gabriel

It wouldn’t be an old-school taped WWE Main Event without an appearance from favorite son Justin Gabriel! Dean Ambrose was missed on Raw, since the roster got split during the UK tour, so it’s nice to have him back for an extra match before his SmackDown appearance.

2. Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kiss

If you dig NXT, you already know that these two can put on a whale of a match. If you haven’t been watching NXT(!), be sure to tune in to see what you’re missing. Zayn inches closer to the main roster, and Kidd is establishing himself as a proper villain across three different platforms, FACT.

3. Adam Rose vs. Stardust

Adam Rose has suddenly become a compelling character, with the dark side of his party boy persona slowly bubbling up to the surface. If this leads to a Leo Kruger split personality, I will personally mark out. Expect the Bunny to get involved.

4. Alicia Fox vs. Cameron

Is Fox still crazy? Is Cameron still bratty? Gotta tune in to find out!

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